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File 135158784531.png - (4.33KB , 424x274 , Hunterdis.png )
62831 No. 62831 ID: 34cbef


Since i'm reworking the canon it needs to have it's own independant thread. Everything that is in this thread is canon, everything in the previous thread is not canon. This may tick some of you guys off but that's how it has to be. I will be making a brief summary of what each chapter of Hunter illustrates, key points said in the chapter and tidbits that may be hidden in context. If you want information about the quest universe that isn't illustrated in the quests then ask the characters in the ITQ thread, I will no longer divulge setting related things unless you learn them in quest or in the ITQ threads. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience but it needs to be done.
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No. 62832 ID: 34cbef
File 135158853791.png - (17.46KB , 603x323 , 73.png )

The first chapter of hunter is the prologue, which is called Hunt. In this chapter wer are introduced to the protag, who currently went by the name quint. The suggestors had created their own race by making the main protag a genderless magic bug that had five stages of a life cycle- I named this species the Geonids.

What we learned in quest- Quint is introduced to a bevvy of characters that partially influence his current life. He is currently passing as a bounty hunter and the main focus of this chapter is bounty hunting. We also learn that he is supposedly a "big deal." During this chapter there is some conflict amongst characters that was worked out and we learn that the protag is actually named metatron. We learn this from some magical oracle from delphai that quint knew in a previous life. He goes on in dialogue to divulge that he is a construct that was created to mend the fabric of reality. There is also the first hint of Metatron's reincarnation ability during this dialogue. The chapter ends with quint and a small band of other characters heading off into space to collect a Bounty Surgeon.
No. 62833 ID: 34cbef
File 135158931699.png - (15.80KB , 601x320 , 198.png )

The second chapter, which in the naming is officially the first chapter. In this chapter the hunt for the bounty surgeon is on, the driving force is the drama had during the flight to the planet where the doctor's location is. In this chapter we learn more about the characters of Rerk, Plipper, Abel and the main protagonist himself. Once the group reaches the planet of Yokoko, Abel and Quint set out to search the planet. Their first encounter is an old crone who guards a magical genie totem. Due to some shenanigans abel ends up with the totem as a familiar for a brief moment before disappearing from the story. Their second encounter is with a city of ninjas where they tag along with a small cell of 3 ninjas that help them infiltrate a militarized compound where the doctor is suspected to be held in. During this fiasco ther is a run in with the Cult of the Devourer in which there is a brief conflict between the cult and abel. The chapter ends off with the evil preiestess temporarilly defeated and the happy group returning with a now saved young frogboy back to their home base of Urtz space station. In this they find that one of the cast is a Devourer Devout.
This chapter is the first instance of the Cult in which it is mentioned in brief dialogue that explains the cult to be "orgy loving ghouls and cannibals."
No. 62834 ID: 34cbef
File 135159034030.png - (19.70KB , 601x318 , 245.png )

The official second chapter, which is the third one, Is the chapter in which we get introduced to the new form of the main protag. After Whimsical saves plipper time moves forward, In which Quint and the posse have been bounty hunters for Regina for about 6 years. In the beginning of this chapter Quint our main protagonist dies, and from his burnt ashes his new smaller form emerges. Fast forward another 16 years and we are introduced to the new face of metatron, which is a cute bunbun the suggestors name Deave. He is the adopted son of Rerk and Abel who have settled down after Quints death not being able to be successful bounty hunters anymore and had raised Deave from "birth." We begin again trying to become a bounty hunter, but this time the cast is older and new faces emerge. We learn there is drama between Plipper and a supposed love interest who is a cultist. We also get introduced to the supernatural aspect as the genie makes his second appearance as the voice of consultation as a totem in his mother's zen garden. In this chapter we learn some more about the supernatural as we experience nightmares from angry ghosts.

This time more is revealed about Metatron's reincarnation ability illustrated as dialogue between Deave and Genie during the advice given about the first nightmare. Genie also gives our protagonist a quick 101 about the supernatural and ghost influence.

This chapter was mainly devoted to the current forms special abilities, which involved ghost influence and what they can and cannot do. We also said goodbye to one character of the first cast with a brief visit.
No. 62836 ID: 34cbef
File 135159080153.png - (31.85KB , 564x558 , scarecrowfaceharold.png )

The Story of Harold.
This story was a side story introduced in the previous thread illustrating the origin of the Cult of the Devourer. This also detailed how Harold, who is the Innevitable of Lies, came into his own. In this story we see the gradual mental unhinging and slow possession of his mind and body by the spirits of the factory and the soul of a pigman. The story briefly details the creation of the church and the indepth look into Harold our first actual enemy.
No. 62860 ID: f2c20c

What about the conversation between the four Inevitables?
No. 62862 ID: 34cbef

I'm building a small summary of what is learned about the first generation inevitables. It'll be uploaded when I'm finished.
No. 62911 ID: 34cbef
File 135174955495.png - (8.17KB , 422x314 , mannequin.png )

This is a quick summary of the first generation of Inevitables based on what is currently introduced of them. There are four of them, each one given a name based on the supernatural law they must avenge. An Inevitable has been stated to be " A construct tasked with correcting the fabric of reality." They are Death, Lies, Machine, and Nature. By the brief look into the Harold story it is shown that each one may have special powers. Also from what is currently introduced each Inevitable seems to have a handicap given to them by some unnatural means which is temporarilly lifted when the four are together. Each One is tasked to encorce a supernatural law. And they say that they will cease to exist when they complete their task.

The last thing to take note of is that they are still alive and are being hunted by Metatron, which is seemingly another Inevitable.
No. 62914 ID: 1e7d43
File 135175242753.jpg - (41.99KB , 342x400 , Huge Harold.jpg )

Saw this in an elementary school yesterday. My head is still reeling.

No. 62916 ID: 34cbef

heh, the children don't know they have history right there.
No. 62919 ID: f2c20c

It kinda looks like you're redoing everything to be as vague as possible so you can do whatever you want without people poking holes in your plot.
No. 62934 ID: 12c19f

Flexibility is what makes for a competent interactive story, like in D&D.

Load-bearing characters or plot elements just seek to shatter everything.
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