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File 136437948239.jpg - (26.02KB , 490x326 , 12914364533.jpg )
69438 No. 69438 ID: 12881c

Hello, everybody.

'Body part days,' such as Ass Day, Thigh Day, and Chest Day (and of course, Crotch Day), have been a Tgchan tradition for several years. But in recent times, they have become somewhat worn out. Primarily, because they are now drawn out over a significantly longer period of time than prescribed. What we now have are sort of like 'seasons,' which continue until the next one begins, and which subsequently produce less novelty for the community.

Some members have been generously contributing to these events - members who rightfully deserve appreciation for their efforts. However, it seems that the overall community enthusiasm for the established 'days' has dwindled continually. I personally put this down to having a larger amount of holidays, lasting for a long time. You know: when everyday is special, no day is.

For this reason, I would like to propose a unification of these days, into a single, annual 'body part appreciation day,' or similar. Of course, it might be wise to define a submission window, so that it does not become a year-long event, thus defeating the entire purpose.

Now, I am certain there are obvious questions, and disputes, to why this would be a worthwhile change, such as the fact that the new day would not have a specific theme, but rather a much broader one. In response to this, I can only suggest that members should post images that relate to their favoured 'current' theme, but I dunno. That is the reason for this thread.

So yeah, you know. Can we discuss or vote on this? I worry that the current days are going to die out if they continue in this way.
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No. 69439 ID: dcd676

Personally, I don't mind this idea at all. If nothing else, it could be a Body Appreciation Week, with each day of the celebration having a different theme, but constrained to 24 hours each and set one after another.
No. 69440 ID: 51508f

I favor the Body Appreciation Week idea. Perhaps an ascending or descending order would be useful; i.e Thighs, Crotch, Buttock, Chest or visa versa.
No. 69442 ID: 67bfa9

I feel changes/ more defined polices need to be implemented

but I don't feel this is an adequate solution.
I feel body part appreciation day would develop even less intrest, and having it once a year would make it even more prone to stretching out further killing intrest

I think I'll keep my support behind the current format for now
No. 69443 ID: 011678

a important thing to rember is that not everyone has the time to draw one of the themes in a single day, i myself often only get about a hour to draw in a day, so while a week long themed holiday is a good idea, having a strict time limit may not be.

we could remove the subcatagorys entiley for the appreciation week, just have a week long celebration of the many and varied forms on display here?
No. 69446 ID: 82c1e5

I didn't realize it was a problem.

It's mostly porn, guys. Shit. Appreciate it whenever you want to appreciate it. I don't think it lasting past the prescribed day is bothering or hurting anyone.
No. 69447 ID: 55c4cf

The problem with this idea is that it is trying to attack a symptom of the problem, and homogenizing the days is not going to revive them.

This is the second time someone has tried to claim that they have “become” seasons, when every day so far has pretty much started off with an influx and dwindled off to the end. I posted links to all the dates last time but it seems redundant. The idea that the days have changed in their (poor) sense of time is a new one is just plain wrong.

The real issue is that there are the old authors, the missing authors, and the newer authors. The old authors do not have the same excited spark as they did back in year one and year two so they don't feel as excited when the days come along any more. The missing authors are gone, so they aren't going to participate. The newest authors are filing in from other communities, which while fine in itself means they probably care very little about the days as we have celebrated them.

There is a smaller and smaller pool of authors who care to participate currently. Packing up all of them into a week is not going to encourage activity, it's just going to be less guided. If it is just some broad draw whatever theme, it might as well just be the fanart thread. Which is likely to happen with or without change in its current form.

I mean most people who draw something for the threads draw one or two of their own characters and call it done. Slowpoke once drew a constant stream during a chest day, and I have tried to do a cross section of the community every single Day. I have however, bit off way more than I can chew and cannot appear to manage my idealistic super excited route. Once I finish all the ones I promised, I will probably be drawing one for this current day and with me giving up, I wouldn't call it a death sentence but I would certainly say it's a sign of it fading on out.

Although only tangentially related, I think it would be a good time to bring up how conversations about days have worked since the very beginning. There are only four days that have repeated and had more than like 10 drawings, and those are the ones you bring up. Crotch day being the weakest by far. There have been a couple more attempts at days and they fell flat, and the IRC chats have suggested at least 100-200 more themed days over the course of the last 4 years or so. Artists and non-artists alike always have new ideas and throw them around like confetti, but almost nothing really sticks and with the decay of interest and participation I don't even see the 20 new Day ideas a week in the chats like they used to.

Is this bad? Not really. I think the days have been fun and even if they're dying, at least we have quests, and people are still drawing fanart. I think the spirit of drawing fanart is what is the most important, so whatever happens is just kind of going to. Having this kind of dialogue every couple of months isn't really changing it.
No. 69456 ID: 5de7c8

I have to agree with Trout. The days are pretty much just fanart threads anyway, or excuses for artists to draw porn of their characters. Who cares if people are fashionably late? Let it run its course.
No. 69457 ID: 9b3d17
File 136440361674.gif - (103.14KB , 370x230 , 1343231252426.gif )

>Thigh day comes
>"That was a thing?"
>Thigh day goes
No. 69458 ID: d126ad

All of this is true.

Personally I like the Days as an excuse to draw fanart every 3 months. If it was just once a year I would just draw less fanart, because I don't like posting to the fanart thread.
No. 69459 ID: 7217c1

My two cents:

- This is a weird thing to complain about.
- I feel like trying to introduce much in the way of "structure" to the days, like a submission window, kind of goes against the spirit in which they were originally invented -- after all, the first one was totally spontaneous and also -- importantly -- lasted a good bit more than a day.
- In that vein, they are not "seasons." Typically you get most of the images in the first week, with only a few random stragglers after that. Check the post dates if you don't believe me!
- The appearance of enthusiasm or lack thereof for the days is very strongly affected by whether anyone decided to marathon out a dozen or more images for the specific day this year, which does not always happen. No one really did that for the most recent day and it still got about thirty images, which I would hardly consider a failure.
- Your proposal seems like it would have way too much overlap with the fanart thread. The big point of these days, I think, is to get themed (fan)art, and I'm pretty sure we're still getting that (unless somehow no one draws anything for Thigh Day in the next week and a half, which would be really weird).
No. 69461 ID: 3197bc

I'm kind of new around here, and don't post much art anyway, but I've been lurking for a little while, and I want to throw up my two cents.

I feel that the Days, as they are, are fun, spontaneous, and interesting. I kind of like the idea of them being "seasons," and I think there's nothing wrong with embracing the idea of calling them Seasons.

As far as a lack of particpation.... Well, I think there's nothing really wrong with that. Sure, it's more fun if everyone participates. But if they don't, what's really at stake?

I think it's fun for those who want to participate, and no biggy for those who don't. So I don't see what the big deal is.

And I know for a fact that Uplifted's planning a Thigh Day image. It's just that he's incredibly stressed with work and hasn't had the time to keep Dreams and Decay updated daily AND draw random art. If I were a better artist, I would have drawn it by now. But... I'm sure at least some of you have seen my sorry-ass MS Paint work.

So... Let's just have fun and keep doing whatever we want to do! And if these Days die out? We'll just start new ones!
No. 69466 ID: 29c085

Oh boy, looks like people are complaining about free content again like clockwork because this happens every single god damn time.

I don't know about anyone else but this kind of constant whining every whatever-day is actually one of the things that counters any of the motivation I have to contribute in these things.

You know what's killing the spirit of these days? Constant overanalysis and efforts to place more structure on things that arose spur of the moment. If you really think it's a problem that images are posted up to a week later in a thread called _____ Day, I just have no idea what to tell you. You think it cheapens the idea to not have a cut-off date for these things? I think if you want to restrict the number of entries to two or three then sure go ahead and impose the limitations. The real problem is exactly was said in >>69447 in that oldbies are losing interest and newbies rarely have any.

I just consider it all a symptom of a much bigger problem in that the board is heading into a decline and won't exist in its current form by 2015, though, and will head towards the natural end of the life cycle for a small community, so I don't really have any suggestions or fixes for these problems.
No. 69467 ID: 4d0ca4
File 136440884377.jpg - (16.62KB , 250x250 , George Costanza.jpg )

No. 69468 ID: d6ef5d

>Cirr can predict when the board will die.
Oh, cool. Let's make celebrating the pre-anniversary of that death a holiday.
No. 69469 ID: 29c085

A few hours later I read what I wrote and I stand by everything except the board death prediction. Having said that everything I wrote was basically just >>69447 again so I guess I don't actually have anything meaningful to contribute to this discussion! Carry on.
No. 69470 ID: 0a4fb8

The board will die when quests stop being able to get suggestions, or run on the suggestions they get. The community will probably live on forever.
No. 69476 ID: 975cea

I'd like to clarify that this is not a 'complaint,' as it has been called. I would never complain about people contributing free art to the tgchan community. Rather, I am just voicing a concern. If the majority people think it's nothing to worry about, then that's fine.
No. 69478 ID: 9f7b7f

less bitching, more drawing hot hot thighs!
No. 69488 ID: af8414

Body part days are boring
No. 69494 ID: 9414aa

What if we removed time issues more or less completely?
Make a Body/Porn/Whatever Day thread. Then make Porn Day II. And III and IV and so on.
Within the thread it goes:
Monday - Ass Day
Wednesday - Chest Day
Friday - Thigh Day
Sunday - Cock Day (Don't deny your desire to draw dicks, /quest/.)

Just a thought.
No. 69497 ID: 67bfa9


Cock day would be sexist, crotches of all forms should be welcome
No. 69498 ID: f2c20c

I have suggested costume-themed days or other things like that.

Sports? Sleeping? Pets?

There are a bunch of themes we could do. Heck, maybe we should start making threads that discuss what theme we do next, so that we're sure we have interest before we start another Whatever Day.
No. 69499 ID: f2c20c

To clarify, this would be something we do for every holiday. Instead of having them be the same theme every year, we can choose what theme we use every time a holiday approaches. Variety!
No. 69501 ID: 011678

That would be a idea to consider, as it would allow space for people who want to do themed fan art but who dont want to draw porn/nudity
No. 69504 ID: 5d5ee0


All of the current days (that get responses) come from threads that somebody posted (usually on their birthday) and people felt like responding to them. They weren't organized things.

Ass day least of all, since it came about from a trend in the fanart thread.
No. 69506 ID: 2f4b71

I've always thought of the 'days' threads as more of themed threads which just happen to start with a large influx on a certain random day.

At this point '"complaining about the decline of the 'days' threads" day' threads are equally traditional.
No. 69556 ID: 98cd65

idk about this place dying, when I came back it seemed as healthy as ever

Sure some people are now more interested in chilling on IRC and doing vidya and such than the board but I like chilling on IRC and doing vidya as much as quests and there are still plenty of questers and new questers around

Most of the images of the previous years were drawn by Octary anyway y'alls lazy
No. 131439 ID: 018ca4

I probably should point out this is a fairly old thread that got bumped by a spambot.

It is interesting to see that some concerns like day oversaturation have been around for quite a while, and that is perhaps topical again seeing the Beach Day, Halloween and Ass Day wombo combo we see this time of year.

In summary, draw more fanart!
No. 131455 ID: eb1fcc

will definitely open up how creative people can be once we get past the inevitable "haha look, a knee :3 :3 :3" gags.

dew it
No. 131463 ID: 6f7a5a

I am sad, Halloween thread died too young, I was having fun with the story
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