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File 135927937034.png - (136.16KB , 800x600 , questdis.png )
66593 No. 66593 ID: 5a4bc5

http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/486828.html Thread

Wiki (placeholder for now, I'll do my best to fill this in later
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No. 66600 ID: a28731

I thought this quest was cool before (as we play an evil revenant building an empire)...

Then he goes and states he really cares and I get a flash of inspiration about the timeline (and it all fits too when I look back on that first post!).

This is just totally epic and awesome. I was looking forwards to playing an evil revenent but a good one trying to take revenge on the one who transformed him into such... that's just awesome!
No. 66618 ID: 5a4bc5
File 135932621250.png - (30.60KB , 800x600 , explanation.png )

Here are the rules for Duellum Potestatis. If any of y'all have ever read Eivr it's a mix between the Dream and Thaumaturgical schools from that.

Every turn in Duellum Potestatis, a mage can do all these 3 things:
2)attack, and
3)speak two words of power.

This means that you can cast two single-word spells (these are usually just utility or very weak attacks) or cast a single double-word spell (the usual method of casting) OR begin to cast a potentially very lengthy multi-word spell! These are obviously very hard to pull off and can be interrupted but sometimes it's worth it.

The other important thing to keep in mind is attunement.
Most aggressive spells build attunement. Most defensive spells reduce it.
The more attunement you have, the stronger your defensive spells.
The less attunement you have, the stronger your aggressive spells.

This means that if you spend a lot of time casting aggressive spells they will slowly lose effectiveness and your defensive spells will grow stronger and stronger. If you spend a lot of time dodging or blocking your shields will begin to fail, but your attack spells will strike harder and stronger.

There are some spells that have elements of attack and defense that go the opposite way: for example, Trasus Fugo can be used offensively but will reduce attunement, meaning that it will further bolster aggressive spells. Other spells will not affect the balance at all in any sort of way.

If you take a turn to equalize your attunement and not cast any spells, it returns to neutral.

Spells you have never used before and are untrained can be used in combat, but at a risk of failure and at great penalty to effectiveness. With a full or empty attunement bar, however, that may not matter.
No. 66624 ID: 57a559

Did we just learn three new power words from Astrea? Or does being able to use a power word mean more than that? Because it sounds like just small encounters with a few mages can get a lot of power words moving in public magi space if they speak them out loud like that. Which means there are plenty of actually common power words, correct? And it's only the rare ones any Magi actually bother hiding inside their minds?
No. 66625 ID: a28731

Recall that spidriff told us that the more a mage uses a specific power word, the more effective that word is for him.
So if we just repeat her words it might not work well... that is, unless we still count as the revenent and he used those words before a lot.
No. 66645 ID: 14bafe


I'm thinking that it's not the body using the words that matters, but the mind. As such, amnesia would completely de-level a mage's words.
No. 66648 ID: 5a4bc5

This is sort of the case, yes. For example, the commonly used word for wind magic is Zephra, and most mages know it. Fuge, Trasus, Scutum, those are mostly the basics. Useful for most combats if not so much the construction of larger and more complicated or powerful spells. However in the last update Astrea got mad and desperate enough to use the word of power Zephyr which is different and significantly more rare.

It is a common practice for many battlemages to find a helm or mask with a muffling enchantment so they may cast their spells at full shouted strength and remain inaudible.
No. 66655 ID: 57a559

Cool, is there a way to categorize the spells in the quest as rare, common, etc. mechanically (like the Revenant mage has an inner feeling of rarity) or do we have to ask Spidrift for guesses of a words commonality? I find this categorization like this important mid-to-late game, and getting cool rare words early is always a nice catharsis. Like that feel when your first free Mass Effect 3 pack ever has an gold/N7 weapon or character in it.
No. 66844 ID: 538daa

So. Morality of committing a blank slate to hell: discuss!

On one hand side, it seems wrong to commit somebody who can neither recall committing evil nor seems, now, particularly inclined to. On the other hand, obviously you cannot let criminals escape culpability by removing specific memories. On third hand, total amnesia is a bit closer to suicide than partial memory removal.

If I was God, I'd consider the version right before the memory loss dead and fit for judging.

If I was the Mage Formerly Known As Revenant, I'd accept responsibility, but not blame.
No. 66847 ID: c6319f

The system seems to be connected to souls. The sin or virtue a soul accrues through life determines where it ends up after life, before it reincarnates.

The system seems to work for most people, I'm not too worried about it not working for outliers like the Revenant Mage. And we're getting at least some help, so that's nice.
No. 66848 ID: 538daa

Eternal torture by fire: definitely a system where "works for most people" is an acceptable outcome!
No. 66850 ID: f2c20c

I believe the problem here is that he became a revenant KNOWING that he would turn evil in the process, and only the souls in his phylactery had any chance of bringing him out of it.

Our man knew that he would unleash a great evil upon the land. His hope was that in the process he could defeat an even greater evil. It remains to be seen if the plan worked.

I'm actually not sure if Ferrucio created the phylactery as a contingency plan, so that if he didn't win the fight he could have a second chance as a revenant some time in the future, or if he turned himself into a revenant for the boost of power to try to defeat Ansrious, and failing the fight caused him to lose his mind.
No. 66854 ID: c6319f

Not sure it's eternal even. Reincarnation was specifically mentioned. Though it's possible the seed is reincarnated while the rest of the soul is left in whatever afterlife to face eternal whatever, procided it isn't eaten by something like our patron first.
No. 66873 ID: a28731

>I believe the problem here is that he became a revenant KNOWING that he would turn evil in the process, and only the souls in his phylactery had any chance of bringing him out of it.

Yep. Not only that, but he had the arrogance to assume he will be the first undead ever (not just recorded history, ever!) to overcome the inherit transformation into evil that comes with it, via his unsurpassed mastery of magical craftsmanship.
He bet with the lives of people and the bet resulted in untold suffering... and still they will allow him redemption.

As for the butcher mage... every person is a product of their environment eventually. And while he was controlled originally, every single other servant eventually gave up on the revenent mage except him (and he gleefully executed the "traitors")
No. 66892 ID: 695191

It seems that reincarnation is what happens to a soul until it heads for one of the other places - at which point its end of the line.

Arrogance? Maybe, but it seems the stakes were higher. We were a murderous tyrant over an area for a time, who knows what his enemies plots would do, how long they would last and how far its effects would reach? He may be a threat to all the world forever, or to heaven and hell itself.
No. 66965 ID: a28731

>We were a murderous tyrant over an area for a time, who knows what his enemies plots would do
So you believe he is further damned by committing horrible atrocities under "the end justifies the means" motto?
No. 67535 ID: a2d9b1

>Current Words of Power known
Biblus (word?)
Ferrum (metal?)
Fuge (fire?)
Fulga (beam?)
Orbus (orb?)
Scutum (shield?)
Torrentus (torrent?)
Trasus (travel?)
Verbam (speech?)
Vomus (mouth?)
Zephra (storm?)
Zephyr (wind?)

>Current Spells Mastered
Biblus Fuge (Words of Fire)
Fulga Fuge (Scorching Ray)
Orbus Fuge (Fireball)
Scutum Ferrum (Iron Shield)
Trasus (Blink)
Trasus Fuge (Fire Footstep)
Verbam Biblus (Magic Mouth)
Vomus Biblus (Vomit Pages)
No. 68260 ID: a00bdb

Here are the combat spells that the Butcher Mage knows:

Vomus Fuge: Fire Breath. Area-of-effect, but less damage and more flammability and shock-and-awe. Raises attunement.

Trasus: Teleport. Lowers attunement.

Trasus Obscurus: Teleport with a split second of invisibility before phasing back in. One of Spidrift's favorites. Lowers attunement.

Scutum Fuge: Shield of flame; ineffective at blocking physical attacks but reduces attunement and has a mean shield bash.

Orbus Fuge: Standard fireball; raises attunement.

Fulga Unda: high-pressure water cannon; puts out fires (just in case) and pushes people back; a defensive spell that raises attunement.

Torrentus Unda Fuge: A blast of superheated steam that provides a destructive area-of-effect cone. Spidrift's other favorite. In terms of raw power this is his best. Raises attunement.

In the future I'm probably going to simplify it and decide that every mage teaches their spells to every other mage, therefore making the only difference between them the relative skill in the different elements. Spidrift specializes, of course, in fire.
No. 68261 ID: f2c20c

Spidrift has been holding out on us! That's two magic words he didn't tell us.
No. 68263 ID: f2c20c

Wait no, four.

He knew Fulga, Obscurus, Unda, and Torrentus!
No. 70985 ID: 57a559

>Step between god and mortal/immortal whatever that fuckers words were
Ansirous is becoming a Demi-lich
Hold onto your butts.

Glad it was going to happen in some quest. Demi-liches are bitchin', I love 'em. Just love them so much in fantasy settings. If I was a DM campaign writer there'd be no such thing as liches in my game, all get upgraded to Demi-liches because of how boss they are. Okay, maybe I'm speaking too soon here, but Demi-lich is the highest tier class for necromancy and is the largest threat in any medieval fantasy setting outside of Nirn.
No. 71078 ID: 0eef61

A reminder that, for the purposes of spell construction, all known words of power are available on the wiki page, here:


I'll get to work uploading and organizing a list of known spells soon.
No. 72438 ID: 01531c

Trasus Obscuras Sanctus
No. 72479 ID: da4ec6

I wonder what happens if we create a spell composed entirely of shapes e.g. Orbus Fulga Torrentus.
No. 72480 ID: f2c20c

That would likely be an invalid spell that does nothing. Those exist; not every combination of Words does something.
No. 72482 ID: f29aa1
File 137163153499.png - (5.83KB , 460x190 , ORBUS FULGA TORRENTUS.png )

>Seems to denote circularity; when used with Fuge it created a fireball but when used with Zephra it created a stormy blast with the caster as the focal point.
>Seems to denote a line, straight out from the caster. Offensive spells gain focus but are thus harder to aim.
>Seems to denote a wide and/or constant stream.

No. 72483 ID: f29aa1
File 137163302340.png - (18.72KB , 800x600 , delete.png )

I love Layla so much. I wonder if that's on purpose?
Sweaters are my happy fetish! :D
No. 72484 ID: bf54a8

just slap a thing element on it and it will be good.
No. 72487 ID: f2c20c

That's her nose, though.
No. 72498 ID: 00d261


I came.


blame KnifeQuest.
No. 72507 ID: 76891f

Sadly to properly pull that off we would need a Ferrus(?)(metal) word in there because right now those are just modifiers.

GDB sounds pretty ok for a 4 word spell class.
No. 72511 ID: 01531c

Shape-based Power Words should still do things, they simply require an item to affect those things.
No. 72512 ID: f2c20c

We have Ferrum. So, we could try to make Giga Drill Breaker if we want, I'm just not sure if Orbus will work that way.
No. 72607 ID: 57a559

Ansirious is eating STARS
No. 72609 ID: f2c20c

Ooohh, that sounds very likely.
No. 72610 ID: 57a559

Because of how light works (Light travels at speed of light, many stars are lightyears away, which means it takes many, many years for us to be aware a star even went out, likely even longer than Calidore has currently been alive), it's also very likely that, if Ansirous is eating stars, that they are not big hydrogen bombs going off in space like in real life.

They're probably something very alien or spiritual, akin to the stars of The Elder Scrolls, which I think are like holes in Nirn (the mortal plane) or something.

That or Ansirous has achieved FTL travel and likes eating big space bombs instead of souls. And since stars are noticebly fewer, and there's like millions of those fuckers, Ansirous is going very very fast.
No. 72618 ID: 3a3fd8

or the stars just represent something like they do in Dragonlance.
No. 73212 ID: f0357f
File 137298850420.jpg - (18.25KB , 263x217 , Capture.jpg )

I find it more likely that Ansirous is subverting the space-time continuum of reality to remake himself into The One True God.

Stars are suddenly being lost in the middle of the night, as Ansirious inadvertently sabotages the mooring of each interstellar vessel, leaving each star to drift out to that foamy sea of Chaos that separates realities.
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