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File 135745333526.png - (35.62KB , 2000x2000 , chp68.png )
65844 No. 65844 ID: 389f2b

I was egged to do this by a couple people, so here it is! A ZombieQuest discussion thread. Now you can lay out all of your questions and theories, and I will try to take them in-depth. I will also break down character personalities and if wanted, explanations to why they acted the way they did!
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No. 65850 ID: 8042f4

Is there any specific reason that Axel could hear us at the beginning? If Mal/us can move to people that she hasn't met yet, can we use it as an easy way of finding survivors? (ie. [switch to closest other survivor]) Can we switch to zombies?
No. 65856 ID: 389f2b


Not really-more or less, it was just a matter of poor planning. To start with, I didn't have any real plan of what this was going to lead up to, and it's only recently that I've gained a more concrete plan of action.

That's certainly stuff I'm willing to experiment with! For sure, finding other survivors is a great idea, defiantly since the voices have now shown the ability to to switch perspectives on will.

I don't see why not, actually! It'd be an interesting experience, and probably won't end well. The zombie's are stimulated by noise moreso than anything else, so you could piss it off a lot. No reason making, though.
No. 65878 ID: 1e72ae

>can piss it off... no reason to
A pissed off zombie is the best distraction I have ever heard of.
No. 65880 ID: f2c20c

I would like to note here that our best bet for keeping Sam unharmed is not to urge her to disobey Mal, but to convince Mal that he should change his advice.

Basically, instead of suggesting that Sam do something different when Mal tries to get her to do something unreasonable, we should suggest that Mal ask Sam to do something different.
No. 65894 ID: 389f2b


Depending on the situation and what he wants, this could very well work! Direct defiance will only give him more will-compromise could sate him.
No. 66090 ID: 07e10b

just wanted to pop in and say that zq will be on a short hiatus!!!!! at least until finals are over and i get settled into my new classes
No. 66265 ID: 389f2b


So, with this new group, I need new characters and I've got no clue what to do with them.

Character 8 is Malcolm, so we only need SEVEN more.

Some guidelines!

Characters can be ANY SPECIES/RACE that you can think of! Unless I really have something against those races, I am up to anything. Not all of the characters have to be a different race! Though if it was just 6 kobolds and one other fox, that wouldn't be very interesting.

At least ONE character may have MAGICAL ABILITIES! In the region that they live, magic is not a practiced skill by many, so in any scenario the magic will be rather weak. They can either know a form of ELEMENTAL MAGIC or HEALING MAGIC.

Any AGE is okay! You could take TWD route and have a father, mother and child, or another Jasmine like child that is all alone(not quite as traumatized I hope), a man who found an abandoned baby, anything!

Characters can range from the spectrum of REALLY FUCKING EVIL or SELFLESS HERO and anything in between! Either give a reason/idea of their reasons for being what they are, or let me come up with them in the process of the story, anything is okay.

INTELLIGANCE! Or, stupidity. Disabilities? Abilities? What kind of weapons do they like? Are they really good at something that the others aren't?

So you get the idea. Even if you just shell out the beginning, that's alright-there will be plenty of time and probably shorts to get to know the characters better. Also names would be rad because I'm not going to be creative enough. Otherwise they'd end up being dumb names like Daisy, Angel, Lauren and stuff.
No. 66268 ID: 960703

A middling evil (doesn't want to directly kill without strong grudge, but won't feel bad if others get caught in fire) fire manipulating pyromaniac. Male. Red panda? (open to other animals) Worked as a welder. (always saw fire as a tool? Only able to attend trade/technical school after spending time in juvie for setting barns/sheds on fire?) Pipe/crowbar for preferred weapon. Always carries a lighter just in case. Knows a bit of construction/destruction. Knows how to start a fire from scratch/sticks; knows how to get almost anything to burn. Not very high intelligence, but not an outright idiot. No attention for things that are not his field field?(no knowledge of medicine beyond band aids) Possibly easily distracted?

Feel free to fudge/not use anything in parenthesis, or anything that ends in a question mark. Go ahead and pick a name, because I am complete shit at it.
No. 66273 ID: 389f2b
File 135863889533.png - (28.56KB , 1000x1000 , character1.png )


Bryan? Toby? Hector? idek omg
No. 66295 ID: 91c1b3

Bryan is fine. Are you cool with drawing a red panda? Any animal with shortish fur is fine.(so he doesn't catch on fire easily) No monkey or poodle though.
No. 66538 ID: 2de44c

many gomens for lack of update in this and my other quests! i managed to get my tablet to work for 15 minutes to update magicquest, but i do not think i will get it back

i just ordered a new tablet, and i should have in by next friday ouo if i cannot get my tablet to work beforehand, then expect no updates in anything

thanks to those who bother to read any of my quests!!!!
No. 66723 ID: 07e10b

if you're paying attention to zq and aq, I wanna know any theories about how exactly the whole tumor thing ties up
Also that is the only aq chapter that will happen
No. 66725 ID: 908c2d

Well, one guess might be that Alice is Sam, if they weren't so completely different in personality (and blaming that on brain surgery seems a stretch).

Hmm. Should I leave AQ wikied as a separate quest in the same universe, or do I regroup it as a thread in ZQ? Actually, do we have a name for this universe yet?
No. 66726 ID: 07e10b

I'd like it with the zombiequest wiki but idc if it has its own??? Whatever you want, thanks!
As for a universe name, zombieverse makes a better one of all my ideas so far

Im actually super excited to reveal the answers to this bc I wasn't planning any of this in the start and I'm pretty sure it's going to lead up to a quest bigger than i ever planned zq to be
No. 66727 ID: 908c2d

It has it's own atm because I wikied it up there before I realized the quests were connected. It's a simple matter to combine them though. (Which, in the interest of presenting correct reading order, is probably what I should do).
No. 66937 ID: f2c20c

>main character has sex with own tumor
No. 66974 ID: 78c6ea

Voting that Story Seeker *cough* never admits he's crossed over from another universe, denying it to his dying day, smiling the whole way.
No. 66985 ID: f2c20c

Story Seeker is way less of a douchebag though.
No. 67113 ID: 908c2d

Obviously this all went wrong at race selection. If we'd just picked neumono, unwanted pregnancy wouldn't have been an issue. Nor would be just digging out the tumors with a knife. :V
No. 67114 ID: 389f2b

whats all this jazz about story seeker

bu t guys if any of you want to input a new character pls do so bc zombiequest has a bit of ways to go and i am really bad at making new characters
No. 67120 ID: ebe421

it could be a centipede
No. 67122 ID: 389f2b

centipedes are the god damn bane of this world and nothing about them is useful and appealing and i hope every centipede ever feels like total shit about itself
No. 67384 ID: 2de44c

now a dead quest bc what the actual fuck was i thinking when i made this
i cant even bear to attempt to read it

if anyone has any interest in continuing it email me or something otherwise this quest is dead to me

if you ever read this please use it as an example of what not to do in a quest
No. 67389 ID: 1a0ae1

Don't be so harsh on yourself^^
I thought the concept was interesting!
It is still interesting, however there are many loose ends and questions at the moment... and the sudden introduction of the magic zombi leader was a bit out of place in my opinion...
No. 67391 ID: 2de44c

if i actually went anywhere with magic club that would have been explained so Dl i just got to a point where it was so silly i wasnt enjoying it anymore tbh
ill explain anything that needs to be explained

but in any case i made sam/alice so fragile seeming that she wouldnt have let herself live with the kid so thatd end the story real stupid like
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