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File 135716977465.png - (469.41KB , 600x900 , meh.png )
65762 No. 65762 ID: 710329

Because I'm entertaining my head with the planning of several quests I need a green or red light to go on. I have a natural inclination towards three different quests, House of Glory, Ubilis Quest and Plant Universe. They're all more or less slipshod. I think that House of Glory, which is a resurrection of my teenage fantasy mood, is getting somewhere but the other two are more or less full of holes especially Plant Universe, which is sooo mad and extremely not a beginner's quest to run. Should I run or not run something else?
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No. 65763 ID: 710329
File 135717009641.png - (1.18MB , 692x960 , Paladin_v_tg.png )

House of Glory revolves around a heart shield, an agent of an utopian desert civilization. I have fleshed out the idea and generating some test updates with pretty good illustrations. As you know I'm an experimentalist draw faggot and give a shit about text questing. The texts must be good. The 'art' must be better. So House of Glory is to be planned, half pre-drawn and polished story based quest. I would like to give spoilers but no. Picture related.
No. 65764 ID: 710329
File 135717033016.png - (198.76KB , 1000x900 , maurian.png )

Ubilis Quest is already started hastily. It's supposed to be more humouristic approach to colonizing a mineral rich and organic rich world of Ubilis. The planet is contested between two native people and Maurian and Corvios colonizers. Its ambitious artistic goal is to describe an imaginative alien world. Thus far I've failed.
No. 65765 ID: 710329
File 135717047521.png - (190.29KB , 600x1050 , Toma.png )

Plant Universe... well, plants, Tomas, and they're sentient. And they're in space.
No. 65771 ID: cf49fc

Is it REALLY Utopian, or just Evil Utopian?
No. 65774 ID: 710329
File 135723413595.png - (444.10KB , 500x500 , sarixu_portrait.png )

Fhan quest is evil utopian. The super evil dragon cult assassin just hasn't gone after Fhan yet.
No. 65787 ID: 2f4b71

>Plant Universe... well, plants, Tomas, and they're sentient. And they're in space.
Ah, but this is the important bit; are there sentient plant spaceships (i.e. spaceships that are also plants that are sentient)?
No. 65791 ID: 710329
File 135729409283.png - (348.24KB , 600x1000 , light_sail_1b.png )


That was the core idea. They're sailing in space on photosynthesis which feeds more complex functions like some sort of mystic warp drives.

Here's some old concept
No. 65796 ID: 2f4b71

>photosynthesising solar sails
It's got my vote.
No. 65820 ID: cf49fc

I like Utopian Paladin Quest.
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