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File 135576529403.gif - (8.72KB , 200x200 , shittingdicknipples.gif )
65165 No. 65165 ID: b53faa

Haha, I don't even know man
pretty much everything on here is more quality than my thing, but on the other hand I guess I got fanart???
I dunno, just making this so noone gets a ban for putting shit where it does not go?
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No. 65167 ID: 536f9a

I see no problems with your quest so far.
No. 65168 ID: b53faa

I dunno, it's my first go at this so I guess I'm gonna be a BIT harsh on myself.
If I do mess up anything, feel free to let me know. I get a lot better at things when the critics come out to play.
No. 65174 ID: b53faa

Oh right, the header is animated btw
I'm trying to do something with most of these, by the way
I want to be able to do one image in about a minute or less, three max for animation
Always have a problem with that stuff.
No. 65182 ID: 0b214d
File 135579230799.gif - (8.99KB , 312x634 , 2.gif )

Heh, I didn't know fanart is that important on this forum, but alright. :)

Same here, even if I'm mostly partial to more serious and less silly quests.

Alright, I'll try. So far, no critiques are in mind.

Considering I don't know how to make animated gifs, you are better than me in that regard.



We are a golem, one that seems to have at least some meager safeguards preventing turning into a self-replicating plague upon the world, but Mr. Ginger has just broken them partially, mwahahaha! Notably, it seems we are strong enough to slowly punch through a wall, with enough time given.

Ginger-Head Man is probably a disgruntled employee or scientist (possibly batshit insane) who in a pique of spite has decided to unleash us on the world, trying to make us think like a human and possibly mess up whoever is in charge of the Citadel, while watching us do it from the 'shadows', which I guess might be just an euphemism for long-range surveillance or some kind of way of looking through our eyes.

The Citadel sounds (to me at least) like somekind of military slash scientific installation, one that apparently uses golems capable of reproduction (or maybe only a limited number of golems are capable of doing that, and reprogramming other golems gives them the capability as well *shrug*) as labor or whatever.

Conlusion: Shit is about to go down as we break out to create the new golem civilization, while evading or murdering anyone in our way.

Did I hit anywhere close with that, Archive?

Also, more fanart...
No. 65213 ID: b53faa

Oh, there's no worries on that one. You got a lot of things pretty close to home, though you are a BIT off on the red-headed man.
His motives are exactly what he says they are: Research.
It simply does not matter to him at what cost this research comes at, which is where the fun will be coming from.
No. 65220 ID: 0b214d


Okay, so he's without no ethics whatsoever, good to know.

Anyway, nothing new to say at the moment.
No. 65224 ID: b53faa

He's going to be a quite important later on, mainly as a facilitator for what will later hopefully become the hallmark of the Quest series.
That isn't for a while, though.
Spoilers, after all.
No. 65225 ID: b53faa

Also, I use Aseprite to make the art for this quest. It's easy to use and I can easily make gifs with it, so I'd look into getting it if you want a small-time animation program.
Second, while this will have some rather silly moments there won't be any shortage of grim moments.

Things are going to be pretty fun once the ball gets rolling here, hopefully.
No. 65226 ID: b53faa

Here, I snagged you guys the link to the program.
It's free, just head to downloads and click the link for your operating system underneath the donate button.
No. 65231 ID: b53faa
File 135587907646.png - (102.23KB , 278x660 , Archivereferencepicture.png )

My friend did some art of the redheaded man a while back, thought I'd share it with you guys.
Obviously she is a far better artist than I am, haha
No. 65555 ID: b53faa

Just bumping this so I can find it later. In this chapter, we meet the mysterious redheaded man!
No. 65559 ID: b53faa

Also, I've been working on my art a bit. Expect things to look a bit less terrible, at the expense of not being as frequently updated!
No. 65568 ID: b53faa

Been working on some things on tumblr. Mostly hunting down people to send THESE to:
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