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File 125959532574.png - (309.46KB , 328x400 , philosopher1.png )
6785 No. 6785 ID: 3497e1

All good quests were already had. Everything that comes henceforth is a mere shell of glory long past.

All new quests are unoriginal and cliche-ridden. No good plots, no freedoms, no awesome.
As is happens with everything in a consumer society, the market is flooded with low-quality products.

Discussion plz.

(Just to be clear, I disagree with the statements above. I enjoy a quite a few of the "younger" quests.)
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No. 6786 ID: f4963f

Bitches don't know about my Go Go Go Race Quest.
No. 6787 ID: 954933

The earlier quests have definitely left their mark, but I think we have a nice broad spread of different quests. I just wish some of the summertime quest authors (Moonmaster and others) hadn't vanished into the eldritch mists.
No. 6788 ID: c05c83

Hey man, all the cool quests are still here. You seen how many quests there are on 4chan's /tg/ recently? Them be the cheap mass-market stuff. At least I'd assume.
No. 6790 ID: fb5d8e

I agree that nothing will peak the first big one(s?), but shit evolved and new quests are great.
Quests are a good way to be creative without having to write out everything or mind every detail. It's far more casual than doing a webcomic for instance and there's a social side to it.
I highly support all quests, even (or should i say especially) the quests with terrible art, just because of the author's effort to create despite a handicap.

So yes, the peak has been reached, but it's a snowball slide of awesomeness down the other side and we're a long way from the bottom.
No. 6792 ID: 51d0f5

What was the peak, then? If you say Ruby Quest, that implies the peak was pretty much right at the beginning.
No. 6793 ID: abb30a

Peaking early sounds about right around here
No. 6795 ID: 51d0f5
File 125960238422.png - (12.31KB , 600x600 , Rough3.png )

I understand the idea is to offer a vague and sweeping condemnation to make this thread more active, but could anyone perhaps level some more specific concerns or criticisms? Things which could be addressed, rather than 'you are all bad'?

I haven't been following the 4chan quests, since they all seem like repetetive, derivative, uninteresting text quests, no offense to you text quest guys, but I don't see how that applies to here. Though, perhaps if you had some more specific complaints...
No. 6796 ID: 4553b2

My specific complaint is that After Quest is better than Tozol.
No. 6798 ID: f4963f

Give it time, dude.
No. 6799 ID: f4963f

As for the OP

If it's not a sentiment you share, then why post it? Is it an opinion you've been hearing?
No. 6802 ID: 80d073

Ruby Quest was the peak. And then Dorf Quest was. On here, RapeQuest was. And then Mudy Quest was.

I see no signs of this trend ceasing.
No. 6803 ID: 80d073

>Discussion plz.

I reckon OP wants discussion of the ideas inherent to that sentiment.
No. 6804 ID: 43d730

Let me tell you a story.
When I was ten or so, Beast Wars was the greatest thing ever. I still have a trunk full of mangled plastic bits from hard-worn toys, missing their missiles and pockmarked with stresses.
Back in the day, Optimus turned into a gorilla and liked it. Sure, there were some old farts that claimed he turned into a truck, but who cared what they said?
Then a few years down the line they started in on some new shit called Beast Machines, and rereleasing old stuff with a few changes. This was faggotry of the highest order and not to be tolerated. I returned to the standbys of Legos and the backyards of friends.
A few years after that, I found the internet and discovered that Beast Wars was considered a blight on the face of the series, a crass attempt to bilk money out of children.
The point I'm attempting to reach through an overly roundabout method is that everything is cool at different times. It might need a very specialised set of circumstances, but coolness is in the mind, not the world.
Heck, I even thought DMCquest was a rather funny parody of unskilled questmaking before it came to light that it was serious.

For those that agree with the OP's hypothesis, there is the simple answer of ignoring that which you don't like. I don't remember posting much in Romanticar, for instance. Does this make Romanticar somehow worse, because I didn't enjoy it? No, it means I didn't enjoy it.
No. 6805 ID: c05c83

This... actually makes a lot of sense. Jolly good.
No. 6827 ID: a69705

Maaan fuck the internet
Beast Wars was the shit
the only problem with it is that the second and third seasons combined were only as long as the first season, and there were on three seasons! Dinobooooooooooot
No. 6828 ID: 43d730

No. 6830 ID: db9957

This is how you make a post on the internet.
No. 6831 ID: af3e6d

No. 6847 ID: dda9dd
File 125963002134.jpg - (89.50KB , 500x644 , 1254353459269.jpg )

The nature of well... nature, is rhythmic. Not cyclical note, but rhythmic.

Like song, love, and the tides themselves they fluctuate, rising and falling in intensity, the same familiar refrain returning again and again to haunt and linger until... until eventually the system looses energy and with either a bang or a whimper, collapses.

Perhaps again there will be other songs, other loves, and other tides. But it is the nature of the mortal to begin, to flux, and in its own good time, to end.

But do not think that what we are the first nor the last to gather around dimly flickering lights to communally mold stories, fates, and destinies. Indeed if Man is in the image of the Divine, it is primarily in his capacity to design, to create, to interconnect, modify, and extrapolate.
No. 6862 ID: 964033

The pinnacle of all quests is Joanquest.

No quest can ever hope, dream nor imagine itself to ever be as grand.
No. 6863 ID: dda9dd

But JoanQuest just kind of petered out. Was there ever any resolution or goal achieved?
No. 6865 ID: af3e6d

Joan made it to the БАР without dying. That is indeed an accomplishment.
No. 6868 ID: 6faa8c

IMHO, there is no peak. Journey still hasn't finished, nor has Deep. And there's any number og great quests still to come out.
No. 6875 ID: 88d217

I basically have the same thing to say as Test. Instead of saying "you're all terrible" go into my quest discussion thread and tell me why.
No. 6883 ID: 8bd1f4
File 125964987075.jpg - (31.80KB , 300x372 , big_damn_heroes_moment_small.jpg )

Thread Conclusion:
The board is full of big damn optimists. Feels damn cozy hanging around here.


>...Discussion plz...

Opening post is aiming rather at quests in general and if anybody thought wether /quest faced some kind of inflation than about specific aspects of either of your quests.
No. 6887 ID: edfbb3

You're terrible because you're telling us to quit whining and level specific criticisms when we really just want to whine.
No. 6897 ID: a69705

Well you're terrible cause you have a d in your name and I don't know that many good people with d in their name
No. 6900 ID: c5b152

All good music was already made. Everything that comes henceforth is a mere shell of glory long past.

All new songs are unoriginal and cliche-ridden. No good tunes, no riffs, no awesome.
As is happens with everything in a consumer soceety, the morket is floorderp derpa derpa durr.

Discussion plz.
No. 6901 ID: edfbb3

No. No meme forcing on tgchan.
No. 6904 ID: c5b152

I was making a point, kiddo.
No. 6911 ID: 8bd1f4
File 125967894680.jpg - (22.50KB , 480x360 , I-see-what-you-did-there.jpg )

No. 7062 ID: 981b43
File 125988279258.jpg - (111.42KB , 500x375 , 3241825433_370c3d7579.jpg )

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