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File 136053559380.png - (43.22KB , 1000x1000 , mauvequest2.png )
67265 No. 67265 ID: 2de44c

first order of business! a name for mauve's species

i've seen mud scuttlers or something like that, and echidna, which wont really work because mauve is not one of those

And then suggestions for genus name?? i really do not want to work out a cladogram for her, but she's meant to be of a genus unused and ive got no fuckin clue how that works out

and thirdly, brainstorming a name for the sweet lil' baby thats gonna be hatching
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No. 67267 ID: 4a328b

For the genus just think of something descriptive and then make it latin-ish

Let's name the baby HOPE
No. 67278 ID: a8823d

I'm pretty sure mauve is a color. How about Taupe for the child? As for the binomial nomenclature, I would like to toss out "Opera Mauve" for consideration.
No. 67280 ID: 78c6ea

Mauve is totally an echidna don't deny it.
No. 67297 ID: 2de44c

im like 99% sure she is not echidna

omg i like the name taupe and opera mauve thank u!!!!
No. 67306 ID: f9753d

Yay, a quality comment!
No. 67341 ID: 2de44c

i finally decided on lutus mauve tho im not goin through all the shit to compare and contrast closest species

as for movement of plot right now, it's going to veer into a thing of just mauve kind of settling into the world, preparing for her kid, and getting to know the world outside of textbooks and videos

more of mauves quirks and species difference that were determined at the lab will happen through either direct asking, mauve being put into a situation, or revealed during a perspective of lillian or willow

at this point, you can egg mauve into doing anything in the city that is provided, though keep in mind she knows more practical stuff like managing an ATM than finding/interacting at a dance club
No. 67344 ID: 2de44c

You're a butt
No. 67360 ID: 370c40

I would propose that it is in fact you who is a butt.
No. 67364 ID: 2de44c

Ner Zach is the butt, but I can call them that 'cause we tight like a jelly jar man
No. 67369 ID: 5d98c3

You're ALL butts. Stop arguing and GET BACK TO WORK!
No. 67375 ID: 2de44c

ok i need critique
should i spend more time on making better art, improving my writing, slower/frequent updates or ????????
No. 67379 ID: 1a0ae1

I'm actually fine with art and story...
I'm kind of afraid now, though, that the "suddenly magic brain tumour" scheme repeats^^ The repetitive character of that was kind of irritating^^
Don't worry about artstyle and story much! they use to get better by experience...
No. 67380 ID: 2de44c

honest to god im embarrassed by zombiequest that shit was just
i think im gonna dumb it for now and come back to it later and fix it
mq will not have something as dumb as that i promise ouo
i wanted to focus more on political and general corruption, rights of the people, the hazy lines, all that jazz
but this time im gonna take it more slowly, stop rushin the plot line, and keep expanding on mauve's personality and beliefs and upcoming characters lives
No. 67381 ID: 2de44c

No. 67562 ID: 32fdcc

One thing I would recommend is to leave more mystery with how things work and how decisions will influence the future.

For example, after deciding the areas where taupe would improve when her life was in danger, the very next post told she would survive the night. You could have used the uncertainty to push more decisions and create tension in the audience.

Another thing, is that Cerise is relation with Taupe could have been hidden and then hinted using the story. Giving information is good, but there are people that like to figure out how things work instead of directly knowing them from the start. You might even get new ideas for the story when the audience makes theories and assumptions.
No. 67570 ID: 389f2b


thank you for the critique!!!! ;u; its much appreciated ~
No. 67613 ID: 07e10b

So im just gonna stop questing
Im too depressed in general to try and update or much less get on tgchan at all
Thanks too all who read
Idk if I'll keep supplying castawayquest with art either

i hope everyone has a good life
No. 67617 ID: f922dd

Depression sucks. Hope you can find good help for that, and stuff.
No. 67628 ID: a00410

I've been right their. Lost a quest too. Hope you pull out soon. On a note many of us will miss your quest. It was oddly compelling.
No. 67630 ID: 5d98c3

Try going to crowded places and rambling at people. Always cheers me right up.

Or try to isolate the cause of your depression, and ask a shrink about it. And then avoid negative thoughts. Russian comedies can help in this manner.
No. 67631 ID: 91c1b3

I had a bit of that, I distract myself (probably not the best way of dealing with it) by listening to comedy and making things/fixing things.(like paper flowers or a fleet of Spanish ships) I'm not great at it, but seeing something decent that I made exist, or that was useful made me feel better.

I hope you find something that makes you feel better.
No. 67636 ID: b53faa
File 136123440946.jpg - (4.75KB , 200x200 , thedeedisdone.jpg )

I did the thing you asked for in the sbahjification thread
No. 67661 ID: 389f2b

Feel better, sweetheart! Make sure you get enough (but not too much) sleep, have time to yourself, go outside sometimes, and surround yourself with people and things you love.

God knows its not easy, but try and do the best you can.

Kisses from DJ <3
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