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File 135992775965.png - (96.07KB , 483x464 , ArchivetheClown.png )
67009 No. 67009 ID: b53faa

Already I have a use for the art chirps gave me, haha
Anyhow, this thread is going to chronicle a few of the beasties I am gonna be thinking up for Archivequest.
To clear up any confusion, due to the way the Archiveverse is going to work any one of these has the potential to range from dumbest sack of shit in the universe to near-godly understanding of how it works. Other small variances can also occur, to a lesser extent.
Let's begin, shall we?
No. 67010 ID: b53faa

Sun worms are incredibly dense creatures that survive by consuming the heated gasses found in suns.
Frequently mistaken for solar flares, they are incredibly thick-skinned and can survive just about anything.
They are incredibly large, and their scales make for valuable armor plating on most ships due to how well it shields the creatures from the intense heat of the sun.

They are somewhat rare, but not ridiculously so Only a few have ever been successfully captured, and as such their scales are exceedingly valuable, making them a prime target for interstellar poaching operations.
No. 67042 ID: b53faa

Jinglers are a poorly understood species, being among a select few species that is able to survive without any sort of centralized nervous system, or indeed a recognizable nervous system at all.

In all actuality, they think (in as close an approxmation to thinking as they are truly able to manage) through the manipulation of hollow metal switches inside of their bodies.

Which brings us to where they get their namesake: Whenever a jingler is about, it is invariably accompanied by a veritable CHORUS of tings and dings and all sorts of glorious noises.
It is said to be quite beautiful.

They are bipedal creatures, standing in at about five feet at average. They vaguely resemble humans, only with their heads gone and large black irises built into their shoulders.
They are made of shellac and metal, being members of a particular strain of universes where what we might call artificial life actually predates and precedes biological life as part of a sort of... reversal, I suppose you should call it.

They are, on the most part, rather pleasant creatures, and in a society where one is able to quite literallly HEAR the next person thinking, has reached what might be called the pinnacle of culture and peace in an ASTONISHINGLY short time period, simply by weaning off those who would ever have unpleasant thoughts.

It took significantly longer for them to develop spaceworthy vehicles, however, as without violent impulses they are rather hilariously lacking in drive to exceed their nonexistant competitors.

More research will be done on these fellows, as they are incredibly interesting examples of the artificial life that springs up in those universe variants.


This is an experiment in making these logs fit Archive's characterization a bit better, any feedback would be appreciated.
No. 67118 ID: b53faa

Fairly straightforward in concept, devourers follow their namesake and EAT EVERYTHING. Usually in one go.
Entire realities, gone into their unfathomable bellies.
Quite a nuisance, actually.

They are not natural as far as my studies have shown, existing as a sort of fabricated anomaly from sources I cannot fathom, and possibly ones that do not even exist anymore.

They are nigh-unstoppable, though you can delay them for quite some time by trapping them in a Void reality.

They are indescribable, and it would probably be best to just think of them as a writhy mess of flagella and teeth for simplicity (and sanity's) sake.

Note: FIND A WAY TO DESTROY THESE (imperative)

No. 67143 ID: b56fd6

Labrynthians are a very uncommon species, existing purely off of the brainwaves emmited when a creature of any sort is sufficiently confused or disoriented.

As you can imagine, that is not a very efficient source of fuel, and I am quite frankly surprised they are able to exist at all.

Regardless, they are in essence very very small pocket dimensions that latch on to things like buildings and the like, twisting the spatial dimensions of their insides to formulate large and complex mazes of all kinds of description.

It is possible to escape them, as they have a sense of honor to them, however they DO strive to make escape as difficult as possible.

The nature of these living mazes varies wildly, ranging from straightforward left-or-right type mazes to more complex Portal-based puzzle networks.
Some of them forgo twisting corridors altogether in favor of a network of puzzles along a straight corridor.

One rather unique experience with this creature had me perform high-level calculations to figure out which of several dozen bottles I was supposed to shatter with a supplied revolver.

They are by far among the most unique creatures I have come across in my travels, and I highly enjoy my experiences with them.

I have yet to find a way to capture one reliably for entertainment purposes, though it is definitely something I plan on accomplishing in the near future.

No. 67193 ID: b53faa

Guides are another unique creature I have come across, existing as a sort of conglomeration of personas and ideas that sort of drifts about the universe until they latch onto a host.
They are called guides because that appears to be their primary motive in life: Guiding folks through life's trials and tribulations.

People and creatures alike are able to be infected by them, and they are said to be capable of leading one to do amazing wonderful things.

They are also slightly dangerous in that sometimes they can lead folks astray, but that appears to be a rare thing and frowned upon in the amalgam culture they work out as a process.

These creatures are somewhat rare, to my understanding, and as such I have yet to have a chance to study them.
More data forthcoming when I succeed in isolating a subject.
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