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File 135555609513.png - (6.59KB , 608x367 , dis.png )
65067 No. 65067 ID: 34cbef

Information and blah blah blah about this quest.
You are a slime now, you got those cool slimey features like the being immune to piercing and slashing and the acidity level.

But expanding on slime in this quest, you are a veritable living petri dish. Depending on the substances you eat you will evolve into different forms of ooze. For example if you begin eating a diet of solid rocks and water you become a grey slime- whose acidity level is higher to digest rocks. If you digest more solids then liquids you become a flan monster, a more solid version of a slime.

If you eat certain organic things, though, you may evolve out of the ooze monster category.

Keep these things in mind and eat all sorts of stuff.
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No. 65068 ID: d81974
File 135555659488.jpg - (64.35KB , 651x469 , skel01.jpg )

I'm guessing that slime works ala katamari where it must eat smaller things to grow?

Also, will it keep the same blob shape or what he eats also alters it's shape?
No. 65070 ID: 34cbef

yes and amorphous but likes being a sphere.
No. 65287 ID: 0e4dad
File 135599468987.jpg - (296.27KB , 787x598 , 1350718572066.jpg )

Will slime evolve into galactus?
No. 65339 ID: 34cbef
File 135605681010.png - (8.92KB , 433x340 , maybe.png )

i hear the world is supposed to end tomorrow.
No. 65341 ID: ec6d4c

And you all laughed at me when I tried to teach it compassion. See what you created? You doomed us all!
No. 65343 ID: 8f5752


thus the world ended not with a bang, but with a OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
No. 65347 ID: beeca1

What happens if we eat nothing but, say, lemon juice
No. 65348 ID: ec6d4c

We gain caustic lemon powers, can be used as a battery, automatically and greenly clean any surface we ooze over, go wonderfully with cheesecake, and become repugnant to cats, that's what.
No. 65353 ID: 12c19f

We need to become a citrus slime, -now-.
No. 65936 ID: be7fd9

So I was gonna wiki this quest, because when the boards are slow and I'm bored, I wiki things.

Unfortunately, [+] is not a valid namespace. Nor is +. And slime quest has already been taken!

So... whata we wanna call this then? Plus quest? Cute Slime Quest? Monster index? LBracket plus RBracket? Brackets positive? :V
No. 65937 ID: 34cbef

plus sounds fine
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