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File 135520634723.jpg - (95.28KB , 688x784 , d\'oh.jpg )
64946 No. 64946 ID: f0a931

Hey guys. We're back now. Gonna get this going again, and if people still care or start caring or want to care or... basically if caring happens we'll keep updating as regularly as possible.

Sorry about the abrupt hiatus, Cloid lost the pen for his tablet and things just spiraled out of control from there.

For newcomers to our quest or returning patrons that don't remember, Chapter 0 of So You Want To Be A Baron was an experiment for us, and thus was unnamed until it was finished. Here is a link to:

Chapter 0 - >>/questarch/346477

Chapter 1 - >>/quest/358076

Hope to see you all there. I'm sure Harold misses us.
No. 64947 ID: 0afe96

holy shit this is so ancient. I remember being excited about it though.
No. 64950 ID: bf54a8

i am glee
No. 65091 ID: f0a931

Sorry for the delay guys. We reported the thread asking to get it revived a couple of times but no results yet. We have some material to post as soon as we can, just waiting for a response from a mod or something. And if it turns out we have to make a new thread, that's probably possible, It'd just be confusing to do in the middle of a fight scene.
No. 65094 ID: d6ae01

I feex

The thread has been revived and waits in /quest/
No. 65145 ID: f0a931

Thanks for the fix Slinkoboy. Much appreciated.

We have begun updating again guys, and as our link to the current chapter seems no longer valid I shall post a new one.

No. 79591 ID: 44e766

Well, we've been gone for a while. If you ignore the uptick on the year stamp it almost looks like we've been keeping up some kind of schedule.

I've never really liked apologies or excuses, so let's just say we're back and wanted to get this going again. Hopefully people will still be interested in the continuing adventures of our favorite hat.
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