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File 136093783470.png - (242.51KB , 1000x1200 , MONOPOLY.png )
67466 No. 67466 ID: 389f2b

Someone said that I should make a discussion thread for ShockQuest so yeah.
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No. 67471 ID: c35741

Who did Rabbit get that pathetic revolver from? Derringer?
No. 67473 ID: 389f2b

Oohhhhhhhhhhhh snap
No. 67475 ID: 9ee360

I find it amusing that our reaction to having a gun put to our head is to point out all the things our would be assailant is doing wrong.
No. 67477 ID: 389f2b

By the way, no matter the caliber, this gun will kill us or seriously wound us if they shoot us anywhere at this range, so I suggest we calm down and reach a mutual agreement of not killing each other. Plus, I have it on good authority that Ragabunny outta end up an ally rather than an enemy
No. 67478 ID: 9ee360

You're assuming she even gets a shot off. Her finger's not on the trigger, or even inside the guard. Shock could totally take her if she wanted too.

...and trying to use OOC information about the author's intentions takes the fun out of it! :V
No. 67479 ID: 389f2b

santova id delete that post :( its unfair to others who dont know whats going to happen
No. 67480 ID: 389f2b


Shhhh hey tone down the spoilers!!
No. 67481 ID: 5d98c3

Lincoln took a larger bullet to the back of the head at point blank range, as an old man, and survived two weeks.

Shock is a young, strong sharkmonster with ludicrous musclemass and tough cartilage, with someone pointing a piddly nano-pistol through her toughest, strongest muscles. I still think that bullet couldn't even penetrate her shark skin.
No. 67490 ID: f305b9

Wait. Does it make sense for her to actually have cartilage? Wouldn't that make being on land a bit harder for her to support her weight? She has to weigh a ton with all that muscle mass.
No. 67491 ID: 5d98c3

She said she felt wobbly.
No. 67493 ID: 9ee360

Could go either way, I suppose. All depends on how anthropomorphized she is. Sharks don't normally have boney skeletons, but they don't normally have hands or lungs either.
No. 67495 ID: 389f2b

i think shocks anatomy is the list of our worries at this point
No. 67496 ID: 5d98c3

You are listing her anatomy as a problem? I feel it is well proportioned, for an anthropoid shark. And it is somewhat of a problem when you notice the size of that gun. It must fire individual sunflower seeds.
No. 67497 ID: f2c20c

I think he meant to type "least".
No. 67499 ID: 389f2b

ima beat u up i meant *least 8(

dont hate on the bunnies gun its cute
pink bunny with a cute tiny gun whats not to love
No. 67500 ID: 5d98c3

The fact that she is pointing it at our head. Zing.
No. 67532 ID: f305b9

I assumed she meant that feeling you get if you swim for too long and then get up on land, not "jesus christ my body is getting all mushy and i will crush my internal organs"
No. 67602 ID: c02159

Just to clear it up, she has bones and she's wobbly because she doesn't go on land often and isn't used to it. \(u w u)/
No. 67671 ID: 67bfa9

I would just like to say I am rather enjoying shock quest, and I hope it isn't dead so soon
No. 67673 ID: b53faa

Agreed, yo.
No. 67679 ID: 06f13f

Shock quest is a wonderful contribution, so I may have to spray genetic unbelievable melodramatic suicide threats all over the place if you leave. not that it would affect you, as you would be elsewhere, But I would make everyone else here hate me, so please don't die on us.
No. 67686 ID: 389f2b

Nooo, I'm not leaving but I'm glad to see that people would care if I did! I just took a little break for a few days. Drawing is tiring u ~ u

I'm also struggling with depression and school and weird sleep patterns that are making it difficult to get anything done.


But enough excuses, I should be able to update tonight.
No. 67687 ID: d87442

Well neat. I'm glad to hear that, as Shock Quest became one that I am interested in seeing more of.

Also, I know that feeling. I got sucked into Tera the same way I got sucked into Monster Hunter.

"It's got LANCES?? I am SOLD." end life, no hope for continues.
No. 67705 ID: 3c0835

Hey LaLo, take as much time as you need. Depression is shitty and I know sleep patterns can be total asses to get straight when you're like that!

Dont overexert yourself with this quest, as much as we like the story/art :3
No. 67717 ID: 2de44c

Yeah, the lancers are so cool! I haven't had the chance to play one yet, but maybe I will in the future. My main is a warrior and that one is lots of fun u w u
Thank you, darling! It means a lot to me ; w ;
No. 67751 ID: c02159

Also, I wanted to apologize in advance for if my art gets more simplistic/less quality. I'm still getting accustomed to the idea of questing and drawing the same characters over and over.

Updates are pretty slow when I take so much time on drawings, so I'm trying to balance it out a little

But yeah, again, I'm sorry if you notice any changes! It's just me getting comfortable. (u w u)
No. 67761 ID: f922dd

Yeah, questing tends to take certain compromises on image quality in exchange for update rate. No worries, it's generally understood by people here that this will be the case.
No. 67763 ID: 67bfa9

naw it's cool, keeping it simple is good for quest longevity.

you should save your best fanciest arts for special occasions
like when we get to see naked tits
No. 67766 ID: 5d98c3

So every day's a special occasion for you, LonelyWorld? HEYO!
No. 67768 ID: 67bfa9

naked tits (and other nakedness) is always a special occasion, no matter how often it happens.
but I specifically meant when nakedness shows up in shock quest
No. 67959 ID: 2de44c

I'll make sure to keep that in mind uwu
I do love drawing tits mmmmhmmm
No. 68024 ID: beeca1

Make a drawthread?
No. 68061 ID: 2de44c

I probably will as soon as I get the internet at home working again. It's all broken and shit so I can't post art or update or anything.
If it's not fixed tonight, I'm gonna go out and get a flashdrive.
It's really irritating because I want to update so badly Q~Q
No. 68156 ID: 2de44c
File 136199741337.png - (46.07KB , 819x570 , dj\'s magnum opus.png )

I cannot believe Shock the shark is fucking dead.
No. 68157 ID: 370c40

No. 68159 ID: 67bfa9

Shock Noooooooooo!
No. 68162 ID: 5d98c3


No. 68209 ID: 2de44c
File 136206540554.png - (42.48KB , 819x570 , RIP Shock.png )

Have you no respect for the dead???
[This is what I do instead of passing high school oh god]
No. 68232 ID: 5d98c3

Hah! This is what I do instead of going to appointments! Hey, wait a sec, what time is it?
No. 68300 ID: b53faa

There may or may not be a couple of explicit fanart pieces on the way from one of my tumblr chums as a result of my actions in a stream
so look forward to that
No. 68304 ID: b53faa

also, Said pornography may also involve one Terezi Pyrope.
No. 68310 ID: a0e6e1

Oh my fucking god I'm so excited
It sounds amazing
No. 68318 ID: e939a0

What? MORE LESBIANS!? Noooooooo!
No. 68319 ID: a0e6e1

More lesbians.... yes!
No. 68335 ID: b53faa
File 136224425990.png - (231.90KB , 470x750 , smuttbutt.png )

(sauce: http://9lashes.tumblr.com/)
No. 68346 ID: 78c6ea


'dat bone bulge
No. 68360 ID: b53faa

indeed, dat tentabulge
No. 68432 ID: b53faa

I wonder what djlalonde thinks about this
No. 68487 ID: 389f2b

DJ LaLonde thinks this is the best thing she's seen in her whole life.
DJ LaLonde is trying not to get caught staring at it in school because it is so fabulous.
DJ LaLonde will stop talking in third person now.

But seriously akjhkjKJHKJGHF!!!! This just made my day!!!! It's so good, I love it ahhh!!!!!!!!!!
No. 68577 ID: 389f2b

My internet was fixed last night so I think I will update when I get home today, but I won't be able to update the whole weekend unu (On the bright side, I'm going to be gone because I'll be at Momocon!!! So excited)
No. 73075 ID: ea4b0b

So is this quest dead? I hope not, I really liked it yo
No. 73080 ID: cf49fc

I assume so. Yo. Bro.
No. 73091 ID: ea4b0b

dangarang, I was hoping to see an update soon. Still, lets not call it until we get some form of word from djlalonde. I know they are still somewhere about here, just need tae fine em
No. 74195 ID: 32ba00

Yo what's up what's up. My friend noticed that I never made any official announcement that it was dead, so that's why I'm here. To announce that it's dead.
I had a few reasons for not continuing it (my being pissed off at the community (which seems silly looking back on it), the fact that it was just sort of a 'test the waters' sort of quest anyways, and my horrible school life which made it extremely difficult to update.
However! I am far over my bitter feelings and I will be attending a new school to accommodate my issues so there's a good chance that I will return to the questing scene. I might even revamp ShockQuest.
Sorry about disappearing, though, I really thought I had said something about leaving...
I will still hang around and lurk though u w u
No. 74199 ID: e1609c

Haha, dont worry chum! Happens to the best of us.
I look forward to seeing you about again, and I hope we dont manage to piss y'all off again haha
Good to hear from ya, mate!
No. 74212 ID: cf49fc

Wait, you were pissed at us? For what reason, my good chum?
No. 76120 ID: a499e5

(Sorry for only getting to replying to this now. I only just now saw it hahah ha.. ha.... ha.....)
It was actually me just getting fed up with stress from school and such, and I guess I just got upset over something ridiculously minor on here and up and left. Bad, irrational decision on my part.

But like I said, at the time I honestly wasn't taking it seriously. I had just heard about this whole 'questing' thing from a friend and decided to test the waters. I didn't expect anyone to be actually interested in ShockQuest, much less react at all if I left. Now, though, I do plan to continue ShockQuest relatively soon as well as maybe start a different quest that I've had an idea for? Who knows, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, I guess.

Thank you for being concerned enough to ask, though! That means a lot.
No. 76122 ID: e1609c

Haha, no worries man
just make sure you ask the mods to un-graveyard it when you do decide to continue it, yo.
Also, if you got some way for peeps to contact you I could very easily keep you up to date on what you should expect when questing and surfing on this particular strand of internet in general.
Also plan on doing some shockquest sprites when this actually starts up again
No. 76124 ID: e9b708

I would totally love to see more shock quest!
other quests also sound intriguing!
No. 76148 ID: a36601

Cool. Glad you are (or are gonna be) back.
No. 76153 ID: a499e5

Yeah, I'd love that. By ways to contact me, you mean like Skype and stuff, right? Mine is bewdragoon, if you wanna add me there.

Thank you! And I'm glad you think so.

Glad to be back.
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