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File 125965079938.png - (118.17KB , 640x350 , P5 quests.png )
6884 No. 6884 ID: 754774

All-purpose, because I always have more than one quest worthy of discussion running at any given time, and the discussion is not usually extensive.

Discuss the quests and my use of Gradient Hair, Reverse Traps, and Apathetic Asexual Men.
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No. 6886 ID: 12f282

Goddamn your Apathetic Asexual Men for attracting me and then not being interested.
No. 6889 ID: edfbb3

I'd quite like to get some setting info on your latest (as-of-yet unnamed) quest. I find elements of it intriguing, but other parts confound me. It is not at all similar to the west-coast street scene, and it seems similarly dissimilar to the east-coast scene. Are we in Europe? The presence of magic implies that we deviate from reality in some ways; is the whole world different?

I seem to cause that reaction irl. Sorry to bring you bad news, but your affections are most likely to be seen as mildly amusing, and nothing more. Bummer, ain't it?
No. 6892 ID: 754774

The city is rather small, as far as cities containing skyscrapers go, and the bad part of town is actually a smaller and a bit more run-down area.

The gangs play territory wars and deal with drugs, but what they do in particular is entirely dependent on who's running the show. For instance, LSA is one gigantic black market.

I have never heard of 'West Coast' or 'East Coast'. It's actually based heavily on a multi-cultural Canadian crime syndicate the news had been all over two or three months ago, and various places in BC.

I have no idea where it takes place. I suppose Canada, since that's the inspiration point.
No. 6893 ID: 754774

Oh, furthermore, there's a small difference between this world and the real one. Small things like the existence of magical objects and a few others later to be decided.

It is also ~the future~.
No. 6898 ID: edfbb3

"East Coast" and "West Coast" refers to the coasts of North America, which have markedly different gang cultures. East coast tends towards profit-oriented stuff. They have comprehensive structures. They're more subtle and generally avoid getting into a tussle with the cops. West Coast gangs are folks like the Bloods and Crips. Money is not super important, respect is. They're more violent and wear their colors. They don't worry about spending a few years in lock-up. The Mexican drug cartels go to both coasts. They're structured like East Coast gangs, vicious like West Coast ones. I know nothing about your Canadian gang.

Wherever you go, there's hired guys who work freelance, specialize in doing certain things. Guys who just straight-up specialize on killing folks like traditional assassins are generally high-class guys, working for politicians and businessmen.

As a general rule, modern gang stuff gets more and more chill the further north you go, and there's more going on in big cities than little towns. Probably because there's more by way of pot profits in the southern ends of the coasts.

Not a real issue, but I'm thinking we're probably looking at a gang further south than Canada. I'm thinking more west, but I don't really know. The slang is, I'm sure, made up whole-cloth, so nothing matters there.

Sounds good. Any major developments we'd be interested in? Keep in mind that we're mostly fa/tg/uys, so we're totally cool with far more detail than any reasonable person would care about.

Let me know if I'm being a gigantic faggot and imposing on the story you want to tell, by the way, I just like to work on settings~
No. 6905 ID: 5ba271

This thread has an excess of tildes.

I love it~
No. 6922 ID: 754774

Oh, I see. The gang culture is more made up, but with some basics as taken from gang behavior; such as someone who manages to leave a gang being killed if they take a step on the gang's territory ever again.

The assassination organization E belongs to is indeed almost entirely made up of orders from politicians and businessmen. There are quite a few others though.
The police involvement came in during a case where the person they had been hunting for a long time was taken out. In exchange for keeping the organization secret, they get to hire from them.

Of course, the organization has smaller branches other than just the city. The law enforcement in those places have no involvement with the organization. It's pretty dangerous work there.
E has it pretty damn easy.

Then there is also the Newbies. Exactly as the name implies, a new cop. They have the problem of not being informed of the alliance. The hitmen are also not allowed to kill cops. Meeting a Newbie is like stepping in a pile of dog shit in your bare feet.

It's best to treat this as a fantasy setting, of course. Maybe not to treat it as Earth at all. Hell if I don't have a habit of saying 'fuck it' and putting in random things.
No. 7041 ID: 6faa8c

My personal goal: Turn Euthanasia bi or homosexual.
No. 7042 ID: 6faa8c

Espeically for babyfaced teen boys who like to look like girls. :3c
No. 7071 ID: 12f282

My personal goal: TOM x MARIA <3
No. 9019 ID: 754774
File 126342513131.png - (295.59KB , 850x600 , Princess Quest.png )

Paintchat doodlings.
No. 9021 ID: 754774
File 126342517737.png - (180.29KB , 640x480 , Tom and Raven.png )

Regular style headshots, 1/4
No. 9022 ID: 754774
File 126342524465.png - (141.08KB , 640x480 , Maria and Lucy.png )

No. 9023 ID: 754774
File 12634252736.png - (152.54KB , 640x480 , you are not her fiancee hadrian shut up.png )

No. 9024 ID: 754774
File 126342534614.png - (169.90KB , 640x480 , Leral and Vandis.png )


And by the way, at the end of the last update, that is indeed Leral in a maid outfit.
No. 9027 ID: 5d5878

I honestly did not know that.
No. 9948 ID: 887037
File 126489211455.png - (379.94KB , 800x600 , Tom Maria.png )

My tablet is officially fucked over, so all quests on hiatus until it's not.

Because I can never get on at the same time as Cen, HERE YOU GO.
I must have had this for a month.

Shotas, lack of vision, and hitting on teenagers returning soon.
No. 9949 ID: 12f282


ilu p5
No. 9979 ID: 126d08

I wish your tablet luck, P5. I look forward to more of Maria's hair-pulling after we tell her to princess beam her problems away.
No. 10210 ID: 126d08

Also you need to show up in #fiveohfive sometimes.
No. 10678 ID: 887037

Princess Quest on not-hiatus because I was like 'fuck it like anyone even CARES if it's vectored'. The art style between my vector art and PQ art is similar so there's that too.

No. 10720 ID: 0e9167
File 126631367353.gif - (278.11KB , 480x360 , flapjack joy.gif )

No. 10744 ID: 887037
File 126636724043.png - (22.37KB , 116x201 , Alexander coolface.png )

Since I fucked up the original pretty bad (in various ways), I've decided to restart 5 Project where it's not crappy.

Concerning this;

-I've predrawn a map with plot and timing notes, and while there are many familiar areas, there is also some that were not in the original story.

-There will be characters you haven't met yet, and characters from the original may not appear. They might also have different personalities and motivations.

-You can skip almost the entire plot if you don't explore.

That's pretty much it. Have fun!
No. 10745 ID: 12f282

As long as this means Eleven is no longer asexual and we can make him blush more often, I'm fine with it. :3c
No. 10746 ID: c5f90c


Four? Four, please. Four. Four.
No. 10760 ID: 354bcd

This doesn't mean we will get less PQ does it? Also you should hang out in #tgchan as well, some of your readers are only in there.
No. 10791 ID: 887037
File 126645064771.png - (61.02KB , 640x480 , 11 and kitty.png )

I usually just run both when I'm updating. They're in the same style, why not.

Being able to draw very quickly helps too.
No. 10793 ID: 12f282

Mmm mmm mmm I want some delicious Kentucky Fried Eleven.
No. 10913 ID: 7318ec


This isn't going to get confusing at all!

Also I made you another wiki page P5.
No. 10914 ID: 891a1f

It is the artist's way to do as he or she pleases and it is the wikifag's duty to cope with it, young padawan.
No. 10920 ID: 7318ec

Oh I know. I wasn't mad. If anything it amuses me.
No. 11086 ID: 887037
File 126689072092.png - (101.71KB , 640x480 , 2girls1cup.png )

Why thank you!

In reward, a silly picture.
No. 12224 ID: 887037
File 126815521753.png - (107.61KB , 640x480 , BACK I\'m back.png )

OKAY OKAY I'M BACK SORRY I'll start posting again

I have the worst track record ever for suddenly vanishing over the span of a week seriously
No. 12239 ID: 4b1405

I am just glad you keep returning. It makes me glad.

I wish Brass and Jet would return...
No. 12248 ID: 5a2e05

That image makes me lol. Also that seems to be the norm for around this time.
No. 12251 ID: 3416ec


Welcome back!
No. 12471 ID: 12f282

lol @ Maria's face. x3c
No. 15530 ID: 96fb33


discontinued quests

you like those right
No. 15532 ID: cf68aa


No. 15533 ID: 6922af

Nah, that's just a myth. No one likes that.
No. 15534 ID: a594b9

Well at least we got one Princess Beam off.
No. 15536 ID: 620bfb

We become disappoint at discontinued quests.

Do not make us disappoint.
No. 15538 ID: 96fb33

I'm forced to cancel all quests due to my access to plotting and my ability to multitask both being taken away from me.

Except Princess Quest because I was bullshitting it anyways. Did you know there were supposed to be mountains to the southeast? I didn't!
No. 15539 ID: e31d52

I am sad

no boobdemon.dll
No. 15545 ID: 620bfb

I am saddened and hope your freedom comes at some point. Followed by more quests.
No. 15546 ID: 3416ec


May I ask how said abilities became taken away?
No. 15548 ID: 96fb33

>Except princess quest

I lost access to my plot maps due to all my files being on a computer that was disposed of.

Also I'm lazy.

I suppose I could put 5 on halt since I am pretty sure I had the map on paper though. Somewhere.

New quests are fun. How do you feel about Alice in Wonderland?
No. 15549 ID: 620bfb

A quest is a quest. Plot maps? That sounds like planning. Quest authors don't plan!
No. 15550 ID: cf68aa

Tru dat
No. 15552 ID: 1ac39d

the ONLY thing you can get away with planning is back-story since it happened in the past.
No. 15554 ID: 3441fa

No, actually, planning a basic outline of what will happen when can do a lot to increase the verisimilitude of a quest. Having plans ensures the quest author will always have something for you to do, which is a good thing. You can bet your ass the events in Journey or Ruby Quest were planned, for instance.
No. 15556 ID: 96fb33

Plot maps are just the framework for what everyone's doing while you're running around doing nothing of consequence. 5's got a long, overarching plot, but it's mostly about breaking a little girl out of a facility and you can skip the entire thing in a quick run. Also, y'know, a map.

There's also character notes just in case everyone decides the NPC should totally be in the party. Better safe than sorry.
No. 15558 ID: 7d76bc

As long as Tom x Maria is still going down I'll survive :>
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