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File 136596147536.jpg - (1.29MB , 2048x1536 , 2013-04-13 06_44_18.jpg )
69963 No. 69963 ID: 7f0f18

What's that? M-Bot has a quest? That one does now, and that one is pretty excited about it! M-Bot is ready to talk your ears off.
No. 69964 ID: 7f0f18

Today on the M-Bot channel, Insomnia Quest. That question, why do you have insomnia? Character generation right there. Unless I am mistaken, it will influence the rest of the session. Be careful, eh? I will allow some more time for a winner to show, then there will be a couple more questions. Yay questioning.
No. 69965 ID: 7f0f18

Haha, I just saw the bender suggestion. That would be something - a drinking competition lasting every day and night for over a year. That would take some eccentric billionaire funding there.
No. 69968 ID: 68bbc5

I dunno, I've always wanted to see a quest where the protagonist compulsively dances to any and all music without regard for their body's condition.
No. 70079 ID: 2e0c66

That could still happen, I guess, seeing as how the ONLY SUGGESTION for who are you is a musician. I was really hoping for more variety. A-nd considering how fast it is going now, I better hurry through character creation.
No. 70086 ID: 2e0c66

I think I'll explain the exhaustion talent, in case anyone is listening.

Thing is, when you stay awake for too long, it can do funny things to a fella's head. In your case, you get yourself an incredible savant-like skill, see. Whether it's shootin' guns or tellin' fibs, odds are you can outdo anyone you could care to name. Ye' need your exhaustion to do it though, so if yer goin' around takin' naps, you'll be only as good as the next guy. Rack up too much exhaustion though, and you'll crash. Never a good idea to crash, all sorts of unpleasant things could happen to a fella who's plumb tuckered out like that.
No. 70125 ID: a20d31

Firestarter is a fine and perfectly acceptable exhaustion talent. If it goes through though, then I'm going to expand it to include flashy stage pyrotechnics (he handles his own special effects.) Also, I'm gonna call it "Exhaustion Talent: Burning Star" or something like that.

Clown moon, kind of silly, but I can roll with that, easy. I already had plans for getting you high. Vertically.

Once this last bit is resolved, your dude is made. You can still change the name and so on, but I am so ready to move on. All I need is player input to finalize stuff.

And yeah I will draw Horatio (if that's his name) a bit scruffier and with a different guitar.
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