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File 135856303173.png - (33.57KB , 180x180 , Archiveprofileavatar.png )
66232 No. 66232 ID: b53faa

Warning: Half of this may or may not be random and completely irrelevant bullshit
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No. 66233 ID: be7fd9

That's kind of the whole point of having a dis thread, isn't it?

Well I suppose there's also stuff like world building, answering questions, clarifying mechanics, and long term planning. But that only crops up when you aren't maintaining a proper level of bullshit.
No. 66254 ID: b53faa
File 135857784699.png - (1.67KB , 100x100 , backgroundpractice.png )

A very good point!
In other news, I am still doing pixels
Still figuring out grass, blargh
No. 66256 ID: b53faa

something that may or may not wind up being one of the bosses for this quest
No. 66258 ID: b53faa

also, apologies if I am a bit scarce in recent times!
I'm cooking p something pretty neat with a few friends, and once the initial build is done I plan on getting a few choice characters put into it.
Interesting times are ahead, my friends!
No. 66534 ID: b53faa

I am legitimately about to make something horrible
called /dildoquest/
somebody stop me now
No. 66535 ID: 908c2d

...I'm pretty sure we've done worse, actually.

And I mean, if the main objective would be getting some, that's what we end up trying to do a lot of the time anyways.
No. 66536 ID: b53faa

I don't think you understand
I am going to literally put arms and legs on a picture of a dildo and have it interact with other similarly-limbed dildos
No. 66537 ID: beeca1

Rapequest was a thing.

Dildoquest is nowhere near as bad.
No. 66539 ID: 908c2d

You mean you're going to google image search some dildos, cut them out, and then draw them some shitty arms, legs, and faces?

Haha, you should totally do that. It has the potential to be hilarious.

(Seriously, wrong place to come to be talked out of a bad idea).
No. 66540 ID: b53faa

it begins in the morning
No. 66541 ID: 908c2d

haha, YES. I will be there!

We need to give all the characters absurd pornstar style names.
No. 66544 ID: b53faa

saving that as a possibility
might ditch my tumblr and just move wholesale into here and wordpress soon because GRR BAD DESIGN CHOICES
No. 66579 ID: b53faa

No. 66589 ID: f2c20c

You are a silly person. I have high hopes.
No. 66595 ID: b53faa

It didn't eve get past character selection
A+ congraturations to the mods
I was expecting that to get out the gate, btu I can see why they'd snub that
No. 66602 ID: a68e3e

just pointing out, you don't need to actually put your email address or anything to post
No. 66605 ID: b53faa

I have an autofiller built into my browser, and see no point in removing it
In other news, just powered through the archive's on mudyquest
good series, too bad reaver isn't gonna update it ever again.
No. 66606 ID: b53faa

*automatic form filler, hurp
No. 66609 ID: 908c2d

Gods dang. I have to say, I am legitimately disappointed.
No. 66613 ID: b53faa

Ah, well. Maybe we can give it another try with another slightly-raunchy inanimate object some time.
Sex doll quest, anyone?
No. 66616 ID: b53faa

Meanwhile, on tumblr...
No. 66729 ID: b53faa

i might just scrap textventure, things aren't going as well as I had hoped without some sort of visuals, and being as unartistic as I have proven to be (meaning I personally do not find my meager skills capable of expressing what I am after here), I might try to hold off on a new quest until I can find someone to collaborate on it with me.

Archive is definitely a character I will be trying to pursue in some way, however, as there is a lot more to him than I have been able to reveal in either of the quests mentioning him.
I am personally leaning towards doing a quest with him in the starring role, but instead of going full-on commands will more than likely go for a more knight blades'y style independant suggestion system.

This will allow me to develop and explore his character, as well as allowing for input on things.

Thoughts? I am more than willing to wrap up textventure if anyone has a vested interest in it, as I know how frustrating just dropping things with no ending can be.
No. 66749 ID: 908c2d

I wouldn't be heartbroken if the thread went under. I like the premise, but the quest is suffering from a serious lack of momentum.

I think part of the problem is there aren't enough pieces to work with for us to come up with interesting suggestions or solutions- it feels like every suggestion is just saying "==>". I mean, yes, on the one hand open endedness is good (a quest should be more than a simple adventure game- apply item x or power y to proceed). But we need some kind of a structure to work with. Even if there's no one set solution to a situation, we need tools to bring to bear, or to use creatively.

Like... trap the lizard birds? With what? We have no inventory, not much in the way known skills or powers, and no description of the environment to use.

Image quests kind of get some slack because an image sort of automatically presents an environment for us to work with. Text quests sort of have to work harder to provide an interesting framework to build off of.
No. 66750 ID: b53faa

That is very true. Alrighty then, I will try and sequester a partner for the next quest. HOPEFULLY this one will wind up a bit better, considering it will be following a far more interesting character than a mostly-emotionless chunk of glowing rocks.
No. 66756 ID: 908c2d

Alas, poor Silc.

A partner could help, but really, I find that giving us something interesting to work with is a lot more important than images (despite the large of number of philistines who won't touch text quests).

I'm tempted to write up an enormous post on quest theory, citing which quests used what mechanics to make themselves interesting, but I'm short on time at the moment. Maybe later.
No. 66758 ID: b53faa

no worries, chap!
I have read...
Well, quite a few quests, and I have indeed been taking notes off of them.
For example, in divequest and knight blades is unique so far in that the characters treat the voices as suggestions rather than commands most of the time.
I plan on modeling it in part off of that, and adding in a far simpler style of puzzle revolving around a rather unique little gadget that is going to be critical to the formation of the quest and it's worlds.

I do still maintain that an artist friend would be wonderful for this, however.
If anyone wishes to volunteer, let me know either on here or use skype if possible.

my skype is "archivemod" and I'll fill you in on the delicious details of what I am planning over there.

I think a cooperative adventure would be a very interesting experiment into making these adventures, and look forward to getting this one rolling once I find someone to do it with.
No. 66760 ID: b53faa

Also, one of the bigger mechanics of this quest might be rather interesting:
During my time reading through the quests and what not, I have noticed that there is a rather annoying (from a literary standpoint) habit of the quest to devolve into "How can we break this game further?"
A good solution to this problem would be to allow for a certain degree of uncertainty with every decision. This would allow me to keep things open.
However, each decision will always have a negative connotation of some sort.
This is to keep things fun and interesting, and will probably range from a stumble to a straight-up explosion in your face kind of thing.

This fits with the character, who is simultaneously survival-wise VERY LUCKY, but at the same time is very unlucky when it comes to things panning out at all favorably for him.

Thoughts on this?
No. 66762 ID: 908c2d

Yes, the sliding scale of how obedient/independent a character is relative to /quest/ is one way you can make things interesting.

It could work, though a lot depends on how it's implemented.

On the one hand, it can be very frustrating to continually have the consequences logically divorced from the choices we make (Choose your own adventure syndrome. Go right, candy! Go left, death by spiders). (Unless it's a silly quest where that's the point). On the other, a certain degree of unpredictability makes things interesting and exciting (after all, we can't expect to correctly guess or know the outcome of all our choices ahead of time. Or expect everything to go right all the time).
No. 66772 ID: 91c1b3

Whatever you do, don't make it, "Wow, it's a good thing you picked that way because you could've lost your whole arm instead of just a finger if you had picked the other way!". Not outright stating how much better or worse one solution is (after the fact) than others is a big part of games like this.(I think)

Also know that people will try to find a solution that creates no loss. (gaming this system) People are very clever and will find a way to solve all problems with little to no harm to oneself given enough time. (I try to play like that in D&D games where death/dismemberment happens often, but I play the rogue so it's par for the course.)
No. 66773 ID: b53faa

It's going to be less of a straight-up split, and more a lot of myriad shades of grey.
For the most part, I plan on having a few general ideas thought up and react to those ideas as best I can with either whatever I have thought up and might apply to the situation, or come up with something new to go with it.

Think of it as a particularly difficult multiplayer video game, where the computer hates you and the actual players are a thousand times worse.
This is going to be one of those instances where gaming the system will, just as it would in the real world, more often than not result in some pretty bad consequences coming after the initial gain.

In general, the idea here is to create a legitimate challenge.
Death is going to be a frequent thing, more likely than not, but due to the way the Archive verse is going to operate, it won't be half as bad as you might think. Still gonna want to avoid it, but it will allow for some rather grisly things to happen.
No. 66775 ID: 91c1b3

I meant it more as a paranoid; touch every door handle with a stick, carry anything remotely useful, (2 table legs, just in case one breaks) examine every square inch before proceeding type of creating no risk. Establishing that death is not horrible early (but not extremely cheaply) may mitigate that desire to avoid all failure. (or I may be too much of a perfectionist in those types of games to accept loss lightly)

I'll advise if it seems cool or if there is something that noone else sees, but I have too short of an attention span to say that I will be sure to give my 2 cents each step of the quest. I hope it goes well for you.
No. 66776 ID: b53faa


oh, I DEFINITELY plan on making it a bit undesirable, but there will in most cases be something to prevent being overcautious.
Namely, Archive. He has a very well-defined character so far, and if there is one thing that will never describe him it is overcautious.
I am feeling far more confident about all of this, especially now that I have a beginning and several possible endings sketched out in my head.

Still need to find someone willing to collaborate as the artist with me, but at the very least I know what will be happening here!

Which brings me to the next question: Do any of you know who might be willing to help me out? I am not the best at recruiting folks, and generally speaking have very little established interaction with everyone so far.
No. 66807 ID: b53faa

oh wow, I just noticed that textventure is already in the archives
that was pretty fast, jeez
No. 66812 ID: 908c2d

It usually only takes a day or two for that to happen, unless it slips through the cracks.

That a problem or something?
No. 66816 ID: 3d5cb0

No no, not in the slightest!
If anything I'm GLAD they're fast!
I just think it's neat is all.
No. 66835 ID: b53faa

this was me, was on my phone.
No. 68498 ID: b53faa

Reviving this as a wingsnake discussion thread, look forward to an update on that quest soon!
No. 68659 ID: b53faa

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