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File 135927816608.jpg - (147.79KB , 440x520 , Dis Logo.jpg )
66591 No. 66591 ID: 2ff0f2

Quest thread here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/486689.html
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No. 66594 ID: 2ff0f2
File 135927960038.jpg - (160.59KB , 720x640 , C1P6 - Magellan Face.jpg )

Upon request, I introduce the discussion thread.
To answer the last question: Magellan is the name of the NPC you've spoken to. The name I generally use online is Miryafa =)

Although the intro was a bit rules-heavy, my goal is for anyone to be able to participate in this quest, even if they haven't played D&D before. To that end, I'll explain the necessary rules as we go. There are some changes compared to regular D&D and Pathfinder. It seems like some of you are really experienced, so feel free to skip over the boring bits.
No. 66597 ID: a28731

Thank you Miryafa.

>Abrupt Jaunt

Just to confirm, you noticed its a an immediate action which means it can be used to escape some enemy attacks / spells on their turn?

Due to its short range escaping a fireball centered on you is impossible barring convenient cover nearby (you can only use 1 immediate action OR swift action per turn so you can't exit the radius of the fireball, but fireball needs line of sight and abrupt jaunt does not so you can jaunt through a barrier to the target location).

But an arrow, sword swing, or a spell requiring a ranged touch attack can be dodged as long as you aren't flat footed. And a spell with a target but not ranged touch attack could be dodged if you manage to break line of sight (otherwise it still hits you in your new location).

The biggest weakness of abrupt jaunt is its limited uses a day and the need to not be flat footed against an attack. If we wasted it on dodging arrows we can't dodge that disintegrate later on. And if you are saving it for disintegrate level dangers then you aren't using it all.

There is an excellent breakdown of what it can and can't do here http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=206299

One thing abrupt jaunt does require from the DM is that the DM word encounters in such a way to allow an option to use the ability (but only when appropriate).
Rather then saying "he casts X and does Y damage" you would need to say "you see the wizard starting to cast X", because once you reach the part where he hits its too late to jaunt.
No. 66598 ID: a28731

I recalled that druids can summon unicorns (summon nature's ally 4) which can cast 3x CLW, 1x CMW, 1 x Neutralize poison.

This made me think, what could we summon to replicate cool stuff?
Well, a whole bunch of outsiders. http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Outsider_Type

Interestingly, most evil outsiders are susceptible to enchantment. Most good outsiders are not.
Many evil outsiders can cast enchantment SLA.
I did find one good outsider that can cast charm person http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Bralani
Bralani can also cast a varierty of other spells at will including lightening bolt and cure serious wounds.

Of course, convincing a celestial to violate someone's mind for you is difficult, and if we were going to be evil we are better off with mother cyst.

Interestingly enough though, Bralani's are one of the few celestials that are not immune to enchantments and the encysting. So someone with a mother cyst could make an army of bralani slaves and pretend to be good by association.
No. 66599 ID: a28731

I am really liking the char sheet style you are using. Its pretty awesome.
Also I am really liking the Magellan character so far :)
No. 66608 ID: 2ff0f2

>Just to confirm, you noticed its a an immediate action which means it can be used to escape some enemy attacks / spells on their turn?
Yes, I've been aware of that for awhile =)

>I am really liking the char sheet style you are using. Its pretty awesome.
>Also I am really liking the Magellan character so far :)
Thanks! I found the background and border for the character sheet on Google. Things should get more interesting from here.
No. 66612 ID: 2ff0f2

Since I forgot it in the main thread, here is a link to some cantrips and level 1 spells: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spellLists/sorcererWizardSpells.htm#zeroLevelSorcererWizardSpells

With the spellbook from Magellan, you can pick any 3.5 spell.
No. 66629 ID: 62841c

I forgot about spells from a high intelligence modifier. You can actually prepare 2 level 1 spells from any school + 1 level 1 conjuration spell.

And yes, cantrips can be used infinitely.
No. 66649 ID: a28731

Obscuring mist harms us equally as it does our opponents.

Color Spray is not a bad spell but it isn't as good as ray of enfeeblement, especially against anything with over 2HD

Animate rope is too difficult to use successfully in combat and out of combat we can replicate it with mage hand and a silk rope for far more uses a day (hemp is too heavy for mage hand).
No. 66887 ID: a28731

Of note, reloading a crossbow is a move action (unlike a bow) and as such you cannot full attack with it unless you have a feat which reduces the reload time.
No. 67126 ID: a28731

Casting a scroll is much more involved then that.

1. First you must first decipher it (no exceptions) which is 20+SL spellcraft check (trained only skill) or can be done automatically with the spell "read magic".

2. Then the spell must be on your class's spell list AND the scroll must match your class in terms of arcane vs divine. (a wizard can cast a sorc or bard scroll, but not a cleric scroll... even if all 4 have the same spell)
If you don't have the right class levels then you must use a UMD skill check. UMD is another trained only skill so he can't use it (and the DC for using a scroll is pretty harsh to begin with. 20+CL of the scroll, so 21 at a minimum).
Even if you do have the right class levels to cast it, trying to cast a scroll whose CL is higher then your CL requires a CL check vs a DC of scroll's CL+1, if failed, must do a DC-5 wisdom check or have a magical mishap.

3. Finally it requires a primary attribute of 10+SL (aka, int 11 as you said), although UMD can emulate ability scores (at a brutal UMD-15 = emulated score.. so 26 UMD needed for a 1st level scroll).
No. 67130 ID: 14bafe

So it's more of a long term investment than I originally thought, but only by one skill point. Since humans are guaranteed five per level, regardless of int mod or class, at first level he could take both UMD and Spellcraft if he were say tutored by a wizard in the rudimentarys of magic as a child as cross class skills.

Really, taking twenty for a first level spell, even with only 11 int, gets him up to a 21, and unless is actually is too stupid to use spells the 26 for faking an 11 shouldn't be to much of an issue. We wouldn't be promising that we'd teach him to be a mage, just helping him learn how to use magic.
No. 67135 ID: cffd41
File 136014473743.jpg - (365.42KB , 720x720 , C1P19 - Griffon Family.jpg )

A better picture of this drawing, since the other one had terrible lighting.
No. 67137 ID: a28731

I forgot to mention. You CAN decipher a scroll with UMD instead of spellcraft, but that raises the DC by another 5 points.
No. 67142 ID: a28731

I noticed all of them, Tuck included, have pointy ears (while Magellan had rounded ears)
No. 67653 ID: 97958d

I'm glad you're still interested in this quest! I thought it might be finished for a day or two there. Sadly for the next week I'll be very busy, so I may not get a chance to update. Happily that's because I'll be in Shaolin learning kungfu. I'll try to get at least one in though.
No. 67668 ID: 47a120

>Time constraints
No problem, whenever you have time.
>Learning kungfu
That is awesome!
No. 67825 ID: cec66c

Quick addition: I forgot to mention the magic aura coming from Tuck's own bag.
No. 67833 ID: cec66c

By the way, this is my first time seriously DMing a PbP, so if I do something BS crazy (or don't explain well enough), please call me on it.
No. 68327 ID: 47a120

Sorry for lack of responses lately. Its not due to a lack of interest but a lack of solutions. I am struggling with this social puzzle and hoping someone else come up with a solution...
No. 69365 ID: c45f17

I've been really busy myself, else I would have posted before now. As a poor exchange, I have a new art style that is easier and faster to draw and hopefully looks funny.
No. 71099 ID: c67a1f

After a 2 month hiatus, I'm finally able to come back to you guys. With the magic of GIMP, I've learned how to create color pages even quicker, and hopefully better.

I want to continue this story, so as long as people keep replying, I'll keep putting up new images. If there's a tie in votes on what to do, I'll probably go with the first suggestion.
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