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File 136309841711.png - (8.87KB , 589x460 , no.png )
68945 No. 68945 ID: 389f2b

im gonna shit if i have to make a new thread for all of my new quests so heres just one big thread for it all

so pretty much right now for breakquest and the gay

anyway advice on breakquest would be great cause its the first kind of text quest ive done and i started it to improve my writing
it's inspired by red dead redemption, the first one at lease cause i havent played the second

aka i really like the freedom given in the gameplay of red dead like i can fuckin kidnap people and skin horses so i wanted to make a similar quest with even more freedom


you can also ask characters questions here or whatever ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
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No. 69027 ID: 11a38f

No. 69029 ID: 57a559

Why are we caught between two factions that are horrible to the last hair in the gay? At least in The Witcher games, there's some gray light here and there amongst the darkest pits of morality.

That was the shortest cut to awfulness I've ever seen a Faction take. All they needed to do was throw that body in the furnace and they're Nazis 2.0. If they gave him a decent burial or sent it back home to the parents or something actually respectful, they could have avoided that moniker, but no, now we're sided with actual Neo-Nazis save the fact that the Nazi's happen to all be pan and gay. We all joke and point the Nazi word everywhere at factions, but hardly have any of them even accurately qualified. You could eat a baby, slaughter puppies and kittens and still not qualify.
No. 69035 ID: f2c20c

What's horrible about the rebels?

Keep in mind that it's been implied this is a world where every human is straight. Only aliens are not heterosexual.
No. 69036 ID: 57a559

Sarah hasn't been implied to be horrible at all, she didn't tell Fin about the pan thing I suppose, but she was the most innocent person we've seen so far. And she was killed by a rebel simply for a nature she couldn't control at all. The rebels would see them dead most likely. The fact that pure earthlings are straight doesn't matter anymore, there's rarely such a thing anymore and have become irrelevant. The rebels would commit genocide upon all the hybrids to purify earth, as if it was their fault their aliens. The place these hybrids have called home since they've been born they would no longer be welcome to stay if the pure earthlings won, which means if they wanted to hope for any kind of survival means that they would have to go with the aliens back to their planet and who knows how fucked up that place actually is when Taya probably dressed it up fairly nice and all in her explanation.
No. 69039 ID: 2de44c

i honestly didnt expect so much thought to come from a quest called 'the gay' about gayliens trying to harvest the members of earth

anyway about the different sides, you really dont know EVERYTHING going on, so a lot of it is one sided or just unexplained and hidden

like, just because one ruling of the gays has no problem with out right torture and can dismiss the death of anyone not on their side doesnt mean they all do

just because two rebels had no problem killing finnians loved one in order to protect him from having to join this world doesnt mean all of the rebels would

the majority of the pans may as well be considered good, as they really just want to find their love and protect them forever, though that still applies to someone who doesnt feel the same way and is just under spell and blah blah blah

my point is that all sides will have no doubt white blacks and grays about them, so dont be too quick to judge who is evil and who is good

consider all sides and when possible try to figure out more from characters who are more likely to talk; now that finnian is going out to the rebels, this is a perfect chance to figure even more out from a different perspective

all in all..with enough pushing, suggestions can turn finnian biased or convince him to do/obey and what not
No. 69043 ID: 57a559

Tgchan will push his dick into a vagina or asshole or maybe both before they make him biased or a loyal follower.
No. 69059 ID: b7169d

Of course the Aliens in return have tried to convert the entire race to their own, whether they give a damn or not. Not explaining anything about this beforehand to those they convert, or how things work.
So they are committing their own brand of full out genocide.
No. 69076 ID: 2de44c

also if there are any 'super high school levels' you wanna see in this just suggest!! same goes for personality types
i dont have enough characters yet so yah

school trails can be debated here in favor of clogging the actual quest thread
basically CRHSE is a x5000000000 stupid version of dangan ronpa so take it as silly or as stupid as youd like
No. 70014 ID: 389f2b

whoa hey its been awhile since ive been on here dang
sorry yo if anyone missed me though i saw my name mentioned so idk
ive been distracted with trying to not fail school and interacting with the dangan ronpa fandom and other dumb shit
anyway in another few days ill be starting up a new warm up quest to try and get back into the groove because i really enjoyed questing actually u v u its most likely going to be a human with maybe some furries kinda thing but i dunno gimmie feed back or ideas or something
No. 70124 ID: 2de44c
File 136656501393.jpg - (1.93MB , 3264x2448 , k 088.jpg )

hey a picture of what snowball is supposed to look like
im actually happy you guys picked silkie since im raising a few and good pictures of the chicks are annoyingly hard to find
No. 70148 ID: 91c1b3

I'm glad I suggested it then. (fluffy chicken is best chicken)
No. 70157 ID: 78c6ea


SO FLAFFY CHEEKK but seriously thanks for raising some so we could get that awesome photo.
No. 70166 ID: 57a559

so cute you could eat 'em
get the fryer ready
No. 70170 ID: 12c19f

O yiss, chigun.
No. 70314 ID: 8e324d


the chicken that represents snowball got killed today

as far as we can figure out she got ripped out of the run by a coyote, because shes still so small she can fit through if she squeezes so

i think this is a hint to let yet another joke quest die

and no more cute pictures of silkies :c unless i use chihiro but shes not nearly as small and cute
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