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File 136104264957.png - (544.98KB , 911x1600 , Space Marine1.png )
67552 No. 67552 ID: 8b4dd1

To Answer some questions and such things... yeah...

They function more like powered armor than anything else. The suits stand at roughly 8-9 feet tall, and encase the pilot inside what is essentially a metal shell. Most have weapons hard-mounted to them, however, usually minguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, artillery cannons, or whatever else anyone can figure out to strap to them. They function through a neural sync to the pilot, requiring any pilots to have a spinal implant hardwired into them. Most Steelworks manufactured have these, although there are a few exceptions.

That's the only question I can think of that was clearly defined. Throw some more at me if you like.
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No. 67553 ID: 5d98c3

Okay, are we OMNISCIENT for 20 feet around, or can we be mislead? Do we have any combat effectiveness whatsoever or are we totally reliant on our squadmates? Do Xenos HAVE Urbs to have combat in? Do Xenos use ships? What the hell are Xenos? Who thought it was a good idea to give people the power to blow peoples' brains out the back of their heads with a thought, then treat them like shit and tell them you hate them? And finally, do Xenos have minds?

That's every question I got.
No. 67555 ID: 8b4dd1

You CAN be misled, but that required the use of another psychic deliberately attempting to fuck with your perceptions.

>Combat Effectiveness
You could try to shoot things, you're not exactly terrible at it, you just never spent enough time on it to become particularly competent either.

The current knowledge of the Xeno threat is summarized thus:
There seems to be multiple species involved in the threat. Little has been done to classify or name them, as during the first war humanity cared more about surviving then anything else. The various troops did come up with slang terms for them.

-Fodder were just that, little insect like things that would mindlessly charge the human lines. They died by the hundreds, but from the alien tactics, that was fine, as they were treated more like attack dogs. If they made it, great, if not, they soaked up some of the enemy rounds for troops to get in closer.

Soldiers- The main infantry. The things are a little taller than a human, and look generally humanoid. They have been seen with armor and without, and can generally be found in groups, working to annihilate whatever enemy they are sent against. Treat them as the main threat.

Spiders- Again, they look vaguely humanoid, but instead of hands have large claws attached to the ends of their arms. They seem to climb just about any surface, and hunt down and drag off anyone unfortunate to get caught by them. What happens after that is unknown.

There are various reports of other Xenos, but those are considered to be the main threat at this time. There are no recorded incidents of Xenos having Urban environments, but then again, humans had been fighting a retreating battle in the last war, not an invasion. They do have starships, so you can only assume they have someplace to build them.

>Manufactured Discrimination
Most feel that Manufactured are tools. Hell, most Manufactured see themselves as tools, given as that was what they were brought up on. A lot of the interaction they'd normally experience as people was stripped away to teach them to fight. As for the hating, well, that only exists towards Psy Manufactured, and that's because they can do things other people can't. Besides, it's actually quite difficult to cause someone's head to explode, only strong psychics can do it, and most who are strong enough to do so can't because of the difficulty of getting the brain to suddenly explode for no explainable reason.

>Xeno Minds
Of course they do. Language and sound tactics are both recorded to exist.
No. 67557 ID: 5d98c3

So what can Externals do? And can Internals sustain airstrikes to the face?
No. 67559 ID: 9ee360

So... can we only use our mental powers for the two discrete skills we got from the sensory tree? Or can we try to do freeform physic stuff that fits within our trained proficiencies? You'd think mindreading and mental manipulation would fit with our current built.

Do we have any data on how well brains work vs xenos?

How stat based is this game? Are their less stats and dice this time around, or is it just you're keeping more of the mechanics behind the curtain?
No. 67560 ID: 8b4dd1

The power they wield is much more generalized than others. telekinesis, for example, is an entire power set placed in one power. With it you can push objects around, or simply hold them in place. Every other action you can take is derived from those two. Crushing a car, for example, would be simply pushing inwards towards the center of the car from multiple directions at once. All other forms of external psychics are the same. Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Space Folding, Barriers, anything else is all a broad category instead of simple powers.

Yes. They can, if they build themselves right. Technically, Externals can as well, throwing up barriers in front of the bombs, but only Internals could survive the explosion directly to the face, or the aftermath of a nuke.

You can try, but mostly the stuff mentioned as actual powers are things you can always reliably do. Mind reading is something your capable of doing, but... well, let's just say your last attempt ended when your target's brain matter was all over the wall.

You can get a look at those on the wiki page I just threw up, but as to the actual mechanics, you won't ever have to worry about it. At least, not for the moment. I might get more into that when it comes time to get yourself some more training.
No. 67561 ID: 9ee360

>free forming limited.
Well then. If we're going to start planning our build (assuming we live long enough to get the xp). We're gonna want to expand into powers where we can actually apply our people powers (force, insight, will). Our current power set is somewhat passive and harder to bring to bear (Did I say we rerolled Linda? I was wrong. We rolled Elizabeth). We should also probably invest in some basic survival stuff for combat (small arms probably, and dodging would sync well with mind reading what the enemy is throwing at you).
No. 67563 ID: 5d98c3




Anywho, when we develop our powers more, I suggest we go in for better psychometry, to make it actually useful instead of simply traumatic.
No. 67564 ID: 9ee360

You're selling sensory short. We'll be doing cool things eventually.

And at our level it would be more like "external: wiggle things with your mind, and shoot things but not as well as guns do anyways", and "internal: heal really minor injuries- no bene gesserit style body control for you".
No. 67565 ID: 5d98c3

We're basically on the Bene Gesserit path already. We'll be organizing eugenics projects and tormenting young men in no time!
No. 67566 ID: 370c40

can we pick up 'Incredibly Cryptic Prophetic Visions' as our next power please
No. 67573 ID: 2f4b71
File 136106314175.png - (575.30KB , 997x551 , Vlcsnap-2012-01-18-23h54m07s138.png )

I was thinking less Bene Gesserit, and more Carl Jenkins.
No. 67574 ID: 9ee360

You know what I just realized we need the power to do? Holographic projections of our mental maps, so we can share our scouting with others and point out where the traps and enemies are. (...with reasonable restraints on what we can do with the power so we don't try to turn into an illusionist).

Great, now my mind is racing trying to remember which Bene Gesserit powers are valid, and which ones are hearsay from the heretical new books.
No. 67575 ID: 9ee360

Heh. Wolf gives me Linda vibes. Overly friendly mech-girl.

(...we really need an excuse to bring out our mech again in that quest).
No. 67576 ID: 5d98c3
File 136106549318.jpg - (14.99KB , 350x429 , Evil Psychic Walter Koenig.jpg )

Guys, guys, I figured out who we should be.
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