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File 135457250691.gif - (2.69KB , 320x240 , PMCDisc.gif )
64654 No. 64654 ID: cea452

This is the PMC Quest Discussion Thread.
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No. 64666 ID: 68bbc5
File 135459423318.jpg - (119.13KB , 546x546 , liquid-snake.jpg )

Is it just me or does Thomm Rape look a lot like Liquid Snake from MGS?
No. 64667 ID: 5d98c3

So, the end game of this quest is to create a place where mercenaries will always be free: Outer Haven...
No. 64669 ID: f2c20c

I swear I've seen Thomm Rape somewhere before, not in a video game. Like in a quest or art thread.
No. 64670 ID: 3fcc04

Stop calling it rape, the new name is canola.
Seriously, I am curious just how friggin' nuts this guy is. Who changes their last name to rape?

Recruit concept:
Former 1st Lt Erica Akima, a quarter Japanese, Russian, Sudanese and New England-American languages/infiltration specialist. Competent CQC but her real talent is fast talking, dirty dealing, ambushes and deep-cover scouting/operations.
Dishonourable discharge for building and running a smuggling syndicate that is still operating to this day and would try to kill her if she ever went back to Somalia. Has sort of learned her lesson not to be that greedy anymore but is too much of a thrill-junkie to leave the military-thug life.
No. 64673 ID: 6a5a08

Recruit Concept

Full Name: Oscar Baraz
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Training: Mechanic and Getaway Driver and for the Freelandian Mafia prior to service; Tank Pilot and Vehicle Expert in the army, in addition to standard regular army training.
Reason for Discharge: Dishonorable discharge for driving a tank through the wall of a strategy meeting to warn them there was a spy.
No. 64675 ID: cea452


Could just be that ive used his character design before without realizing

im actually pretty sure that the surname Rape is an actual last name that some people have. I chose it for him because I wanted him to have a name that sounded real yet sinister.

also im not sure if I made this clear but the qest is not set in a plane of existence that is our own. It is an "alternate universe," if you will, that takes place on a planet that is similar to yet distinct from our own. an odd cocnept i know

ill go ahead and add recruit concepts to a file that i will be naming "recruit concepts" so i don't forget them. THanks for reading!
No. 64737 ID: 3fcc04

I imagined as much but without a world bible for what the replacement continents/countries/geopoligical factions and all are what am I supposed to do?
No. 64746 ID: cea452

Yeah I guess you're right. I just thought I didn't do a good job in making it clear. Sorry if I came off a little rude, I really do appreciate your continued interest!
No. 64847 ID: 3fcc04

You're practically a paragon of politeness considering you thought I might be a dumbass.

This is a new quest, I can perfectly well understand hot having hashed out all the details and made them available yet: Smart quest-runners get their players to do some of the world-building work while they're at it and we haven't had enough quest for that to have happened much yet.

P.S. If this is truly an alternate world can we have white people be the globally poor, undereducated, oppressed and backwards people? You know, swapping stereotypes so that white->black, black->Asian and Asian->white with respect to how they act. See if we can make a few bigots' heads explode, good stuff like that.
No. 64890 ID: 53688c


Or, novel idea, we could have bigotry not be a part of this quest at all.

Turns out, there's no such thing as "reverse-racism". It's just racism.
No. 65080 ID: 3fcc04

You're right that reverse racism is still racism, and racism is mostly quite stupid, self-causing prejudices about things that are only vaguely true on their own at best, if that. However, this is set in a world that has private mercenary companies and wars. I would be surprised if there were no bigotry around, at a minimum because war definitely has a tendency of inspiring bigotry.

Consider the geopolitics: If your world generally recognizes basic human rights and disallows collective reprisal, territorial expulsion and other genocide it's practically impossible to maintain armed control over a foreign population. This single fact was the second main reason for the breakup of formal colonialism and the institution of the American model of client dictatorships and business adventurism that replaced it (the first was sufficiently-developed conventional explosives making it possible for guerrilla forces to seriously disrupt occupying forces). In such an environment conventional military operations are ineffective at achieving most strategic goals other than countering the threats and effects of hostile military presence and action.

Somehow this world has conventional war enough that there is a bidding war for small private mercenary companies; that either means that genocide is on the table (which would itself be a major cause for racism and bigotry) or people are making incredibly stupid decisions. People making incredibly stupid decisions about war aren't all 100% cynical operators exploiting other people's gullibility to make a profit or seize power. Some of them have to be the idiots falling for the scam and that generally requires stupid ideas being commonly accepted to make stupid plans seem smarter, stupid ideas like racism.
No. 65081 ID: 3fcc04

TL:DR version of above: War is a cause of, and caused by bigotry. We have war here, there is bigotry.
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