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File 136505206173.png - (243.46KB , 1240x1748 , Discussion of.png )
69681 No. 69681 ID: dd1ec1

in which we discuss things related to the epic of Ethain, son of Dunegal, the true heir to the kingdom of Dunweir.
No. 69683 ID: dd1ec1

Couple of announcements:
- This quest will receive most of it's updates between 18.00 and 22.00. UTC, which I realize is a weird time for you american types. There will be at least an update per day, so longer update sessions will be announced beforehand.

-These first few days will be receiving more than one update per day, just a heads-up.

- In this quest, you can't directly influence things. The protagonist cannot hear you. You can suggest a course of action, and feed him lines of dialogue as needed.
No. 69684 ID: dd1ec1

Also, the image size might be a bit too much. Could you guys recommend a resolution?
No. 69693 ID: fc4e58

Looking good so far!

I think most people are comfortable with an image they can view the text alongside of, so around 600 to 700px wide would be the safest bet.
No. 69695 ID: db0460


nahkh is that you
No. 69701 ID: dd1ec1



I wasn't going to advertise it, I didn't want to get people's hopes up quite yet.
See, my mental health hasn't been the best this past year. I kinda wanted to try my wings with something that people didn't have huge expectations of and had a much more limited scope. This one has been thought a lot more than the previous ones, so hopefully I can keep it under control without disintegrating. I've really missed doing this.
No. 69732 ID: 20ac80

Awwww we missed you too

And trust me I know a lot about other things getting in the way of questing
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