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File 135493071474.png - (23.47KB , 800x568 , knifelogodis.png )
64825 No. 64825 ID: 4740a0

That one quest about the pantsless imp-thing.

Direct all questions and feedback here.
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No. 79388 ID: 6e7636

No. 79396 ID: 50eefc

hold on, let me get this straight:
someone drew incredibly explicit and non-canon rule 34 of this, and the creator appreciates it?
this is truly a glorious day>>79330
No. 79397 ID: 50eefc

ok wow fucked that up right quick
No. 79398 ID: beeca1

That's a pretty normal thing on these boards. I don't think anyone starts quests here unless they're prepared to see people draw porn of their characters.
No. 79431 ID: 4740a0

Well it's not like I can really stop you guys. As long as it's not anything too weird I'll usually like it. I'm just flattered someone drew a thing for my quest to begin with!
No. 79687 ID: 4a5db0

shit you guys Ross has the voices

No. 79729 ID: 4a5db0

we should be thinking about this like Myr would, to help her out. so her agenda gets carried out in two places at once, one where she is and one where we are. we should be thinking about it in terms of "who's it going to be the most -useful- to control?" in other words, who doesn't have a predetermined course of action in this situation that we need to manipulate?

Cedric: he'll have predictable plans -and- a partner (Bonzi) to help him fulfill them. we just need to find a way to get him the news, which can be accomplished through someone else. the only real thing we could accomplish with him is picking up information he might miss to position him in the right place to save the day in the end. of course, he already knows the situation well, and we could work further on his self confidence so he'll be stronger when we need him. usefulness: 3/10

Manchester: already knows about the situation and is paired with Bonzi too, on that team. plus, he's wounded and might need to spend some time recovering. as much as i like the guy, he's already lived out his usefulness both as a social and a physical creature. he has connections; that's about it. being with him would actually be like being with a less useful cedric. usefulness: 1/10

Brie: a pretty good choice! familial ties with Rella, meaning she'll have some information and insight about her that we don't yet. she may have similar connections to the ones Manchester has (his family) plus the sex appeal she'll need to capitalize on them (similar to Rella's example with Manchester's brother earlier). i'm also betting she's not as ditzy as her outer personality leads one to believe and can more than hold her own in a conversation. after all, she's married to Manchester; there must be something in her he's attracted to besides her body seeing how much they love and trust each other. she's probably physically weak, which is a definite disadvantage; but she could be the key to securing lots more muscle from Manchester's family. and all that is conditioned on us being able to put her in the right places and inform her so she can best decide what to say. usefulness: 8/10

Cheesy: the social ties that Brie may have and the muscle to back it all up. pros are that he can get us in contact with much more useful people and can also spring into action when we need him to. cons are that he doesn't know anything about the situation at hand (and probably get Manchester in a lot of trouble with his fib meter) and that Rella's already gotten to him, possibly sexually. we would have to waste a lot of time explaining things to him, and there's no guarantee he'll be faithful to us instead of the girl he just practically banged on his brother's sofa. he has some promise but is no guarantee, and his skill set is split. he's the red mage. the deciding factor for me is that he doesn't need our manipulation as much as Brie does; he's more predictable. usefulness: 5/10

others: a total gamble which might help a lot or which might waste our time and bring a lot of unecessary people into the situation and endanger them. i don't think we need to take that chance--yet. usefulness: ??/10
No. 79730 ID: 0c1a69

Cheesy was actually what Manchester called Mozzarella, since her name is that of cheese. Vince I believe was his brother's name (though he said Vinny).
No. 79731 ID: 4a5db0

oops! you're totally right! my bad D:
No. 80038 ID: 50eefc

we just hit the 5 month marker, surprising that nobody's made a subreddit yet. i would but i have no idea how
No. 80043 ID: 0ee153

Why would anyone make a subreddit for this? What point would it serve? We already have this thread for discussion and the fanart thread for fanart.

More readers lead to idiots, like that guy who talks in all caps for whatever reason. If that guy is reading this: Even with cruise control on you still have to steer. There's also those guys who go *kirrio* every so often and act like they're a robot of some kind, but they're not that bad compared to allcaps.
No. 80071 ID: 0c1a69

Hey, stupidity is what made us start using BEES everywhere. Idiots are an official part of the story now, like it or not.
No. 80072 ID: 0ee153

The BEES thing is a joke and, more importantly, a shibboleth people can use to let each other know they've heard us.
No. 80075 ID: 4740a0

I don't see the point of starting a subreddit, and I'd kinda rather you didn't. I'm fine with a lot of things but that's a little pointless.
No. 80076 ID: 0c1a69

Hahah, yeah, I only found this thing through Kitsune's fanart.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great story, but I wouldn't have had the patience to sit through reading three whole acts if somebody hadn't gone through the trouble of creating incredible high quality artwork of it.
No. 80103 ID: aef453

>>80038 >>80043 >>80075
In regards to that idea though, we do have a Wiki that could definitely use some sprucing up. As it stands, it's just a fanart repository right now. Summaries of the acts and such would be quite welcomed.

No. 80555 ID: 4a5db0
File 139669727026.png - (783.58KB , 1000x700 , kitsuneyoukai - knife quest - non-violent solution.png )


i'll just leave this here...

second picture by KitsuneYoukai, finished this morning. he was so happy with the way Enchilada responded to the first one that he decided to do another :3

description at source is "An alternate way Rella could have worked out the fight between Manchester and Cedric at the end of arc II."

i'll take some credit for getting him interested in the comic in the first place :p
No. 80603 ID: e1609c

haha, his glasses look absolutely ridiculous rendered like that
I love it
No. 80900 ID: 08e08f

Wowzers, that's something!

Tell your boyfriend I said thanks, this is great!
No. 81032 ID: 84fb6f

Very nice.
No. 81187 ID: 4a5db0

your welcome :b. (im twi's bf)
sorry im not a quest reader type of person, or i'd draw lots more, im not a fan of anything really :I...
i'll probably draw more when Twi gives me situation/pose ideas for things :b
No. 81188 ID: ca0da5

If I were allowed to make a request I would, but I'm fairly certain this isn't the place for that, just the place to get permissions to request elsewhere.
No. 81776 ID: 08e08f

So you're the man himself! I super appreciate the stuff you've done so far, thank you so much!

And it's okay haha, I don't read quests too much either.

I don't mind if you ask for requests here from other people, just obviously keep it in topic, and try not to be a weirdo!
No. 81790 ID: 08e08f

No porn requests! That's being a weirdo! If porn happens because some guy made it, sure, I don't care, but don't ask for it.
No. 81828 ID: 5b596d


no sweet Cedric on Manchester action?
No. 81829 ID: ca0da5

Hahah... Oi! I deleted my post because Enchilada got upset over it all!

Actually, something I want to see that's not all that weird would be Brianna's and Manchester's wedding. Maybe in second-wedding form, so that Bonzi, Rella, and Myr could be bridesmades and Vinny and Cedric groomsmen for whatever reason. I'd imagine that for all his smugness with everybody else, Manchester would show genuine glee during his wedding with Brie.
No. 81830 ID: 08e08f

Haha! No!

Not upset, just laying down ground rules. Thank you for understanding!

As for your request, that sounds super-duper cute! Maybe something might come of it in the future...
No. 81987 ID: 5c2478

Do we know what Bonzi's gauntlets do? All I can recall seeing is that they're removable.
No. 82538 ID: 77042f

Just read through everything, this quest is excellent and I'm looking forward to more!
No. 82905 ID: 08e08f
File 140372421033.jpg - (84.03KB , 600x360 , Wonder-woman-bracelets-e1345651212998.jpg )

They're kinda like Wonder Woman's bracelets; they're made for blocking stuff. Plus she can fling her arms around and knock guys senseless, so that also helps.

Very glad to hear!
No. 86203 ID: 2f2fc2

Yay for being back
No. 86220 ID: 08e08f

Back in action!
No. 95456 ID: 12afb4

rolled 2 = 2

No. 95457 ID: 12afb4

Sorry. I tried the dice rolling but it keept ignoring my command
No. 102571 ID: ba284a

Wow, that was one heck of a chapter finale. Awesome!
No. 102572 ID: 13b474

That was a ripsnorter!

Can't wait for more!
No. 102605 ID: 79a07e

Neat finale. A- for style points; got hit a bit too much, so couldn't make the S-Rank.

Hope the next chapter doesn't take too long.
No. 103730 ID: 358e31

It's been a bit since I posted anything in the discussion thread! I'm glad to see you guys enjoyed the chapter finale; it was the biggest update I'd ever done, at thirty-five pages! This was a long chapter in general and I had fun creating a big, over-the-top ending for it.

Some of you may be wondering when the next chapter will come out, and to be honest? I'm not so sure, myself.

Back in 2014 I was experiencing a lot of financial and personal trouble, and it severely impacted how I was able to handle the comic. That's why chapter V took two and a half years to complete; I NEVER intended it to go on that long but things kept getting in the way and made it difficult for me to complete it.

I'm in a transitional period in my life right now: school is ending, I'm looking for professional work, and I plan to move out on my own next year. I feel like with all that, I've been unable to deliver a proper experience to you in the thread, and may be unable to for a while.

I've thought long and hard about this, so I've decided to put KnifeQuest on hiatus, just for a few months. I need to get things back in order, and figure out where I intend to go with KQ in the first place.I haven't been able to deliver the proper story I intended (for example, I didn't plan to spend nearly as long on Cedric and Myr's adventures in the dream world as I did). I want to create stories you guys can enjoy, and that I'll be proud of in the long run.

I want to say thanks to everyone who keeps up with KQ for their patience, and I'm sorry I have to keep you waiting a bit longer. Your suggestions, ideas, fanart, and support keep the thread going, and I've had a lot of fun seeing your feedback!

This definitely isn't the end for Rella and her pals, so stay tuned!
No. 103732 ID: 79a07e

What are you looking to do?
No. 103733 ID: dc2885

Looking forward to whatever you have planned.
No. 103740 ID: 358e31

Some restructuring, perhaps! I guess I have to do a little soul-searching...
No. 103744 ID: 1e2af2

This quest is Awesome, and I'm looking forward to see how it continues.

I wish you the best of lucks.
No. 111913 ID: 516863

I've been lurking around seeing this a year after it was made, the story and that finale to chapter 5 was just magnificent. I hope this thing can live on for more content as this pretty much changed my life style thank you tgchan. Anyway, I hope you can continue this and for the best of all of us, later my guy ;)
No. 114936 ID: 4f9f59

Just finished and im sad to hear this quest is on hiatus, hope things go well for the author.
No. 123064 ID: c75563

Absolutely loved marathoning this, would love to see more of this story or these characters period! Hell, I'd even pay if it helped! Hope you're doing well financially and otherwise Mr. Enchilada~
No. 123069 ID: d2e2ce


is this dead: yes
is it over: no
will Enchilada update: no
should you post about it: no
No. 138254 ID: 0baf3b
File 166490038050.png - (386.27KB , 2582x1813 , img149.png )

Happy Tenth to this quest I was too self-conscious to finish!

Half-jokes aside, this was my first original creative project, and I think the most influential one on me as a creator.

As for if I'll ever come back to it, I don't know. I've thought about it here and there. My conception of these characters has changed pretty dramatically past their depictions here, but sometimes it is fun to think about coming back and seeing what I would do now, compared to what I would do then.

The biggest difference would probably be just letting the audience have fun with these weirdos. The original idea of the quest was just to be a dark comedy about an angry lady, but obviously it became something else. It became more about telling this big, grand, important narrative, and I got way too wrapped up in that to the point where I felt like everything I was doing in the threads just felt wrong. I didn't know if you guys were more in it for the story, or the characters. Nowadays, I just wanna have fun telling stories ABOUT characters, and I realized KQ was at its most fun when it was just that.

Thanks to all the guys who read and participated back in the day. Even when I was at my least confident with what I was making, you all really made this project fun for me.
No. 138255 ID: 19da02

I love(d) Knife Quest with all my heart. Glad to see it still totters around in your mind from time to time.
No. 138323 ID: f43935

It was quite fun when it was here I remember, nothing stopping you from restarting or making a new quest if you feel like it, also "first" have you made some other things, I feel those would be interesting to know too
No. 138487 ID: 421554

I'd be more than happy to see you back!
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