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File 136516496411.png - (234.47KB , 504x554 , clovis pre-story.png )
69742 No. 69742 ID: 726ea6

...in which discussion for a quest where we play a magic hobo girl with bad teeth may take place.

(Thread II you'll have to get from Fuuka)
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No. 69743 ID: 726ea6

I have decided to put us on a weekend (FRI/SAT/SUN) schedule, for the sake of consistency and because I usually have slightly more free time on the weekends.

Aside from that, any questions or suggestions are welcome.
No. 69760 ID: d7a761

Thread two: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/23960464/
You might consider including links to previous threads in your opening posts. Would make it easier for new readers to catch up.

Weekend works well for me most of the time.

Does magic give us any advantages at all? Does magic in the form of spells etc even exist in your world?
No. 69771 ID: 65449b

Why does she have bad teeth when you're the (hood)Rat Dentist?
No. 69776 ID: 726ea6

I'll definitely be adding prior thread links.

No thread this weekend, as I seem to have been struck by an unfortunate combo of sickness and classwork.

>Does magic give us any advantages at all?

As of now, no. However, were we able to develop some control, perhaps we could find a use for our powers.

>Does magic in the form of spells etc even exist in your world?

Could you possibly elaborate on what you mean?

Because no self-insert dentist character.
No. 69823 ID: b57b90

>Could you possibly elaborate on what you mean?
I mean, does magic in the sense of doing anything with magic, be it throw fireballs, change your hair colour, fly, see through walls, speak with the dead or anything else that is usually done by spells, rituals or intuitive use of magic exist. For all we learned in the quest it could have been a quest without what is normally considered magic and all "magic" in-universe is caused superstition or just some weird mutation.
>our powers
This pretty much confirms that we did indeed get some kind of powers other than the ability to grow enormous teeth from the magic corruption. That was all I wanted to know.
No. 69834 ID: 726ea6

Ah, I see.

Yeah, any type of magic is possible, but it's sort of a roulette on what you get. The more spectacular/dangerous magics (to use your example, throwing fireballs) are more likely to have a fatal manifestation such as spontaneous combustion.
No. 70034 ID: 62cb1b

I have seen several mentions of someone missing your quest. Do you still intend to continue? The last thread I saw was the one that died.
No. 70067 ID: 726ea6
File 136633303665.jpg - (341.32KB , 1200x877 , ivan_the_terrible_and_his_son_ivan_on_november_16t.jpg )

I'm continuing, I've just been pretty much comatose when I get home on weekends since it's my job's busy season.

I don't foresee myself being insanely exhausted tomorrow since it's a shorter shift, so between 7:30 and 8:00 PM is probably when you can expect to see me.

Have a neat painting.
No. 70101 ID: 726ea6

Also, thread up.

No. 70114 ID: 726ea6

No continuation tonight, I'm bushed.
No. 70118 ID: cf49fc

That's one of the most beautiful and horrific paintings in human history. WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT HERE!?
No. 70264 ID: 726ea6


Shall we?
No. 76435 ID: 8a0888

Are you ever coming back, Rat?
No. 77057 ID: 8a0888
File 138265805302.jpg - (152.61KB , 492x959 , 1382472971721.jpg )

It's time.

No. 77226 ID: 0b31c2

Missed it :(

I'd like to mention that there are tons of other sites for quests, given that /tg/ lets most original stories without a combination of superpowers, fights, waifus etc die. The only potential downside is that you would no longer run sessions but rather have a continuous thread that is updated at your leisure.
Potential sites: Tgchan, Questionable Questing, MSPAforums, Eagle Forums.
No. 77234 ID: 8a0888
File 138307001895.jpg - (2.77MB , 1764x2446 , Pompadour6.jpg )

It's okay, I only got one response anyway. You didn't really miss much.

I've been thinking of moving the quest for some time and I'll certainly look at my options. My main concern I guess would be that if I moved it away from tgchan/4chan, that newer readers may feel alienated with having to play catchup, though there's not too many threads they'd have to read. It's not like, I dunno, Blatant Fetish Quest moving house. I'm familiar with tgchan the most out of those and I know stuff like Prequel was able to come out of the MSPA Forums so I recognize they have plenty of active participants, but I hadn't heard of the other two until prior to now. I'll take a look at Questionable Questing and Eagle Forums today and try to gather my thoughts.

I'm getting a little lonely filling up Excel spreadsheets with lore, hahah. Quests are fun because of all the people you get involved.

Have a nice painting while I ponder.
No. 77245 ID: 8a0888

Well, here goes nothing.

No. 77467 ID: c1f19a

Apparently not nothing anymore, but I'm confused about what response is expected to the world fading to black. Are we just waiting?
No. 77646 ID: 567db0

Curious as well. As I see it there are no more meaningful commands to give than >awaken or >dream unless someone thinks of actions that should be immediately done when waking up or someone decides to command things other than our dear street rat (eg. >prophetic dreams, >everything: be all right)
No. 77657 ID: 8a0888
File 138448321028.jpg - (90.12KB , 800x689 , Red_Hare_&_Guan_Yu.jpg )


I apologize for the delay in my response, work and school tends to take over my life sometimes. I'm trying to figure out where I want to take the quest and what you as the questers can and want accomplish with Clovis as she is right now. It's a learning process as a quest master, I suppose.

There's also the matter of "that other guy" and figuring out when I should give him a proper introduction. He's only had an offhanded mention so far.

Oh, and I just realized I forgot to link to Nosek's notes back when I did that thread. Whoops. It's not technically necessary reading but you might be interested anyway: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/27443223/
No. 77658 ID: 8a0888

Oh god, I didn't even realize I used suitable or a variant of it three times in the first note excerpt, please disregard that bit of awfulness. That's what I get for writing while running on fumes.
No. 78554 ID: 8a0888
File 138741119865.jpg - (556.48KB , 1800x1322 , 1385293046136.jpg )

Finals are good and done and now Manglemouth can resume as usual.
No. 80339 ID: 2000fd
File 139571880752.jpg - (141.52KB , 990x700 , 9000 hours in paint (actually more like 2, which i.jpg )

Tentative visual testing.

Manglemouth wasn't really planned out to be a visual quest because I am a shit artist and I never expected to be drawing much, but perhaps an image here and there couldn't hurt. Perhaps I can work out something better if I get my printer fixed so I can scan things in rather than slowly drawing with a mouse. I'll have to learn how to draw at some point or else I'll never be able to properly do Horseface, currently unnamed fishman quest, and Shroomydog. Especially Shroomydog and fishman, since they're both dependent on being visual quests.
No. 81177 ID: f1feb3

Thought I'd ask here even though this thread receives minimal traffic:

I've been trying to figure out what I should do with Clovis' lisp. Is writing it out too annoying for you to read all the time? I try to write around it by not using words that will trigger the lisp (she wouldn't want to embarrass herself unnecessarily by lisping all over the place, plus it just looks awful to read) but it's not always possible to find ways around it.

She'll have it for as long as she's got the fucked up mouth since her teeth prevent her from speaking properly.

Just thought I could get some feedback on the matter.
No. 81178 ID: 9ddf68

I like the lisp, it gives her flaws and that helps make her more human.
No. 81223 ID: 49b933

I think I can generally make sense of her speech with the lisp as well as without. Besides which, I kind of feel like it's a good idea to keep it as a reminder that yes we do in fact have such a lisp.
No. 81270 ID: 8d16b1

I like the lisp, and it's not distracting. I find it more immersing, since it's like a constant reminder of the teeth thing.
No. 81291 ID: 9722c7
File 139862618243.jpg - (17.33KB , 306x273 , 5859071.jpg )

Oh, and if anyone cares about horse stuff, our band of mercenaries have the (fantasy equivalent) of these horses:

Leta's horse (Avani): Barb, chestnut
Fikri's horse (Sheka): Akhal-Teke, light palomino
Alborz's horse(Mahine): Arabian, dapple gray

You can write numbers.
No. 81794 ID: 2000fd
File 140062534282.jpg - (69.31KB , 781x526 , for the curious.jpg )

Discussion thread will have more use in the near future, but for now here's something from my notes, all of which desperately need updating that I will probably do tonight.

Left hand column is the "base" character, the top column is the character their feelings are in regard to. Green indicates favoritism, red indicates dislike. The darker the color, the more they like or dislike that character. Gray means they haven't met yet. Clovis' feelings are naturally based on the player's reactions towards characters. If you have any questions on how to read it, feel free to ask and I will try to explain less shittily.

Yes, I have an entire page dedicated to animal stats. It will be relevant if Clovis takes the path of the dragoon or the beastmaster. No, there is no page for human stats yet, just a list of characters and their equipment and/or powers.
No. 82520 ID: f4ebda

Cool emotive stats. And we only have one person who hates our guts!
No. 82521 ID: f4ebda

Cool emotive stats. And we only have one person who hates our guts!
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