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File 136246764291.png - (202.95KB , 700x735 , Duscussion.png )
68522 No. 68522 ID: 8b7b91

Hey, it's that quest where the girl shoots a lot. Direct all your Slaughter Quest related stuff here!
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No. 68523 ID: 1f8505

I like your art. :)
No. 68527 ID: d6ef5d

>it's that quest where the girl shoots a lot
You say that as if that helps narrow it down. :V

Yeah, it's pretty spiffy.
No. 68532 ID: 5d98c3

Your art is pretty.
No. 68535 ID: f922dd

I like the way you give your characters fairly different shapes. Emily's all round shapes including her eyes, Marilyn's more sharp shapes, Rechin oddly makes me think of a grinlizard or something, and so on. Basically, if you put them all in a silhouette lineup, you could tell them apart, and that's a sign of good character design.

Also, I've been enjoying your responses to some of the more silly responses.

I do find it odd how the female characters all seem to be wearing lipstick, though.
No. 68543 ID: 8b7b91

Glad you guys like the way it looks!

Also, I'm sorry if the updates are getting a little sopradic. I usually try to update about once a day, but I've been pretty busy as of late.

Gotta look cute. Even on a shit planet.
No. 68556 ID: b53faa
File 136254729699.png - (1.25KB , 64x64 , Slaughterquest.png )

just gonna put this here
No. 68611 ID: 9b3d17

This art.

It's so wonderfully expressive and interesting! I love it! Please do fanart of other quests, I'd love to see other characters done up like this. :3
No. 69383 ID: 8b7b91

Oh snap, I'm not dead anymore! Sorry about the dissappearing act, hopefully I can get back in to the swing of things now.
No. 70103 ID: 18c6d7

Keep it up! I like it so far.
No. 70425 ID: d300d2

It's good cartoony fun.
No. 70442 ID: bf54a8
File 136798570948.png - (481.12KB , 750x1200 , 13f201717mLrQ.png )

alternative way to have dealt with the hostage situation.
No. 70480 ID: 399612

This would have made things go much more smoothly.
No. 70483 ID: 57a559

You mean this wasn't as possibly smooth as it could of been?

Because this went smoother than PA's Tycho's bald head.
No. 72981 ID: 9bf753
File 137246615966.png - (73.74KB , 800x657 , damn girl.png )

So I realized I don't actually know what color anything is, so I did some fancy pants coloring and came up with this. Anybody else find this odd?
No. 72982 ID: 19b3c3

I had kind of assumed she was blonde, but red works too.
No. 72983 ID: bf54a8

i'd hit it.
No. 72987 ID: 9bf753

You know what, I was having a hard time deciding whether she should be a blonde or a redhead, so I guess you're not the only one!
No. 72989 ID: 57a559

Red works better
Blonde would have shocked me
I'm going to be honest my mind was completely accepting that the entire quest world was legit B&W and she had no colors at all.
That's my personal canon. I've honestly forgotten colors are a thing.
No. 73026 ID: ea4b0b

*casually saves this for reference.*
No. 73158 ID: ea4b0b
File 137289631992.png - (1.48KB , 64x64 , slaughtergal.png )

Jeez, it is amazing what four months of practice will do to one's art
Anyhow, enjoy yo!
No. 86301 ID: 7569d3

So is sq dead?
No. 86303 ID: 0ee153

If you have to ask...
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