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File 135982408476.png - (241.30KB , 1024x512 , Ysabel - DisThread.png )
66894 No. 66894 ID: c59939

Really I just want a place to put extra Ysabel drawings, but you can ask questions and talk about the quest here too.
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No. 66895 ID: c59939
File 135982413274.png - (251.46KB , 1157x842 , map.png )

I've noticed some people are confused about the layout of the temple, so I made this handy reference.
No. 66897 ID: 1f8505

Guess we need to visit them question mark rooms.
No. 66921 ID: c59939
File 135984173524.png - (2.84KB , 16x16 , Ysabelfavicon.png )

Cirr's favicon thread got me thinking what I'd want for a Ysabel! favicon. This was the result
No. 66926 ID: 11a38f


i dig it!
No. 66927 ID: 5d98c3

Ficus, I have a question. What feature of your artstyle would you say makes it so lovely? I can't stop looking at it. Those eyes are HUGE.
No. 66935 ID: f2c20c

It's like I'm really playing Antichamber!
No. 66941 ID: c59939

I have lost my response to this 6 times now, sorry if it seems curt at this point.

To me you might as well be asking "What one ingredient makes your cakes so good"

But to me, there's no one ingredient to attribute it to. None of them stand as distinctly good by themselves, none of them are what 'cake' is, most of them aren't even really food by themselves.

It's all of them together, it's my experience, it's my epiphanies. It's my goals I keep in mind while drawing, and the habits I've ingrained over 24 years. It's the skills I've picked up out of nowhere despite them being things I used to be really bad at.

I usually don't like how my pictures look without lighting of some sort. I don't generally like my line-art by itself with no colors, but my recent art shift fixed that, I used to rely on texture overlays to add variety to what I though looked flat and bland, but I don't need that anymore. I finally got over my pictures looking like an anime style. I enjoy backgrounds, but don't think they're a strength of mine. I love how shading looks on poofy things. I love drawing new clothes. I really like designing title cards with a distinct theme that are easy to read as thumbnails.

But I don't know what one aspect of all this makes it 'lovely'.
No. 66944 ID: 78c6ea

I'm sure large boobs have something to do with it.
No. 66949 ID: 5d98c3

Actually, I'm more of a hip man, so that's not it.
No. 66951 ID: 92c81e

I find it to be appealing because of the vivid colors. It makes it stand out from many other quests.
No. 66955 ID: c31f72

So... Do you make good cakes?
No. 66991 ID: 5cf982

if your art was food, it'd totally be a cake.
No. 66998 ID: 7008f9

I'll second that I really love how colorful this quest is. Among the nicest art I've seen on this site.
No. 67080 ID: 930ccf

...Has anyone considered that we may be releasing some kind of ancient evil at the end of this or something?
No. 67081 ID: 908c2d

Naaaaaah. Who stores ancient evil things in ruined temples on islands? Since when do good people accidentally do something terrible in the first dungeon? Nope. Never happens.

Besides, we already found a magic sword. So obviously even if something does happen, we'll be fine.
No. 67083 ID: 5d98c3

I suggest we rebuild the temple and live in it! It's AWESOME here.
No. 67088 ID: f2c20c

I cannot argue against this.
No. 67124 ID: f922dd

I love that we're messing around in an abandoned temple just for the hell of it. Pure curiosity to the win.
No. 67394 ID: 66ff59

shit, why aren't we doing this RIGHT NOW!?
fuck being a delivery gal
No. 67567 ID: 105826

Pretty cool first thread. Looking forward to the next one.
No. 67571 ID: 9ee360

>neighbor wonders why your mouth is blue.
...either Ysabel doesn't brush her teeth, or that's some potent dye those berries were sporting. :V
No. 67572 ID: 639e01


we should go back and harvest more so we can dye clothes. makes millions.
No. 67875 ID: c59939
File 136173658353.png - (687.10KB , 2048x2048 , Ysabel - Boob inventory.png )

I still don't know why so many people think Ysabel's bikini top can be used for inventory space.
No. 67877 ID: 3b15bd


clearly it was worth the try regardless.
No. 67878 ID: 14a1d0

No, it wasn't.
No. 67879 ID: a31717

Poor girl. She just dyed her boobs blue forever with the perma-berries.
No. 67880 ID: 4a20fa

So that's what happened to Octary's characters.
No. 67930 ID: a19d72

people are too used to the busty characters of CBSF having a CLVG slot
No. 68032 ID: 47a120

What is Ysabel's mom's name?
No. 68033 ID: c59939

Whimbrel Sequoia
No. 68136 ID: 5d98c3

Ficus-kun, Ficus-kun!

Are the berries really permanent?
No. 70839 ID: 7fcad0

So I keep seeing ysabel and sarah together in various arts. Are they in the same universe or something? And if so, are there spaceships where ysabel is?
No. 70840 ID: 19b3c3

>Are they in the same universe or something?
No. Their extra-canon activities have kind of taken on a life of their own, though.

>are there spaceships where ysabel is?
No. 70841 ID: 7fcad0

>No. Their extra-canon activities have kind of taken on a life of their own, though.

Neat. hope to see more of them doing stuff together!


whoa. This I gotta see.
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