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File 136281397988.png - (50.50KB , 800x600 , header.png )
68705 No. 68705 ID: b53faa

This is where we talk about my excuse to draw as many different dildos as possible and the storyline thrown together on top of that.
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No. 68706 ID: b53faa

Go ahead and put any questions you guys might have in here, btw.
Ill probably be posting a few spoilers in here in between commands, so I'll try to keep those under wraps.
For example...
I currently plan on having you guys meet several more people who will be sympathetic to your cause, but only four at a time can go about with you, and even then there will be risks and drawbacks to it.
shit like that, for the most part.

I have a long and crazy ride planned out here, far unlike my last few embarrassing attempts at quests.
No. 68707 ID: f2c20c

Why does the dildo style keep changing? First it was a human cock, then it became a dog cock.
No. 68708 ID: b53faa

This was actually explained a few moments ago. Dinglerquest actually takes place a few years further into the future than we are right now, though not TOO far ahead. As a result of that fact, technology has reached the point where suits such as his are able to transform according to preset algorithms.

Long story short, his suit is bound to his flesh and transforms every five minutes or so in a cycle to allow for all the models they have to be showcased.
No. 68709 ID: d6ef5d

So he's in a reconfigurable super-science transformation suit?

If he could hack into the controls to get any useful for shaping going, the supervillian / superhero path would still be viable.
No. 68710 ID: b53faa

Sam isn't nearly smart enough for that, yo. One of the future additions to the team will be able to teach him how to do that, however!
I still haven't designed that one, though they are slated to be the third party member along this insane quest.

The second member is actually very close by, by the way.
No. 68714 ID: b53faa

This one is actually going pretty well so far, I am probably gonna stick with this one for a while.
Dinglerquest is probably gonna be my fave art art practice thing, later on I might even try to do animations, if I can focus my will enough to actually let myself touch GIMP without projectile vomiting into the stratosphere.
No. 68734 ID: b53faa

I just checked the wiki, and someone seems to think that dinglequest and dinglerquest are the same thing?
they aren't, dinglequest is about talking dildos and dinglerquest is about a man IN a dildo costume
not to throw the work of whatever kind dude has been updating my wiki pages, but there is a distinction there I should clear up before the page for dinglequest gets any more added to it, haha
No. 68739 ID: d6ef5d

Whoops, sorry about that. Your dildo-people are now nicely partitioned from your people-dildos.
No. 68773 ID: b53faa

hehe, thanks yo!
I might try to get dinglequest sorted out again if I can manage to sneak it through, just be ready for that!
No. 69040 ID: b53faa

There might not be any updates for a while, guys! I unfortunately have a lot of work to do this week, with the end-goal of obtaining a job.
Until that is accomplished, there maaay not be any word of me on here. Try not to let my thread hit the deathbed while I'm doin
No. 69041 ID: b53faa

that, a'ight?
No. 69042 ID: 91c1b3

It's cool I guess. Good luck with finding that job. (I've had a hard time trying to find one)
No. 69162 ID: b53faa

whoop! Managed to squeeze an update in today, have fun with that guys!
No. 69244 ID: b53faa
File 136384332240.png - (1.33KB , 44x80 , DIlders.png )

This is a very VERY vague approximation of what our good hero looks like beneath that cumbersome suit. I cant draw slacks or dorky sweaters at all someone please help me
No. 69252 ID: b53faa
File 136385529689.png - (13.98KB , 300x300 , woahwhat.png )

A small teaser for things yet to come.
No. 69255 ID: b53faa

oh yeah, I also updated my quest about a man in a cocksuit
this is still a really fun thing to be doing
No. 69285 ID: ba2779

Cucumbersome suit? SQEEEZING updates IN? Are you doing that on purpose? Or are you actually not speaking with as much innuendo as I assumed here?
No. 69288 ID: b53faa

oh jesus that actually WAS unintentional
holy shit, haha
No. 69543 ID: b53faa

Well, just got done studying up on another old quest (tozol quest, to be specific) and I think I got a few good ideas from it on how I want to run Dinglerquest.
Starting immediately, I am going to start utilizing what I learned.
Also, expect another update the moment I am able to find my mouse.
No. 69552 ID: b53faa

As it turned out, I could not in fact find my mouse.
I also have to work on college things and get myself into a place to live, so that is also gonna be a bit of a hassle.
I hope
No. 73150 ID: ea4b0b
Audio blood_of_angels.mp3 - (3.12MB , blood of angels.mp3 )

In case anyone wonders what Sam and Sandra sound like, this is it haha
The source is Brown bird, the song is Blood of Angels.
No. 73284 ID: ea4b0b

Aight, since nobody actually seems to want to draw a thing and to be honest none of the suggestions so far actually fit the character, I am gonna try calling in a friend to help me get a decent design done.
Of course y'all got till the end of next week before I scrape my lazy ass up to actually get it drawn and therfore finalized, so if any of y'all got some inspirational design for a shapeshifting dick suit go on and submit it to the thread yo
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