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File 135474152766.png - (110.88KB , 512x512 , Discussionthread.png )
64717 No. 64717 ID: 02bd5c

General purpose discussion thread for Dreams and Decay.

Discussion, constructive criticism, art, and other random shenanigans go here.
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No. 64725 ID: 5d98c3

Skip the Water Planet! NO ONE LIKED WATER PLANET.

Also, love the art style.
No. 64726 ID: ec6d4c

We're a witch, with the power to enchantment her own equipment. Obviously we solve the water planet by making a lightning resist or absorb ring and then throwing electric spells around with wild abandon.

...or we turn our aquatic enemies into rabbits and let them drown.

>I think I know what went wrong before.
Obviously it all went sideways when we didn't choose mongoose.
No. 64727 ID: c891a7

What was this quest based on?
No. 64728 ID: 02bd5c

Hi, I'm the author (not the artist) of Dreams and Decay! I tried to run a text-based quest called NannyQuest.

1. It had no art.
2. I chose your class, gender, and name, and I don't think anyone particularly liked the main character.
3. I dunno, I just don't think it went very well.
4. Not enough mongooses (mongeese?)

So yeah.... I'm rebooting it with a little help from Uplifted. And this time, I think it's going much better.
No. 64729 ID: ec6d4c

The first draft can be found here:


> I don't think anyone particularly liked the main character.
I think this was exacerbated by almost immediately transforming him into something new in the first world shift before we had a chance to get used to him.
No. 64776 ID: 2690a9

Hell yeah, witch PC. Gonna sling curses like it ain't no thang, bust a cap in rival casters if they give us lip. If there's a costume picking segment, I am totally drawing in both the pistol and a baseball cap turned sideways.

If this is disney / kingdom hearts based, we need to track down Maleficent and get her to teach us to turn into a demon dragon.
No. 64781 ID: ec6d4c

...I can live with this.
No. 64797 ID: 2f4b71
File 135489319858.jpg - (2.13MB , 1600x1400 , 1282104797734.jpg )

No. 64810 ID: ccfae0

aaand saved
No. 64834 ID: ec6d4c

Hmm. This quest presents the interesting problem that I have no idea how to abuse our out character knowledge of these settings to an advantage, yet.

That gun, or something like it, is going to be cannon, if I have anything to say about it. :V
No. 64891 ID: 2690a9
File 135503496758.gif - (230.14KB , 400x400 , 131337184.gif )

Fanart of everyone's favorite gat-toting hex-slinger
No. 64892 ID: 25312f

Oh gods. Oh gods this is perfect.
No. 64895 ID: ec6d4c

>I must say, I really like your idea about the gun.

Well, it's official then. We're ripping the final fantasy out of the formula. This is now a gansta-bullet-hell-Disney multiversal crossover instead.

where doing it man

Ahem. Also, we have a wiki now.
No. 64901 ID: c891a7

Does anyone beside me think we should try to summon Audie Murphy?
No. 65437 ID: ec6d4c

Okay, I just have to say, suddenly being confronted with having to actually work out the metaphysics of the classic poohverse is all kinds of awesome.

I'm betting the threat is going to be either the removal of cranfobin bobin, or his magic book, putting entry and/or the continued existence of the story-wood at risk.
No. 65654 ID: ec6d4c

Welp, congratulations on making Christopher Robin a scary spoiled nightmare fuel child god.
No. 65678 ID: bf54a8

what the fuck.
>get dimension hopper
>obey rules of target world
that completely negates the point of getting one in the first place. it's like hiring a clown and then when they show up to do some clowning you have them clean off their makeup, put on a suit, and make them do your taxes.
No. 65679 ID: ec6d4c

...dude, it's like you expect the multiverse to be fair or something. :V

>our character specific powers haven't been directly relevant to solving any of the problems we face
>we enter a world where one would be
>so it's taken away from us
I mean if nothing else, at least it's consistent.
No. 65680 ID: bf54a8

except it wasn't the multiverse that changed us, it was the very people that hired us in the first place!
No. 65681 ID: ec6d4c

Not necessarily. I got the impression they just set up the nice friendly user interface and item storage for travelers. So otherwise the universe would force a transformation without warning and unpredictably on incoming travelers. Or deny them entry completely.

This way at least travelers know what they're getting into, and that they're getting our stuff back. And they have the opportunity to say "screw that" and leave instead of entering.
No. 65940 ID: 25312f
File 135780133639.png - (48.31KB , 889x606 , NEENER.png )

Hey, Uplifted! I drew Nina!

I think this is why Uplifted doesn't let me do the art for this quest, actually.
No. 65944 ID: be7fd9

So... she's a muscle wizard witch, then.
No. 65948 ID: 25312f


But, sadly, no. That's just me sucking at MS Paint. I can't draw so good on the computer. I can't draw so good on paper, either, but at least it's better.
No. 66387 ID: 25312f
File 135882820447.png - (188.78KB , 512x512 , 55colortest.png )

Experimenting with color frames. Lemme know what you all think.
No. 66389 ID: 67bfa9

I like it!
nice use of subtlety
No. 68380 ID: 25312f

Dreams and Decay will be on hiatus for the next week-or-so. Simply can't update then.
No. 68687 ID: 25312f

Aaand... we're back! Boom-shaka-laka! Miss us?

Off to an interesting start with technical difficulties though, LOL... I think Uplifted might be kinda sleepy. But he fixed it!
No. 69024 ID: d6ef5d

I just have to say, this current boss fight has blown all my expectations for Disney quest clean out of the water.

We're doing some kind of warning forever destructible / reforming boss battle against a dismissible hallucinatory-heffalump, while flying a broomstick, throwing curses left and right, with support from elephants and a acrobat / circus-gunner. That's just fantastically insane.

The only way this could be more awesome was if we'd actually got the Marisa-gun idea prepared in time.
No. 69373 ID: 25312f
File 136416386812.png - (46.22KB , 889x606 , NEEENOOOO!.png )

Drew Nina, figured I may as well draw Nino too. Yes, he does dye his hair cherry red. Why? Because WHY NOT.

LOL LOL LOL Uplifted! I am drawing crappy arts and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! Bwahahahaha!
No. 73054 ID: 25312f
File 137263134189.jpg - (19.93KB , 287x320 , DIDNEYWORL.jpg )

Dreams and Decay will be on hiatus for the next two weeks, because we don't want to run a quest during our honeymoon.

Take a wild guess where we're going.

We'll be back in a couple weeks. See you real soon!
No. 73061 ID: c23ab0

The Swiss Alps
No. 73065 ID: c31f72

No. 73070 ID: 91c1b3

No. 75059 ID: 2ae1fb

Well, that was exciting.

Y'all survived the boss rush and finally got to meet the Storyteller. Congrats!

So... we'll probably start Chapter 2 tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

Seriously, it's been a great 8 months, guys. I'm just kinda emotional because this is the first (and so far only) quest I've ever worked on that's actually gone anywhere/lasted longer than a week or two.

Just figured it's a good time to resurrect the discussion thread/check in with all youns/ask if my super-long posts are too annoying to deal with.
No. 75061 ID: a23afd

It's pretty fun so far! I am totally disappointed in Nino's combat capabilities, but he has proven to be useful. Are we just not using him properly?
No. 75062 ID: 2ae1fb

Well... I think a bit more specificity would be good. I mean, the thing with Nino is that I feel like a lot of times, suggestions give Nina really specific directions, and then just tell Nino to "do something." I think he's a bit put off by it, really. See, he just isn't sure of what to DO in those situations. So he tends to kind of... do nothing.

So, I'm not sure if it's a matter of using him properly, and more a matter of using him at all.

But you are right that he's been useful. I've actually been surprised by some of the things that he's been doing (running distraction in the Horned King battle was a particular moment of glory).

But it's not just the suggestions. It's been kind of tough for me, too. I never really know what to do with Nino. He's a character whose powers are "he can do basically anything, but only if it's funny." And since comedic timing really isn't a strong point for me as a writer, I always have to walk a tightrope between making him OP and making him useless.

But I think it'll be interesting to see what Nino does next. But I'm not sure he'll ever really think of himself as a fighter, it isn't really who he is. Nina got used to it faster than I thought she would (you all certainly helped). But Nino's tricky.

I've rambled on entirely too long, but hopefully it was helpful.
No. 75065 ID: a23afd

I don't really know what Nino is capable of, aside from using the stuff in his bag creatively, and that is unreliable because it's a random grab. I mean saying someone can do "anything" is cool, but it's so unspecific it's hard to decide on one direction to go in, you know?

I also thought that he could only do cool stuff if he could get some laughs? Unless we're in a toon world anyway.
No. 75068 ID: 2ae1fb

That's pretty much exactly how it works. So, yes, it does make him very tricky to use effectively in combat.

But not all worlds are going to be combat-heavy, so there's that.

I do think that one of his most under-used abilities is the one that Uplifted and I have taken to referring to as "squash and stretch" after the animation technique. With some laughs, he can actually manipulate the size and shape of various body parts, allowing for increased agility/flexibility/speed. He's mentioned it before, but he hasn't really used it much.

His greatest "squash and stretch" moments happened off-screen. I guess you'd have to ask Orwen about them... Though I'm sure Nino himself wouldn't mind sharing.
No. 75073 ID: a23afd

Apparently Seven is complaining about Uncle Remus because he's a racist caricature?
No. 75075 ID: 2ae1fb

I hope not.

I also hope that anyone who hasn't actually SEEN the film can reserve judgement. I find that most people who say that it's racist haven't seen it, and are just repeating things that they've heard others say.
No. 75078 ID: beeca1

I find it infinitely amusing how Seven says one word and everyone immediately jumps to racism.

Admittedly, given the context there's a fairly good chance it's about racism, but it's still funny.

Myself, I don't see anything particularly racist.
No. 75080 ID: 2ae1fb

Just wanted to say thanks for steering the convo to this thread instead. I kinda forgot myself, LOL.

The funniest part is that when Uplifted saw Seven's comment, he assumed it was because his drawing of Remus was "creepy." I like it, but it took him a while to get it right, so I think he's worried it that it looks weird.
No. 75082 ID: beeca1

Nah, the picture itself looks fine. The only thing that might really look creepy is the smile, and that's because fixed smiles start looking creepy anyway when you stare at them, not because of how it's drawn.
No. 75083 ID: c23ab0


<3 Uncle Remus.
No. 75087 ID: beeca1


No. 75090 ID: a23afd

First off, you need to click the No. if you want to link directly to a post. Second, crossboard links can be done like so:
No. 75105 ID: c23ab0

Incidentally the anonymous poster who said "It might be a little bit racist" was making a reference to the Prequel sidequest: http://www.prequeladventure.com/qwtake-control/
No. 77331 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138328536604.png - (250.32KB , 413x791 , ninaconcept.png )

Playing around with Nina's design to match my original intent. Lemme know what you think.
No. 77366 ID: bd48c5

My only question is "Why is there no scarring where her original right eye-socket used to be?" It's been really bugging me. Her skin is completely smooth, and then there's the Implant jammed into her cheekbone. It just strikes me as really weird. It's like the Uncanny Valley, where something SHOULD look damaged, but it doesn't.
No. 77367 ID: 7bbaae

It looks a little better, I'd say.
No. 77370 ID: 2ae1fb

No. 77371 ID: 2ae1fb

In-canon reason or real-life reason?

Because in-canon, Jumba filled in the other eye socket somehow with his weird alien-tech. Surgery with Jumba is so far advanced and so different from what we're familiar with that it's basically not surgery at all, but a kind of half-competent sculpting.

But, in real-life, when I doodled Nina with both the new eye and a scarred-up eye socket (I can't draw very well, but I do like to sketch concept art), it looked really stupid. It was supposed to be uncanny/creepy, but it wasn't supposed to look stupid.
No. 77373 ID: 3dd384

honestly? that gun would be a cannon even if you didn't say anything about it
No. 77383 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138345440489.gif - (26.33KB , 275x300 , Ninastoise.gif )

Yeah, I think this is my concept art for what will happen if Nina gets broken enough.

Sorry/Not sorry.
No. 77394 ID: bd48c5

Needs more skulls and pauldrons.
No. 77396 ID: 5869f6

Don't forget the hats! Hats are important too!
No. 77397 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138353975812.png - (78.29KB , 320x384 , 138345440489.png )

Well. This happened.
No. 77404 ID: bd48c5

I love you forever.
No. 80874 ID: 824f43

...so she was the Doctor, right? That means she gets to regenerate, right? ...right?

No. 80878 ID: 5bbbc0

Something that gets me looking back is just how poorly we went about this world.
We basically had Rita along for the ride more than treating her like an actual person, and while I can kind of understand Nino being somewhat of an on-and-off character in usage...We were perhaps a bit too dependant on Nina.
That said, we FINALLY can accurately track what's going on with a world and identify the problem quickly now, instead of our prior fumbling about, I think. The trouble is Rita can't save the day on her own, so to speak, at least not that easily. Her power is wide in scope, but shallow in terms of being able to outright DO things about the issues that crop up, I think...
This could be interesting. While we won't have Nina's simple and direct powers anymore, there's still the creativity Nino allows us, and the 'radar' that Rita provides.
No. 80891 ID: e3aff6

Among the numerous stupid mistakes I made, assuming Hook didn't have a gun was the largest one. Having not seen Peter Pan in a very long time I just remembered how Hook was always going after Peter with a sword to be thwarted by Peter's flying, and figured that if he had a gun he could have simply shot Peter back in the story (or at least notably tried). As it turns out from looking things up now, Hook is one of the few cartoon villains who actually does have a gun and great aim (shooting a minion behind him without looking), which he just doesn't use on his arch-enemy for some reason despite trying to kill him practically every other way.
With the lightning thing, I am really disturbed how I can read something stated plainly multiple times without noticing it at all.
No. 81000 ID: a32d59

Now that the most recent update is up, I just have to say.... Holy crap.

Fun fact: You weren't supposed to be able to do that. Turning Tiger Lily back without Nina was supposed to be impossible. But... Damn. That frog prince idea. Well done.

Just thought I should let you know that this is the first time in the quest that you've legitimately done the impossible. Keep coming up with crazy ideas like that, and it won't be the last.
No. 81537 ID: a32d59
File 139959690525.png - (23.66KB , 400x400 , avatar.png )

Just dropping in to let everyone know that Margos and I started another collaborative project together on Tumblr! It's called Cloverleaf Corners, and it's a visual-novel style life-sim quest-thingy with adorable Tiny Animals.

Check it out here: http://cloverleafcorners.tumblr.com/
No. 81552 ID: bbb906

Wait sooo...If we managed to turn Tiger Lily back via breaking the impossible...Does that mean we just screwed up that badly that winning should have been about impossible?
Man, Neverland has been kicking our behinds it seems like.
No. 81554 ID: a32d59

Yes. When Nina died, I really thought you guys were done. We even started prepping the next world awhile. I decided to give you one last post to redeem yourself, just in case you came up with some insane, desperate maneuver that would grab on to the thinnest hope of succeeding in Never Land.

Not only did you do that, BUT you managed to turn Tiger Lily back on top of it! I was super-impressed, and still am. Also, you have a very strong chance of actually succeeding in Neverland, long after both Uplifted and myself had given it up as a lost cause.
No. 82988 ID: a32d59

I have updated the woefully outdated wiki page to reflect everyone's current abilities and inventory: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Dreams_and_Decay
No. 85701 ID: a32d59
File 141194194802.png - (119.74KB , 512x512 , spheader.png )

Alright, so I'm making a strip poker module for Dreams and Decay because I've been meaning to for awhile, I don't want to get rusty drawing the characters, and it could potentially help Margos' writer's block.

So, the question I have to ask is this: which character would you all most like to see a module for?
No. 85704 ID: 2fd516

The Storyteller.
No. 85706 ID: 06cd1e

Nina would probably be hilarious but it's the most in-character for Nino I think...
No. 85707 ID: a32d59

I guess the real question is which you want first, since I hope to eventually do the entire cast...

Except him. I'd rather not melt my eyeballs with nude Uncle Remus, thank you very much. We will not be seeing his laughing place.

In all seriousness though, only original characters (currently Rita, Nina, and Nino, eventually others) are up for the vote.
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