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File 125954883354.jpg - (112.83KB , 900x675 , Fractal_Quilt_by_KLR620.jpg )
6760 No. 6760 ID: 7f3805

Figure this would be a good thing to start given the utter lack of answers being given. Place your crazy theories here folks!
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No. 6764 ID: af3e6d

I shall prepare the crazy theories for after the quest has run a bit.
No. 6765 ID: 7f3805

Might as well toss it up here.

The most sensible or most popular name will be the name of us.
No. 6768 ID: f98e0b

Ernesto E. Ernest
No. 6769 ID: 7f3805

We currently have the following names.
-Ernesto E. Ernest
-wallace Doherty
No. 6771 ID: 3c540b

Charles bronson
No. 6772 ID: 7f3805

personally I'm partial to Charles Bronson....>>
No. 6776 ID: 7f3805

also, sorry if this feels a bit messy. Its my first quest thread.>>
No. 6782 ID: b3bc34

That this quest exists makes me happy. Though the fact that it lacks even the basest illustrations significantly detracts from that happiness. The concept is sufficiently relevant to my interests that I can get around that, though.
No. 6784 ID: cc7dc8

its primarily because I absolutely cannot draw to save my life Cruxy. Otherwise there would be plenty.
No. 6789 ID: c05c83

Have you seen early dorf quest compared to what Gnome's doing now? Hell, running a quest is a decent way to improve one'sm art.
No. 6791 ID: cc7dc8

fair enough. I might start drawing some of he major events then.
No. 6850 ID: 69e372

If you guys have any suggestions or concerns please voice them. I'm trying to get my head around running this sort of thing still so please offer your two cents.
No. 6866 ID: db9957

Holy balls, is this 4chan island - the quest?
No. 6869 ID: 69e372

Almost, its certainly inspired by that. I turned it a little on its head and made it a more general thing but you might recognize some stuff from the wiki.
No. 6915 ID: fe0817

I see the ghost of Alpha Centurai in this quest as well. I enjoyed the light surreal wallpapers. If you post images that are semi-relevant to the post, I see no reason why you need to draw.

Of course, more audience participation would be nice. I don't want to have to run a world by myself.
No. 6919 ID: 076064

Give it time I think. I noticed cruxador posted in it, I think once things get moving it will be more attractive to people.
No. 6927 ID: 076064

You have:
-Three large bottles of water
-a water skin, a backpack
-Tunnel in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein.(Oh the irony)
-a versatile knife and a leather sheath to hold it safely on your person,
-a brand new pair of hiking shoes, A set of khaki warm weather clothes, a thermal sweater and military surplus field jacket.
-Bags of jerky and trail mix(two each)
-'simply survivalist' a survival handbook in lieu of the boyscout handbook
-30 feet of climbing rope
-a flashlight(hand crank light)
-several small novelty lighters along with camp stoves found amongst the gas station and supply store
-a decent hatchet its a little big and heavy for you.
-A waterproof notebook and several pencils(Now with Franky)
-For your books, Zen and Watership down,a children's guide to mythology, little Brown book a college level essay writing textbook
-some sunscreen
-a pair of aviators.
-Also a Duffle and a large backpack bag to carry all this crap.

The Party has that might be of use:
-Seven good axes
-Several knives of varying sizes and qualities.
-Five hunting riles, one shotgun and Andrew's M-16 each has a box of ammo(fifty rounds)
- Several tarps of varying sizes though, these have mostly been put to water collection use.
- two shovels and a fiberglass handled Hoe
-A dozen or so buckets that can be used to carry water.
No. 6928 ID: 076064
File 125971057521.jpg - (158.95KB , 500x375 , camping-gear-wetwebwork-flickr.jpg )

-Dozens of sleeping bags and blankets of varying qualities and sizes.
- books covering a dozen topics including a Koran,Bible(Hebrew and Chrisitan), New age texts, a few on philosophy, A biology textbook and Calculus textbook and several fictional pieces including Twain and Poe.
- Clothes for all seasons most of which is now not all that useful given the rather balmy climate.
-a gallon or so of sunscreen.
-Food and water for everyone for up to two days(three if strictly rationed)
- Sixty or so tents ranging from singles to ones designed for parties. All of these are in use right now.
No. 6934 ID: 076064

So, any comments about the quest so far? Any questions as to what is going on? Characters that you would like to see more of?
No. 6935 ID: 66aa6d

I would have to say i'm having fun. I can't wait to see what happens next.
I do think it would have been more popular though. I hope more people join in soon.
Farmer has officially been declared awesome.
No. 6936 ID: 076064

Great to hear! Like I said I think it will start to take off once people notice it's been going on for a bit.

As for what happens next well I planned on starting Day two tonight actually and Possibly doing a new thread with a recap of day one. Also, wait till you meet a few other characters that I've got running around.
No. 6937 ID: 66aa6d

Tonight eh. Ill probably hang around but i wont be here long. Most likely pick up tomorrow. New characters eh? Awesome
No. 6938 ID: 076064

alright there actually is a guy who picks up for you later on in the night and Crux seems to simply pop up whenever. With the slowness here I can honestly leave a thread up for sometime and not have to bump it which is nice.

Also, yes I did also new beaties some which won't eat your face! XD
No. 6939 ID: 66aa6d

That's good to hear. One of my longer term goals is to find mounts. I also need to directly ascertain what the 'things' want us to do here. Just make a better world or even more.
No. 6941 ID: 66aa6d

Im out for now. Maybe later
No. 6946 ID: af3e6d

It looks neat and I'd like to participate, but I never know what to do in these kind of resource-managing things.
No. 6949 ID: 4bd674

Its a little bit of everything what I might do since we now have at least a basic camp set up is make it so that people can say they are so and so amongst the one hundred...er...ninety-nine while I do things such as play NPCs critters and create situations like the 'wolf' thing.
No. 6950 ID: 4bd674


*cough* alright now that I have it. Lets have a little chat. We are now settled in firmly when it comes to a world that is strange and new. We also have been fairly easy going as to who we are. I would like to suggest that as of Day Two Charles Bronson Will no longer be your eyes and ears. Instead, Those who would like to hop in may select or write up someone from our 99 survivors. I'll provide a few playables and examples here if you want. Amongst these will be Bongo-guy, Charles, Andrew the Corporal, Franky the srcibe, The as yet unnamed Red head, The teacher, The minister, Non-denoms and a few others.

IF you like this idea please say so.
No. 6951 ID: af3e6d

Whoah, like a play-by-post. For a quest, that's pretty unique. Sounds neat, I may try it once I think of a dude.
No. 6952 ID: 4bd674

Yeah it was the original idea I wanted to run with but I was a little worried about the initial reaction to something like that. If you have some trouble coming up with an idea I am fully willing to hand off a character that's established in a mild way. I can do a write up of their basic personality likes and dislikes and what their angel told them even.
No. 6957 ID: 19ece5

So write up a character and roll with him/her for the rest of the quest? Sounds sweet. ill get working on it.
No. 6958 ID: 4bd674

yep also like I said if there is someone so far you want just say the word and you can have them.
No. 6959 ID: 19ece5

I am kind of partial to Charles, seeing as ive already put a good amount of thought in via him.
No. 6961 ID: 4bd674

Feel free to claim him. I wish I could do a list and edit it but I'll have to do a wiki for such a thing. For now you've got charles. Take a look through some of the stuff prior so you know some of the little details and sally forth young king.
No. 6964 ID: 19ece5

Yay. Got Charles. In any case I wont be able to go tonight so ill see ya 2ommorow.
No. 6965 ID: af3e6d

tgchan has a wiki, it's linked on the main page. If you want you can make a page for this quest and put stuff on it. Characterwise I'd be fine playing just about anyone as long as I'm given the info on them... Tomorrow. I need sleep.
No. 6966 ID: 4bd674

Thanks that looks to be tomorrows project when I somehow fit that in..
No. 6973 ID: fe0817

Interesting enough. Unfortunately I missed a large part of the discussion today... Maybe I should start tripcoding for recognition. I will probably claim a nondenom member who is somewhat influential in the church. I would love to see how farmer /tg/ guy would run this though.
No. 6979 ID: 280f7c

Given thats me I guess i have to provide an answer haha. Well, I planned on setting up the day to day things and providing many of the same functions as a DM for you guys. I'll provided you with equip lists(they will evolve over time adding and subtracting as they should). Interesting challenges as well as NPCs to interact with.
No. 6981 ID: 280f7c
File 125978013885.jpg - (14.77KB , 308x305 , 1258724780284.jpg )

We now have a wiki page.
No. 6984 ID: 280f7c

Also a new thread. Its the one with the Pink armadillo.
No. 7012 ID: 66aa6d

So different projects. That's fine with me
No. 7013 ID: 280f7c

No. 7014 ID: 66aa6d

Snow was talking about he(or she) and I doing different projects as long as you could manage it.
No. 7015 ID: fe0817

Looks like my project fell through before it begins. Since the birds are nesting in the forest, there is too dangerous to get their eggs.

They could be tamed for communication, though.
No. 7016 ID: 66aa6d

Yes but is there anyone who could do that among us? I would believe that bird taming is significantly harder than normal.
No. 7017 ID: fe0817

Let's see if our biologist can help.
No. 7018 ID: 66aa6d

No. 7019 ID: 280f7c

It is I'll have the forester drop in shortly I need to do some stuff so plot amongst yourselves should you like. Figure that now that you have the bulls attention you now have herd staying a bit longer than they had planned.
No. 7020 ID: fe0817

I will have to leave for 2 hours or so. Please role play my character if anything occurs that require my presence.
No. 7021 ID: 66aa6d

Yes. The first part of my plan is going smoothly.
Any projects you have in mind snow?

Just tell us when you're back Fa/tg/uy
No. 7022 ID: 66aa6d

Well I guess its back to me...for now anyway
No. 7023 ID: 66aa6d

Stepping out for a few minutes. be back in around 15.
No. 7026 ID: b2f3ab

I'm back and will be shortly writing a response to your actions so what do you think of this format so far?
No. 7027 ID: 66aa6d

I think the format is good and I enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately I have to go, maybe for an hour or so, maybe for the night.
See you later guys.
No. 7048 ID: 1f60c2

So any new characters today?
No. 7130 ID: ec1753

what's going on Castaways?
No. 7134 ID: 1cee8a

just that nice skittish connection rate. Also, I'm looking for new players to actually get this thread going in a good manner.

Also, yes you just met the first real monster in this thread. Scarily enough it actually exists.
No. 7203 ID: 4c3c7d

well then. Doesn't look like anyone else is joining up. Ill keep playing for awhile but i don't want to do this alone.
No. 7220 ID: a64482

Anyone got a link to the original thread? I never got to read it.
No. 7227 ID: a2b8d0

I'll find it tonight if you would like. It sort of shifted format with this new thread so its mostly back story and set up really.
No. 7229 ID: a2b8d0

Ask you and shall receive good anon.

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