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File 136086894772.png - (183.95KB , 1000x1000 , castwaydiscussion.png )
67436 No. 67436 ID: 2de44c

The first thing I wanted to open with is, if you didn't already know, CastawayQuest is a colab between me and the amazing Zach Leigh. Zach is doing the art, I'm writing the plot, and, at least for now, doing most of the updates. Since it's two people and communication is awkward, Zach won't always be able to draw and I can't always write, so the updates might be a little slow. If you're confused about any parts of the story or just want to ask questions/discuss what to do, put it here!
No. 67438 ID: 2de44c

and id like to make apologizes for how ugly the people will be
furries have destroyed the first three years i spent drawing just people
No. 67445 ID: 67e8b2

So use furries instead. Boom.
No. 67449 ID: 78c6ea

Your humans look fine. If you have trouble just draw furries with very short fur, small noses, round ears and no tails (i.e. big butts (you cannot lie)).
No. 67451 ID: 91c1b3

Your humans look decent so far. I can't tell for sure though, they've never been a focus for long.
No. 67455 ID: 8ebb5c

Nah, Zach can do furries really well, I actually had asked them to change to their style for me, I just didn't really know how to envision the story with furries instead of peoples, 'cause I had made this story long before I found Tgchan
No. 68677 ID: 0f8468

Okay so here's the deal
Zach just wasn't really feeling it and as much as I love their art, this is supposed to be fun for both parties involved, and I don't want this to become a chore for them, rather than something they want, because that just won't be good for the quest or in general

So, as you may have noticed, I am now doing the art. This is my first time doing something like this, and my most sophisticated tools are a scanner, my sketch pad, some pencils and the paint program my computer came with, so it'll be a bit shnit. I may at some point get a tablet, but until then, I'll be drawing and scanning in my stuff, no color most of the time. I'm still fiddling with everything, but next time I'll try and make stuff bigger, maybe go over it with pen so people can actually see it. But, since that's not now, clicking on the image to actually look at is probably the best bet. Anyways if you have any questions or anything this is here so yeah
No. 68681 ID: 91c1b3

Might as well keep trying, right? A tiny bit of background would be nice.(Like a line to show where the sand ends, and a tree or two to show the jungle)
No. 68682 ID: 0f8468

Yah I was originally gonna add that with paint but then no
Next time I'll draw it in and try and darken the lines
No. 68891 ID: 0f8468

Okay so I tried to make the lines darker? And when I was looking at it stuff seemed better but it really didn't make a difference when I uploaded it, so I dunno, I could try pen? But I hate pen and I'm no good at it
No. 69712 ID: 3f62c0

Am I the only one who has to try three times to upload something right on a regular basis because wow I am pretty terrible at actually making the posts
No. 69949 ID: 0845e7

Hey santova, what happened to the rest of the school gang? I haven't seen tera or zach or laronda around in like a month.
No. 69975 ID: 2a1532

Ahh they all got into Dangan Rompa and kinda left :\
I'ma try and update tomorrow and Hajime may eventually update, our friend who draws it says the panels just need to be colored, although I'm not sure that they'll ever get around too it. Keeping my fingers crossed though!
No. 69977 ID: 3bc0da

Well...fuck. I could tell they were into it,(zach's quest, tera's sketches/drawings)but I didn't think it'd end up like this. Thanks for the situation update. I'll make sure to read your and Hajime's updates when they come out.
No. 69996 ID: 2de44c

(Whispering) Hey this is DJ LaLonde on Zach's computer.
We were really enjoying doing quests and most of us (including me) are planning to return to it,its just that its near the end of the school year and we are busy and stressed out ad we just haven't had much time u~u
But yeah, like I said, most of us really want to get back into it uwu
No. 69997 ID: 2de44c

Hey yeah I have the next few panels of Hajimequest sketched and everything, mostly I've just been focusing on studying and also improving my art a bit before I get back to updating. I'm going to try to get around to it soon though!!
No. 70000 ID: 3bc0da

It's cool, I'd just appreciate a little warning before disappearing for a month.(maybe on your sketch or dis threads) I thought you guys had just gotten bored and decided not to post anymore. Sorry for miswriting your name.

Can't wait!

To all of you guys, good luck with school!
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