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File 125843102971.png - (23.26KB , 640x480 , 1.png )
6254 No. 6254 ID: fb5d8e

Expand all images
No. 6255 ID: 5d5878

So, yeah. Totally called it.
No. 6256 ID: 1443c0

because it was obvious
No. 6257 ID: dda9dd

So... what's to stop us from using the information we gain in these hero's minds to deliberately undermine them by reporting back to Muschio?

Hell, with proper timing we could lead them into an ambush.. perhaps Muschio's true power and influence is coming to the fore.

But Muschio should watch out... if he should loose favor with the orb we can easily have him deposed via such underhanded methods. His own greatest enemy so to speak.
No. 6258 ID: 7eda8b

I'm liking this, except for how he tends to pick long, awkward dialogue suggestions. The main character is neat looking.

So, will this be continued in Knight Blades 2, or will these guys be the next baddies in Dive Quest?
No. 6259 ID: 1db014

>So... what's to stop us from using the information we gain in these hero's minds to deliberately undermine them by reporting back to Muschio?
I don't know about Ridder but personally I'm gonna just have Muschio outright ignore any metagaming.

>I'm liking this, except for how he tends to pick long, awkward dialogue suggestions.
I dunno I think all his dialog was quite fitting except that one time he went on and on, but even that seemed appropriately in-character. What did you want him to say?
No. 6261 ID: 7eda8b

>except that one time he went on and on
Yeah, that's kinda what was on my mind. That and how blunt he was about Arabella's evil fetus.
No. 6262 ID: 731dcd

This sounds like this is going to lead in to some wacky Weaver/Reaver double team quest. And that sounds like it has a great deal of potential to be A-FUCKING-MAZING.
No. 6263 ID: 5d5878

That was the one part that just kinda bugged me. He was so polite before that. I'm hoping either he joins up with Muschio, since Boss is kind of a noble evil, or it goes all Dorf Quest and he leads an army against him for the glory of his father. Either way, awesome will ensue.

Let me feel important, damn you!
No. 6264 ID: dda9dd

I can understand that... we can hardly justify such meta through the Voices of the Orb as obviously the Orb has not been in contact with Ridder or Tim as of yet.
No. 6295 ID: 7d87d9

Why are we using an OCDNS renamon again?
No. 6296 ID: 7d87d9

Or a complete and utter pile of steaming shit because of forced bromance or something
No. 6298 ID: e0499d

If this and Divequest are paralellish...
Where does that place Ridder and Muschio?
Cause Ridder is at a burning village...
And Muschio... he's back worrying about Nymph's Jinx.
No. 6299 ID: 5d5878

I think this is some point in the near future compared to Dive as it is now. Weaver would need to finish up this current chapter, do a bit of a timeskip to where Boss's plans start to unfurl (and he hires an ogre) more to catch up or something.
No. 6300 ID: 7eda8b

What's OCDNS?
No. 6301 ID: 9891a9

Original Character Do Not Steal.
No. 6302 ID: 7eda8b

Speaking from experience, it's very difficult to make species that don't look like SOMEthing.
No. 6310 ID: 632862

He doesn't even look like Renamon. Besides, Renamon is a generic golden fox/ninetails thing. The only things that make her unique are markings, clothes, and fur patterns.
No. 6311 ID: ff20dc

Honestly, all that's required is for Ash to return with an Ogre, and Muschio to go to town for whatever reason.
No. 6316 ID: 5d5878

He reminds me more of like, those rat-dudes from FFIX. Burmecians or something. He even uses a spear.
No. 6317 ID: 7eda8b

That was my first thought, but the tail and legs are wrong.
No. 6320 ID: 1db014

You mad.
No. 6324 ID: ff20dc

Me too. He's either Burmecian or Faestir, I'd think.
No. 6347 ID: 2cbe3e

Glad to see you're using thicker lines. With some of those early pics it's hard to make out the image clearly.
No. 6364 ID: 94459b

You made a halfling thief that's not annoying. I didn't think it possible (and Montaron doesn't count, he was half fighter).
No. 6373 ID: dda9dd
File 125858644358.jpg - (72.97KB , 589x800 , Freya.jpg )

Knee joint is different I think, and the tail is too short and thickly furred.
No. 6374 ID: 5d5878

Hmm, you're right. Some kinda... Iunno, kangaroo thing?
No. 6375 ID: 2dd482

plus he isn't queen shittingly British and wearing a hat. Or raincoat.
No. 6385 ID: 426169
File 125859585076.gif - (41.13KB , 500x500 , sticks.gif )

Someone on IRC complained about the lack of Sticks fanart. I'm here to remedy that.
No. 6387 ID: e0499d

This lil' girl, she played six, she played knick knack on my dick
No. 6453 ID: e0499d

On a more related note...
There hasn't been a single drop of blood shed yet!
No. 6454 ID: dda9dd

This may have to do with actually being the good guys.
No. 6455 ID: e0499d

good guys tend to shed blood too!
No. 6456 ID: 9891a9

Yeah, their own.
No. 6457 ID: 5d5878

Emo isn't good!
No. 6459 ID: 1ce8fb

But not when they can help it. As the protagonists are aided by wonderful voices, they are unlikely to be unable to help it.
No. 6477 ID: e0499d

exactly. With us in their brain, that which is cruel is for the forces of good!
No. 6478 ID: dda9dd

Conversely while in Muschio's head that which is kind or merciful is for the forces of evil.
No. 6479 ID: 5d5878

Like I said, Ridder's more foil than a thin sheet of aluminum.
No. 6500 ID: e0499d

That's oddly true. Muschio is relatively nice for the devil. Even as he does good things to achieve 'bad goals' he seems to be making more order that cahos recently

Ridder, on the other hand, is creating a bunch of schisms all around by accident. And pissing people off.
No. 6502 ID: dda9dd

This could change all with Muschio's most recent declaration of intent...

You know? I wonder if Finesse is really okay with Muschio being truly wicked as opposed to being somewhat melodramatic?

We've seen parts of her past and while she 'claims' she is 'has no personal stake in the matter" I think there could be a problem (as despite the saying.. it isn't generally the evil that girls what in the 'bad boys'...)

She admire his drive... and likely still associates him with the noble acts of his family so long ago. If he discards his nobility... what then?
No. 6503 ID: 1e1932


No. 6507 ID: dda9dd

That could happen too... I am just consider what/who it was/is that ultimately prevents Muschio from ruling most of world as "The Supreme Master of Wickedness... and Peculiar Halfbreed Progeny" (a duel title 'we' already know ultimately falls into bolder hands than his, within less than century.)

Ultimately he is going to fail or be turned aside from his quest. I am merely attempting to guess as to what will be his ruin; the blade, the pen, time, his own madness?... or perhaps even that most terrible of all powers, love?

Would it be safe to say that while he is no stranger to the rites and fires of passion, he has not yet been broken upon the unyielding stone of love?
No. 6508 ID: 569e00

>falls into bolder hands
i c wat u did there
No. 6510 ID: e0499d

Erm... he seems to be shrugging off his sexual and mental desires often... even the ones we give him.

but this begs the question

Muschio is of the bloodline. When Ridder sees his enemy, the choice will have to be made.

This will make Ridder either one of the evil, or a revolutionary. So Ridder's final phycological state depends on the situation of his first encounter.

Realistically, his downfall will be on his own choosing. All people fall eventually.
No. 6511 ID: 1e1932


Don't be so cynical.
No. 6512 ID: e0499d

scuse me princess -_-

Btw: We messed up somewhere. Ridder now has no following, and no use. Back to being a hobo.
No. 6516 ID: 438aa0

He's an errant knight. Stop trying to turn everybody into an overlord of some kind.
No. 6531 ID: d6a592

It's always nice to read a quest by someone who knows how to write.
No. 6579 ID: e0499d

So.... Are we gonna wave under Muschio's banner, or become good guys?
No. 6580 ID: af3e6d

We shall see.
No. 6584 ID: 632862

We screwed up by treating Tim and Sticks as minions instead of party members. We should've decided to take them everywhere with us at least until we had a militia of some kind. Then Tim could train them while we go out with Sticks to do whatever. It's not like there was anything to protect in our 'base' that we couldn't have brought with us everywhere.

Ridder was definitely getting ahead of himself by even making plans to convert the church into a base. It really should've been a hideout at most.

We were nudged in that direction by the quest's author, of course. It's rather clever what he did; Ridder's desire to fortify the base put us in the mindset of a dungeon master, which pissed all the other NPCs off. Tim and Sticks got bored just standing around the base doing nothing, and the rebel lady got angry because a Malto planted his banner at the church.

Well, at least Ridder has a mount now! He did say he was trained for mounted combat.
No. 6679 ID: dda9dd
File 125939090413.jpg - (142.65KB , 378x378 , 1249282107298.jpg )

Μοῖραι – "the apportioners"

A Lot of Moss keeps winning
And voices guide the sinning
A darkness just beginning
The Reaver adds the trimming
To what the Weaver is a spinning
Him in Black still a glimming
At walls about them thinning
Hear now the dreadful dinning
Scent the molten tinning
Feel now the thorny pinning
Red Wheel of Fate now Spinning
No. 6680 ID: f98e0b

Is it wrong that I read that in Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka voice from the trippy boat ride scene?
No. 6686 ID: cf407a

I would just like to add, the main character looks like a fucking lucario.
No. 6687 ID: af3e6d

All we need to do is train Ridder until he gets Aura Sphere, then we'll be invincible.
No. 6690 ID: 1db014

This is like the third or fourth different thing I've heard someone state the main character looks undeniably like.
I don't think it looks like Lucario, Renamon, or Freya, to be honest.

I think Ridder looks like a Ripper from Monster Rancher 4.
No. 6691 ID: dda9dd

Not at all... now that you mention it, the progression between cheery singsong and apparent mania fits the tone quite nicely.
No. 6728 ID: 79b436

Am I getting this right.
You say Nedynvor are, unlike your "creation", a mashup of random furry shit?
No. 6729 ID: fb5d8e

Wait, is my equation wrong
Let me try again
No. 6730 ID: fb5d8e
File 125950641723.png - (103.11KB , 1258x700 , origin.png )

Is this better
No. 6731 ID: 44cc6c
File 125950695090.png - (249.16KB , 1258x700 , Fixed.png )

You're not very good at this.
No. 6732 ID: fb5d8e
File 125950711963.png - (48.36KB , 700x700 , baggyclothes.png )

Possible new outfit.
No. 6733 ID: b2d752

I dare you to explain in which way Nedynvors inspired your stuff.
No. 6734 ID: fb5d8e

Oh you boys are insatiable. <3
No. 6735 ID: 8ce2bf
File 125950782763.jpg - (541.06KB , 1169x1800 , KingKazuma_by_burstchicken.jpg )

you guys are all wrong he looks like KING KAZUMA
No. 6736 ID: fb5d8e

Oh fuck, you're right. Everyone loses.
No. 6737 ID: af3e6d

I find this hilarious, and I'm not sure why. I blame math.
No. 6738 ID: 1db014

>I find this hilarious, and I'm not sure why
That's simple: You are, in fact, the guy who writes XKCD.
No. 6739 ID: af3e6d

My god. I've been doing it all this time without realizing! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
No. 6751 ID: 95ab41

lol, I like it. This outfit should show up in the quest, even if it's just a brief thing. I think it'd be hilarious
No. 6754 ID: fb5d8e
File 125954412886.png - (127.61KB , 700x700 , traditionalgarb.png )

No. 6757 ID: af3e6d

Makes me think they'd be at home on the steppes.
No. 6759 ID: 718d88


steppes = plains

Ridder said his people are plains hunters.
No. 6762 ID: dda9dd

Mongols... some of the most fearful conquerors have hailed from those bleak, empty spaces between settled civilization.
No. 6763 ID: af3e6d

Yeah, I was thinking Mongols but forgot what the hell a steppe actually was.
No. 6774 ID: 51d0f5

I think they look neat.
No. 6986 ID: af3e6d

That is indeed quite awesome.
No. 6987 ID: 2dd482

Reaver do you have a gallery somewhere?
No. 6989 ID: ba876e

That armour looks out of perspective, man. It looks flat where it should be curved.
No. 6990 ID: 552969

Reminds me of the art from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Not overtly so. Only real oddity I see is the way the chest plates overlap upward, which isn't something I've seen on real armor, but it makes some sense on a cavalier, as it allows for greater torsion. Doesn't really seem consistent with the use of a spear, but whatever.
No. 6992 ID: af3e6d

Now that you mention it, between the mount and that picture, he'd be right at home in Ivalice.
No. 6993 ID: ba876e

Try to guide the lines that go through the center of the breastplace and compare them with the lines that define the edges of the armour. You will notice that the way the armor is drawn is totally off, making Ridder look like he's about to fall back rather than stand. Pauldrons look very off as well, again - their perspective makes it look like Ridder is leaning towards the audience and it's about to fall in that direction.
No. 6997 ID: 552969

I see what you're saying, about perspective, except your key point is wrong because he doesn't look like he's falling at all. He looks quite balanced, and if you pay attention to the shapes and positions of things, you'll notice that everything actually works out quite nicely.
No. 6998 ID: fb5d8e

oh my god you guys nevermind
i thought i'd make a nice picture but nooooo
No. 7003 ID: 43d730

God, man, what's wrong with you?
/tg/chan demands nothing less than ARTISTIC PERFECTION.

And tits.
No. 7004 ID: e0499d

I suddenly got a theory on the 'evil' in Orc gal.

From the Dive Quest perspecive:
Post sex, we got to see Arabella(right?) talking with the commander. So she has to have had a orb peice.

Knight Blades:
We see evil on stomach area, but the orc said she knew what she was doing. If true, than it's orb
No. 7005 ID: d05bf5


no Orb of Infinite Psyche, you are the demons
No. 7006 ID: 51d0f5

Where dat pic go
No. 7007 ID: dda9dd

This could make some sense... but where would she have picked up a shard?
No. 7024 ID: 552969

From the shard injector thing, perhaps?
No. 7025 ID: 718d88


Muschio had one in his urethra for such an occasion?
No. 7035 ID: af3e6d

Hey, where'd the picture go? I quite liked it.
No. 7043 ID: 2dd482
File 125982498437.jpg - (109.82KB , 700x700 , 12597910602.jpg )

oh hay
No. 7044 ID: 718d88


love it.
No. 7078 ID: 81c465

So does this mean that Sticks is now a Cat Burglar?
No. 7079 ID: fc93c8
File 125990551797.jpg - (10.70KB , 264x282 , Heh.jpg )

No. 7080 ID: f44349
File 125990570562.gif - (1.96KB , 128x94 , 11 - Ultros.gif )

No. 7083 ID: 8b7db1

Very, very, VERY nice. Yeah, I could see how some might complain about perspective, but it seems to do well for me. His breastplate probably doesn't need to be bent out as far as humans does.
No. 7128 ID: 632862

Hey, two things:

One, Orange Fang isn't with the main group of mercenaries, like Black Fang. Maybe we can find and recruit him too?

Two, I noticed that Ridder isn't getting any extra input from his ring. All they're doing is letting us transmit to Black Fang. If we weren't involved, would the rings do anything at all?
No. 7146 ID: 04bd7e
File 126005911896.jpg - (54.25KB , 616x553 , Tioz armor.jpg )

i KNEW i saw that armor elsewheres..
No. 7353 ID: 5a3497

...Date Rape? Seriously?

No. 7355 ID: 9891a9

Muschio is an evil, evil man with evil, evil plans.
No. 7357 ID: e024d0

Evil evil plans yes...

but as I remember a certain Reginald Jeeves once said,

"Any undertaking that requires four people to be in the same place at the same time, while two of them are unaware of the fact, is fraught with the possibility of mishap Sir"
No. 7563 ID: e024d0
File 126069689548.jpg - (38.55KB , 497x395 , Triangle Theory_of_Love.jpg )

Anyhow, it seems even our usual task of creating love has become somewhat harder than it usually is. Ridder's and Sticks' encounter has left him rather worse for wear (a lot of that previous fire in his eyes is faded and worn.) As for Sticks, while she seems to have come out better from it, she isn't exactly into the whole 'romance' thing beyond it's purest physicality.

It occurs to me only now but have the Voices/Orb ever really had to work to make a relationship work once such physical contact has been established? I can think of only one previous example, Mudy (and boy was making that work hellacious.)

It seems that while we are prememenant matchmakers, we don't actually have much experience in the whole relationship working thing beyond: make friendly, spend time together, screw like rabbits...

I am mentioning this because we will presumable have some time before Sticks and Ridder meet face to face again and we have somewhat established where they stand on the mater. Sticks in noncommittal though infatuated, while Ridder feels committed, yet would have preferred someone rather more... 'idealistic? honorable perhaps?"

It would be in our favor to discuss future planning and what exactly we intend to do (if anything) before we do it.

Our primary difficulty is this fact, contrary to popular theory, opposites do not actually attract. People tend to those people who vindicate their own viewpoints and lifestyles instead of ones who rock it.

As for making a relationship work beyond attraction, well, this is picture is kinda what we're looking at. Neither of them are technically 'in love', they just have perhaps one or two of the components necessary.
No. 7566 ID: 7139d7

Thanks! I've kind been debating posting something like this. We really should decide who we want to get togeather in this thing, if anyone.

Romance wise, I don't like Sticks. She seems too jaded. I suggest we need to find her somebody she likes and somebody she can be open with. She's quite the yoai fangirl, so maybe a guy who likes lesbians? I don't know, blue skying here. Anyway, Sticks so much a tease and plays a much better role as a tease then an actual romantic partner that I'd rather just leave her as a free agent for now. I haven't seen anyone she's compatiable with, and having her trying to get all the boys in bed with each other is funny as hell.

Personally, I actually do favor Ridder and Muschio for tragic and humor (Mostly because Muschio is the world's most evil spazz, and Ridder has a white knight complex you can see coming for miles away that will eventually turn evil, if only because we're the voices in his head), although I want the boss to get with Finnie so bad. Ridder and Black Fang would work, I think. Needing to fight the Rainbow Fangs with Black Fang helping us will be intresting.
No. 7570 ID: e024d0

See the thing here is is that honestly Sticks is about as good a choice for Ridder, as Muschio is for Finesse (actually that's a lie, Stick's should not be compared down to a bastard like Muschio despite her flighty nature). Finnie deserves rather better and may only like the guy because she's build up this insulated fantasy around him because of his family's past nobility. She can't afford not to like him because otherwise all of her time, all of her life's work to get noticed, to be successful... was meaningless. She never may have really expected, but when Fate/We dropped a curveball in her lap like she could have never caught on her own she has clung to it an will not let go to save her life. I only want to see Muschio get a good end, not for his sake, but for her's alone. If he... if he fucks up the 'only' GOOD thing he has going for him, my pent up wrath and spite will drop on him like a load of lead bricks!

Thus if we admit the validity of Finnie and Muschio we are almost forced to stay open to the validity of the the rather less precarious Sticks and Ridder.

See part of the problem is that both Sticks and Ridder believe in the love at first sight "I will know I want to be with this person forevern'evers, ect, ect."

That isn't how love works, it would be a lot easier if it was, but it isn't. Consider the fact that countries with arranged marriages often have higher satisfaction down the road than ones where your expected to start out in Romantic or Fatuous Love and simply stay there happily.

One of the key components 'both' of them are missing here is Intimacy. Intimacy is built only through one way... being together, you love those you are around, those you do things for (not necessarily those who do things for you note), people you know and understand. At this moment I doubt Ridder or Sticks could name each-other's favorite food, or how they like their coffee in the morning, much less their life goals or values are (if they even know themselves.)
No. 7571 ID: 5d5878

I think you people are taking this just a wee bit too seriously...
No. 7579 ID: 1831fc


Where are Penn and Teller with the hacksaw to disband this?
No. 7580 ID: 35cea2


They're probably just being ironic and shit.

It's kinda hard to tell with these people.
No. 7581 ID: e024d0

Actually I just took a social psychology final so it all just wandering around in my brain waiting for the opportunity to jump out.

Besides, crazed discussion and mass random guessing is what these kind of threads are for.
No. 7582 ID: 5d5878

Okay, I'll accept that reasoning.
No. 7584 ID: 445c48

Well, Gunpowder was a bad idea.

We should have just gotten her to put a bucket of her brew on top of some blocks of ice for a boom, before trying to get anything fancy. Now we're not going to be a fancy ring! We'll probably just be a magic blob of metal.
No. 7585 ID: e024d0

Yeah, she seems to be the... Anti-Finesse in more than one way. Not very accommodating is she? Granted we did try to flood her skull with alien knowledge, but still.

Besides, where were we going to get and store blocks of ice?
No. 7586 ID: 964033

These are the same voices as the ones from Dive, right?

Ergo, the voices speak to both Ridder and Muschio, and know everything from both Quests.

What's stopping the voices from divulging information to either one about the other?
No. 7587 ID: e024d0

The voices are time-severed? There all all kinds or reasons, but the actual reason is that Reaver and Weaver want to keep this stuff in-character.

Ridder doesn't have an Orb... he just hears the Voices (not that Finnie wasn't doing this while she was young but still.)
No. 7588 ID: 409116

No, they are not the same voices. Muschio's come from the part of himself he placed inside the orb, and Ridder's... well, we don't really know where Ridder's come from. The ring just allows the voices to talk to people other than Ridder.

But the point is that they're not supposed to be the same voices.
No. 7591 ID: e0499d

for all we know... Ridder could have accidentally managed to get a shard in him by accident in that random town...

We technically can seep info from either side...

But the consquences would probably be brutal
No. 7592 ID: e024d0

As our contact with young Finnie shows, the Shards nor the Orb are not necessary to speak with us (she called us Mojo then, and mentioned we sound just like the Lord Volto.)

However, It would be quite unsporting of us as the Echos of Fate to share such data and thus we shall not (and Weaver won't take it even if you 'do' post it.)
No. 7593 ID: 5d5878

Pretty sure any incriminating info we feed in either quest will just be ignored anyway.
No. 7606 ID: db9957

I'm not entirely convinced with this idea that Muschio would leave an overpowering aura of horrific evil everywhere he goes. He's really bad at this whole evil thing. My guess: It's either the orb or a "real" evil wandering around, somehow connected with the knight blades or whoever hired the fangs to kill them. Probably the orb, given Muschio's vague statements about the circumstances under which he acquired it.
No. 7607 ID: 5d5878

Plus the fact that, as a whole, we're totally evil.
No. 7614 ID: f158e4

Indeed. Have you considered the possibility that we are legion? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_(demon)
No. 7615 ID: f158e4

Oh goddammit I fail at linking
No. 7617 ID: e0499d

yes you do...
but I see the point...
we are gluttonous and lustful as a whole...
Don't know about demonstration of other sins.

I bet we have virtues though... of some sort.
No. 7618 ID: 9d07d9

But what about Arabella? The "evil" inside of her is surely the work of Muschio. The orb certainly didn't, ah, leave anything inside her, and I doubt it could have come from anyone other than Muschio. Perhaps Muschio is more evil than any of us realize.
No. 7620 ID: 370708


Wait! Maybe Muschio's testicles are the source of the evil!

... It was like that in "My Balls"...
No. 7621 ID: 43d730

No, the evil was external, it was just in his testicles.

I think his earnest attempts at evil store up Chaos Karma or something- nothing evil came of his intentions for a long while, then the mess with the city.
No. 7707 ID: 7ea1ff

Perhaps we are one of Muschio's testicles.

We're definitely proud. We haven't had a whole lot of need for envy, but we tend to take anything we want, so that's at least greed, and arguably envy as well. We're not really given to wrath, though we do indulge in it in extreme instances. We never do anything ourselves, and most of us probably wouldn't even if we could, so that's sloth.

A couple are stretching, but we're definitely sinful. If we tried to do the same thing with the cardinal virtues, we'd have a much harder time.
No. 7710 ID: e024d0

Orb of Infinite Psyche

Psyche was a mortal woman so beautiful that Eros (the son of Venus) was enthralled with her and took her away to marry (after being told by his mother to kill her.) She was made to promise that she would never attempt to see his face.

After being convinced by her sisters that her husband must be some kind of monster she disobeyed his wishes and took a lamp to see him, she fell hopelessly in love with him but he awoke and flew away.

She in revenge tricked her sisters into jumping off a cliff, and proceeded to go on a series of quests to win back her love (directed by Venus) culminating in a descent to the Underworld to beg for some beauty from Persephone as gift for Venus.

She failed this final task, but Eros returned to her and lifted her our of the Underworld and is taken to Olympus to drink Ambrosia and become one of the gods. They have a daughter named Voluptus (pleasure.)

Their story is one of the few of faithful love in the entire Greek Pantheon, despite being considered on the folk tale level of canon.

Perhaps this story bears no relevance, but I find it significant that Muschio may be incapable of love and many of the better emotions. Remember that a great many terrible and mad things are done for love.
No. 7782 ID: 455d6f

Sooooooooooooooooo.... Petal.

Ridder's one and only dearheart or should we wait for something more furry to ship?
No. 7783 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder x Muschio OTP
No. 7784 ID: 9891a9

Pretty much this
No. 7785 ID: e024d0

She certainly seems a more compatible choice at this point. She is rather snippy (understandable being an elf.) She seems far more honorable, less flighty ect, ect.

However, I can't really help but feel sorry for Sticks.
No. 7786 ID: 455d6f

Yeah, this is canon. IT IS.

I only meant, you know, for us shippers... And for now, at least Petal and Ridder are at the same eye level.
No. 7787 ID: 7139d7

Very true. Well, that or Black Fang.
No. 7788 ID: e024d0

Short girls are fine too.
No. 7791 ID: 5d5878

Ridder x Everyone OTP

We're getting him a harem end whether he likes it or not.
No. 7792 ID: 456d73

The bisexual harem to end all bisexual harems!
No. 7826 ID: 9891a9

Don't you have to beat the game once for every characters' romance subplots first to unlock the harem ending?
No. 7906 ID: 445c48

Nah, that's just the easy way.
No. 7931 ID: 8ce2bf
File 126136131747.gif - (327.33KB , 300x169 , vgoguf.gif )

No. 7940 ID: e75a2f

Fuckin Sgt. Dokes
No. 8075 ID: 3e4884

Bawww, how dare you guys make Grey Fang innocent a likable!
No. 8077 ID: 632862

There's time for killing later, when it doesn't involve getting thrown out of town.
No. 8611 ID: 7f79a7

Pardon my ignorance on the current situation, but...
Knight Blades and Dive Quest both grinded to a halt at the hot springs scene and have not updated for about two weeks now... Did the holidays get too busy for them, or is something else up?
No. 8613 ID: 1e1932


They're on vacation.
No. 8618 ID: d26840


I'm guessing they told us in IRC? If you know dates it might be an idea to post them so people don't fill up the thread with WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK or something.
No. 8619 ID: 8ce2bf

They were never really gone from tgchan while on vacation, just from Knight Blades and Dive Quest. Weaver did more Atophane's Tales and Reaver did Gift Quest. They are both back from vacations now I believe, though.
No. 8697 ID: c16184
File 126290702153.png - (121.38KB , 600x900 , ridder-and-parents.png )

>"Son, age will not make you a man. You decide when you take those responsibilities."
>"What your father is trying to say is that we will still be here for you after your coming of age ceremony."
>"Yes. I just did not want it to sound like we think you are weak."
>"Now why don't you turn that frown into a smile, Ridder?"
No. 8700 ID: 12534c


Does their whole species have that expression?

Man, can you imagine going to one of their settlements and trying do some street performance or something? All those eyes. Staring. JUST LIKE THAT.
No. 8701 ID: 059c31

Only crowd harder would be a mixed Talyxian settlement. Of course there they can probably outdo any street performance you care to preform short of actual magic.
No. 8704 ID: 8e8f94

What would a Leferran - Talyxian hybrid be like...?
No. 8706 ID: 5d5878

A furry.
No. 8735 ID: 8accb8

It would stare the stare that would rend your soul asunder.
No. 8737 ID: 632862

Hey. We should ask Black Fang if he saw the hooks when he went in to 'clean up' the base after we first claimed it... and if he did, how he got them to go away.
No. 8771 ID: c16184
File 126304508820.png - (84.31KB , 600x850 , the-heroes.png )

As requested
No. 9049 ID: 11d68d

Okay, I gotta know, was Tchergat destined to die or was there a way for us to save him?
No. 9051 ID: cf41a7

I think we may have been able to if we had suggested that they be on their guard and that the dead creature was a trap.
No. 9056 ID: 11d68d


No, I think it'd be hard to be on your guard while you're trying to stop someone from bleeding to death, I think we should have fallen back and at least wait till Tchergat was more stable.
No. 9059 ID: 82e991

I believe he means to say that Tchergat could possibly have been saved if Ridder had been on his guard before they were attacked.
No. 9060 ID: 82e991

Sorry. I mean to say, "if you had suggested that he be on his guard."
No. 9062 ID: 632862

We could've saved him if we had gotten Ridder to stay behind with Iesgip, probably. He would've been badly wounded anyway, and Grey/Yellow would've put up more of a fight at their base though.

We screwed up twice. Once when failing to notice that a dead creature next to a campfire means there's people nearby, and another when we left the wounded behind to go chase after a fleeing enemy.
No. 9071 ID: 3416ec


It seems to me that Tchergat took damage pretty swiftly. Even if we were on high alert at the time, could we have reacted fast enough to stop the blow?
No. 9102 ID: 632862

You have a point there. Maybe we only really had one chance to save him, then. Or maybe we would've just been there to see him die.
No. 9106 ID: 9e9b47

I think as soon as he mentioned the fact that he had a wife and kid waiting for him back at home he was dead.
No. 9112 ID: 5d5878

The only way he would've been dead sooner would be if he was two days from retirement.
No. 9113 ID: cf41a7

and was the only one with a helmet.
No. 9135 ID: 917cac

In before these three turn out to not be the real advisers.

Not saying to refuse, having been tricked by three of her subjects can gain sympathy from the Matriarch. Which can be used to your advantage to convince her to join your cause.
No. 9173 ID: cf41a7

You know... if I had made a bet as to which one would violate their relationship first... I would be out of some cash right now.

Not that Sticks is likely to be particularly hurt over it (although one should note that she tends to put guys with other guys, not other girls, specifics can be very important in relationships.) I just know that this isn't isn't how Ridder would prefer to handle his diplomacy (being willing to do something doesn't mean that one "wants" too).

What saddens me is that I am not really seeing a "good" end for Ridder at this time. Even if he militarily wins against the "Boss" he will be made a dead man walking by the knowledge of what he has done and what he sacrificed to do it... nothing left but a dried up husk of empty pretensions and tactical training.

Also... on a lighter note I find it hilariously ironic that Ridder is apparently everything Dompag wishes he was as a mere addition to his character and talents (and considering the song that Weaver said inspired Dompag, I reserve doubts about his actual... "conquests.") Hell, its even something Ridder's struggled to avoid but he does it effortlessly, while Dompag has made it the sum of his nature.
No. 9174 ID: ba41e5

Huh, that actually sounds like that would be a neat ending.
No. 9175 ID: cf41a7

It would just be him, staring out into nothing...

Perhaps his children would be see him sitting on the porch some days... just staring out into the horizon with those eyes of his, trying to focus on anything but where and who he is.

They won't notice that he's more distant.. colder these days... they never knew him otherwise. Maybe their mother will know, he's only going through the motions these days, living on autopilot... whoever he was, just turned out the lights years ago and never came home.
No. 9182 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we will find out that Ridder is in fact Calevara. Or atleast related to him in some way. Could be that Timotei becomes the lich.
No. 9184 ID: c593ec

I think it's incredibly dramatic and reactionary to call Ridder a dried-up husk who sacrificed everything just because he had a fling here and there.

I mean I see what you're going for but really that's pretty out there.
No. 9185 ID: 9d07d9

No. 9187 ID: 5a2e05

Well, that's something I could've lived without knowing.
No. 9188 ID: cf41a7

Not referring to a fling here and there.. more the fact that the man he is doing everything to defeat... is the same one who has inspired every hope action and dream he's had since.. well forever.

He could easily live with all the rest of his sacrifices, but to complete his mission he's going to have to destroy the thing he holds most dear to him.
No. 9189 ID: 8f529c

Well, if Muschio ends his Heel Semiface Turn, will Ridder even have a mission to finish?
No. 9191 ID: e3f578

Well there's SOMETHING actually evil in Muschio's base. We all know it ISN'T Muschio. And there's no such thing as an evil baby who can't even think so no that evil stuff in Arabella is not his evil seed... must be something else.

There's probably some horrible demon under Mushio's base and anyone that's been inside it for even a little bit gets infected with Evil that paladin's can sense.
No. 9192 ID: cd8727


Wait... what about the minion portal? It essentially leads to hell, and Muschio broke one. Maybe when it shattered, all its infernal magic spilled on him, so he registers as strongly evil, just as anyone who associates with him too much.
No. 9193 ID: c89b56

Maybe his weak mind has been corrupted by the portal's magic which makes him want to be evil. But now that he has been cleansed by the hot spring he now has second thoughts about turning evil.
No. 9194 ID: cf41a7

Maybe Tim's evil sense can tell intent as opposed to actual competence?
No. 9195 ID: ec4966

Technically the only superpower we've seen timotei demonstrate is convincing people of what he thinks via strange mental flashes.

We're talking about the same guy who chopped up some hedges thinking they were goblins.
No. 9308 ID: 574212
File 126385740840.jpg - (10.65KB , 257x287 , bugtree.jpg )

No. 9318 ID: 3416ec


I lol'd.
No. 9524 ID: 6475ec

>It's physically impossible for you to be smooth right? There has to be some reason you're incapable of learning how to speak with people.

Ridder has assburgers.
No. 9526 ID: 8ecfd4

Could be. But I have known people with assburgers who are smoother.

I think he may have been cursed by gypsies as well. Cursed with failure in nearly everything he attempts. Especially anything like a non professional relationship.
No. 9540 ID: 8ce2bf

Are you telling me that people with mental problems can be different and aren't all identical? WHOA.
No. 9542 ID: 8ecfd4

I know. Mindboggling isn't it!

But I think our dear Ridder may be suffering from a stressbased schizofrenia. He couldn't handle that the real world was different from his ideal world so his mind snapped.
No. 9547 ID: a38999


He could be schizoid, too.

But you know, I don't think Reaver has given it much think. Think of KB like an anime: sometimes it just doesn't makes much sense but it's so awesome.
No. 9548 ID: c16184

Just because it's awesome on a superficial level doesn't mean it's not awesome on a deeper level~
No. 9577 ID: e0499d

If this were anime like, there'd be a "IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!" moment every here and there...
The only one we have so far is that we're his schitzophrenia acting up...
No. 9578 ID: a56bd0

He created us to serve as his kind of council I suppose.

But to me it seems that we are also a blame shifting device, he likes to follow orders and part of that may be because he isn't as responsible for his actions when "just following orders."

Ridder has the worrying capacity to do almost anything (for a short while) because he can simply detach himself from his emotions and desires.

Even Muschio was incapable of proceeding with Arabella until they had formed some kind of bond (and exercised what I suspect to be his power and control fetish) but Ridder, no such barrier.

To work off the anime comparisons in a way I can see him as a kind of critique of the Buddhist warrior-hero ideals, detached, yet just, dispassionate yet caring.
No. 9594 ID: badf27
File 126430808177.png - (17.04KB , 192x176 , steex2.png )

No. 9607 ID: d62c60

No. 9608 ID: ec4966

Cannot un-imagine.
No. 9611 ID: c16184
File 126437913740.png - (169.33KB , 700x700 , whitefang.png )

Hey guys,
The current chapter is getting a lot of confusion, so I'll try to clear things up.
The last chapter there were a lot of suggestions asking to get in Grey's mind to understand her better. Therefor, this chapter is about uncovering Grey's troubled past, through her flashbacks and well-put questions.
There were a few very good questions, that led to more of her flashback being unlocked.
However, most suggestions seemed to be of a 'You are thinking wrong and should think like this' kind, which is a terrible way for a psychologist to work, so those were ignored.
The flashbacks have now come to an end and reveal that her obsession with fire began when her house was burned down. It is some sort of Stockholm syndrome with fire. In the last image she is holding her brother to keep him from being burned, hence he is 'cheating' and is not really the fire's friend like she considers herself to be.
Now that her past and problems have been revealed, you can work on having her face the issues and hopefully draw her out of the though-pattern she build to defend herself from pain at loss or fear.
So, good luck. Next time something like this happens I'll just break the suspension of make-believe to make an explanation post at the beginning.

Thanks to Weaver for helping me figure out how to deal with this, and apologies to those I got into fights with about this.
No. 9614 ID: c16184
File 126438055080.png - (108.83KB , 700x700 , steeeeexxx.png )

No. 9615 ID: a56bd0

Also, White Fang... a cool looking muthafucka... well till he died, but still.

Anyhow I think we may have the full list now:

Also, I didn't imagine Yellow could get much creepier... then in this chapter, he did. From the grave even.
No. 9618 ID: bb1955

Most of us aren't psychologists, so I really doubt we'll be able to, well, "fix" her.
No. 9631 ID: 67c611

We can beat her until she starts accepting our views as he own.
No. 9635 ID: ec4966

We could try yelling at her over and over again for a long time. We're good at that.
No. 9655 ID: f52552

"You don't really like the fire!
This isn't love, it's lust!"
No. 9656 ID: e3f578

Well, when she brings up the RAPE ME RAPE ME stuff we can just say Predators only have sex to procreate. That'll psyche her out. I like her older predator personality then her current fucked up personality anyway.
No. 9663 ID: 2819cf

Why don't we just set her on fire? Just a little.
No. 9804 ID: f35d0a
File 12647330657.gif - (214.11KB , 700x700 , actiontime.gif )

No. 9912 ID: 34470e

Muschio is going to be going to Ridder's base soon. There are a few things I'm looking forward to:
1. Muschio's reaction to him being told that there were more Fangs
2. Sticks's reaction to seeing Muschio again
3. Finesse and Grek meeting
4. Ridder telling Muschio he almost banged his mom
5. Muschio telling Ridder of Tislomer's accident
6. Ridder's reaction when Muschio asks him what he was doing at Coriander's tower
No. 9914 ID: c16184

You forgot Ridder dumping Grey on Muschio.
No. 9915 ID: 6c28cf

None of those will necessarily happen.
No. 9950 ID: 5b76f8
File 126489840265.jpg - (217.81KB , 1000x480 , terwat.jpg )

Ridder's mom's name is so very obvious that simply mentioning it is like Captain Obvious working at the Department of Redundancy Department, but is Black Fang's name intentional?

Pic delicious but potentially traumatic if considered from a certain perspective.
No. 9958 ID: c16184

Ridder, Ridarre and Ritari are 'knight' in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.
Terva is 'tar' in Finnish I think. I gave him that name because I have that exact bottle on the left right here on my desk.
No. 9961 ID: c16184
File 126490629565.png - (222.05KB , 600x800 , littlefeet.png )

No. 9970 ID: bd36a1
File 126491185961.jpg - (12.35KB , 300x225 , Sargent_Hatred_by_Makinita.jpg )

Like tiny... little... corn NIBLETS...
No. 9971 ID: badf27

i uh

oh fuck i think i need to change shorts
No. 10014 ID: 8ce2bf

reaver pls stop making me attracted to every part of ridder
No. 10017 ID: 8ce2bf
File 126495499439.png - (58.26KB , 925x923 , THIS.png )

No. 10020 ID: d6a592

Hey anybody, whats Ridder's age right now?
No. 10024 ID: a56bd0
File 126496871169.jpg - (42.15KB , 600x469 , 948875-ac2_teaser_detail_2_super.jpg )

so... bout them Knights Blades... yeah.. this could be a problem. Also... called it on Ridder's group not being them (although I suppose Ridder may count as an unwitting member)
No. 10025 ID: 8b7db1

...is anyone else getting a "League of Shadows" from Batman Begins vibe from the Knight Blades? The whole 'secret society seeking out to destroy whatever is on top, when they grow too powerful'? Which of course lead me to this thought...

No. 10029 ID: f21281

Well Tislomer is already Two-Face, so...

I'd say Buster is going to become Batman.
No. 10030 ID: 62489a
File 126497301866.png - (221.75KB , 700x700 , alas poor yorick.png )

"Alas poor Ridder... I knew him, Muschio, a fellow who lusted after the cunt of his birth."
No. 10041 ID: 831f1d

You know, if Ridder were a Pokemon, he'd have the Cute Charm ability.
No. 10045 ID: a56bd0

Okay... just for fun... From her reaction's to our people for some reason I think the girl's Ritari is impressed with so far are Petal and Iesgip, likely due to their wide variety of skills.

As for the other person she "reacted" to... well lets just make a note to keep an eye on Black Fang in the future. He's kinda... well it would be harder to command Black Fang's respect when he can just tell Ridder "I fucked your mum.. now get out boih."

Also, her reaction to Grek was quite amusing.
No. 10046 ID: 8ce2bf

Sticks is too fat and sassy for Ritari to approve of.
No. 10047 ID: 3416ec


Since the Templars are already taken, how about some guy start up some Freemason-like group?
No. 10048 ID: 92066d

Well... we just need to make it so that he can go 'So? So did I.' right back if that happens.
No. 10050 ID: fe0817

Only seven knight blades in the whole world? And mommie and daddy are two? So... find five more, and we are good.
No. 10052 ID: 831f1d

Just seven "Knights", and then an untold number of "Knight Blades". From what I gathered, the Knights make the decisions, and the Blades do the dirty work - Ridder's parents were Blades.
No. 10053 ID: 2dd482

still though, remove the knights and the blades will have no one to swing them.
No. 10070 ID: 1d2d60

Well, we can probably guess that someone destroys them within the next century or so. So we might be looking at the beginning of their end.
No. 10077 ID: c16184
File 126507793030.png - (190.67KB , 1100x700 , titchart.png )

No. 10078 ID: 3cccf3

Haha sticks is fat
No. 10084 ID: 900028

I knew she was getting chubby but damn.
No. 10085 ID: 34470e

No. 10086 ID: 3cccf3

sticks is absorbing grek's biomass.
No. 10087 ID: d0f79c

Sticks and Ritari's boobs both are, apparently.
No. 10094 ID: 1d2d60

It isn't fair... Iesgip has no right to be that ripped.. and look that cute.
No. 10096 ID: c16184
File 126513625836.png - (391.88KB , 700x700 , intermission-3.png )

Hey guys,
I'm sure you noticed that little intermission where Nakraska was DMing a tabletop RPG for Grek, Sticks and Iesgip. While I felt like it would be funny and cute, I really hadn't put any thought into it, so I had no idea how it'd turn out.
Sorry if you made suggestions or had high hopes.
Perhaps we'll try again another time?
No. 10097 ID: 44ad00
File 126513633126.png - (65.85KB , 200x200 , KBDnD.png )

The picture of them at the table is great too.
No. 10098 ID: c16184
File 12651363815.png - (413.32KB , 700x700 , intermission-2.png )

Here's the big one.
No. 10101 ID: 4dffdf


Hm! To be frank I expected Ritari to be slimmer, from what we've seen in the quest itself. I was under the impression that their species tended to be quite thin in general.
No. 10102 ID: c16184

Good point. I think I just suck a teensy little bit.
No. 10103 ID: d6a592

it's common knowledge that armor tends to have a slimming effect
No. 10104 ID: 0bef2b

I think its easier to believe that, to give her attractive boobs, Reaver simply enlarged her frame.
No. 10105 ID: 4dffdf


Perhaps, but I am under the impression that Reaver's quite capable of having given her attractive breasts without quite that body size.

But then, the picture as a whole seems a little odd to me because more detail has been given to the bodies than the heads, creating the slight impression of a mismatch. The extra shading and lines makes them look more "rough", whereas in the normal course of things a person's head, being more exposed to the elements, picks up small details and lines more quickly than their body. But considering the purpose of the picture, that's really to be expected.
No. 10106 ID: d6a592

well I think that that picture is fine and funny
No. 10108 ID: 934ef5

I dunno it makes some sense for an older female of a species to be better suited for the rearing of young. Leferran young and older males can stay typically thin.
No. 10109 ID: a56bd0

She's got childbearing hips and such... so yeah that probably makes some sense.
No. 10158 ID: 632862

I thought I'd point out that since kobolds in this universe are apparently human-sized, Mudy was not purebred kobold. He was half-halfling.

That also means Raital could've been pure kobold, or still half-human since they're basically the same size.
No. 10165 ID: fe0817

You might be onto something here. Of course, it is most likely plot hole.
No. 10167 ID: a56bd0

I thought it was implied that he was just a part of Raital that they took out... her heart or something.

They thought it was too dangerous to leave it in or something (what exactly that makes their relationship now is beyond my grammatical expertise or even desire to pin down.)

However it is worth notating the his/their father is likely Ruddy Mann (the vision at the hotsprings.)

The Rudy/Skulking relationship likely happened long before the semi-modern age Rudy Quest seems to take place in (note that he was being transported in a plane in a box among historical artifacts...)
No. 10169 ID: 1963d1

I think it's a different universe altogether. Who knows where the Cjopaze portal sent the kobold-soon-to-be-Skulking.

Also, that was an excellent tie-in.
No. 10295 ID: 632862

I'd like to note that Iesgip is 3 years old, yet is skilled in a WHOLE TON of stuff, as well as having muscles of a professional bodybuilder.

How on earth did she get so good at so many things so quickly? Perhaps she's smarter than we give her credit for.
No. 10297 ID: 1d2d60

She is... note that when we told her about Ridder wanting a woman for a family... but not a family right, now she immediately came to the conclusion that the entire contest was ineffective.

Also... drive and self-discipline can make up for even a sub-par intelligence and if there is anything Iesgip has it's those two attributes.
No. 10308 ID: c5628c

Sorry to change the subject but, What are the religions of this world.

So far there seems to be one that worships the Sun/Light. Any others?
No. 10312 ID: 1d2d60

The Cult of the Barbed Wheel... sure its a lost cult but the High Roller mentioned their sunken temple a tapestry from which he had acquired.
No. 10327 ID: c16184

The Sungod is the most accessible because a lot of people rely on sunlight. Crops need to grow, travelling during the day is less dangerous, and so forth.
Therefor the other religions tend to be more specialized. Perhaps you should ask one of the characters about their religion.
No. 10351 ID: da6d5f

So... tired of adventuring and decided to go into fetish mode?
No. 10352 ID: 327085


No. 10353 ID: c593ec

乀(◐‿◐乀) Suddenly, depression! (ノ◑‿◑)ノ
No. 10354 ID: d6a592

contrast is good, fetish mode will pass and we can get back to enemy hordes and ancient evils and dirty doublecrosses
No. 10355 ID: 1d2d60

Yeah... so... age differences... yeah.
No. 10356 ID: d6a592

Yeah! Age differences! YEAH!! haha...
No. 10363 ID: 8ecfd4

Anyone else feel like Reaver needs a side project until Dive quest can catch up?

I think a new Gift quest could work. Obviously not a new episode of Gift quest since they're all dead or captured. But something similar, maybe in a dwarf fortress.
No. 10373 ID: 817cd3
File 126566878592.jpg - (228.31KB , 1000x700 , Halcyon Days.jpg )

Once again.. it's spot the reference time.
No. 10384 ID: 6987db

Did Ritari guest-star in DQ at some point? Y;know, foreshadowing?
No. 10385 ID: 5a2e05

But then we'd just rape and kill everything again, except with more dorfs.
No. 10388 ID: fe0817

Well... Gustave quest with translator?
No. 10395 ID: d6a592

let him take a break geez
No. 10396 ID: 5a2e05

Nono, it needs to have an even thicker accent. Maybe detail his dealings with other people who have completely different unintelligible accents. It'll be great!
No. 10398 ID: 8ecfd4

You're saying that like it's a bad thing.
No. 10400 ID: d6a592

rape and killing is a bad thing
No. 10418 ID: 8ecfd4

But it's fun. Atleast for one part most of the time.

Anyway, I had an idea for Ridders next big quest after Mushio visits him. Ridder could mount an expedition to go and save some Gnolls. They have after all been wandering around in a desert for a couple of years after the Paladins decided that ethnic cleansing for Lebensraum was a good idea.

So Ridder could get out there with some faithful chums and find some gnolls to give some living space. If they keep to the edges of the forest they shouldn't have problems with the elfs and there seems to be nobody else to worry about in the immediate area.

It also sets the stage for a nice conflict between Ridder and the Paladins that could generate alot of worthwhile drama.
No. 10474 ID: 6c28cf

>Anyone else feel like Reaver needs a side project until Dive quest can catch up?
I don't think it's absolutely necessary - Knight Blades has more content, certainly, but much of it is just day-to-day interaction. And time passing is never explicitly quantified, so we don't need to worry about small breaks. In essence, though, this means that Reaver's ability to run the quest while waiting for Dive is limited by his ability and willingness to get away from higher adventure, and become more banal. Considering the Romanticars, I'd say that this is not too much of a limitation.

Of course, that's not to say that a different type of thing wouldn't be cool too.
No. 10577 ID: 950529
File 126601277868.png - (89.88KB , 800x600 , ridder-uniform.png )

No. 10578 ID: 67c611

I hate sheep all dressed alike with no room for personal preference or role type.

How about each member design their own armor to their style but have an overall design that is shared amongst armor. (same type joints, same chain link size and color, similar embelishments (pick one to put on all the armors: frilly, leaf, demon, etc.), same coloring for the banner/tabard/logo.

I'm thinking strictly utilitarian stuff. Aesthetics cannot infringe upon the ability to function well. If you can change the look without affecting the function in a signotable* way, then that is ok.

[Signotable: The smallest unit of change that matters. Anything less is negligible.]
No. 10580 ID: 05411b

He did. The uniform is just a base template, everyone dresses up in practically any way they want.
No. 10586 ID: 817cd3

Hell I think Iesgip is the only on who takes the uniform seriously... By contrast Sticks doesn't wear any of it, she happened to conveniently be away while they were being passed out (coincidental I think Reaver loves putting girls in turtleneck sweaters.)
No. 12836 ID: 3416ec

Reaver, I'll buy you a sandwich if you'll update Knight Blades again. :o
No. 12842 ID: 445c48

And I'll eat it for you.
No. 12860 ID: b55efd
File 126893671539.jpg - (16.32KB , 249x320 , Bush_smirk.jpg )

Reaver, I'll buy you a sandwich if you'll never update Knight Blades again.
No. 12875 ID: ba7c76

Shut up, you.
No. 12876 ID: 445c48

And I'll eat it.
No. 12880 ID: 3416ec


No. 12881 ID: 632862

Knight Blades is almost over anyway.

Reaver, I'll eat SO MANY SANDWICHES if you give KB a bittersweet ending.
No. 12900 ID: f95872

Ridder dies, but Muschio realizes that Ridder was not the true adversary. Ridder's conflicting emotions regarding the discovery of Muschio's identity are not laid to rest prior to his death. Most of the Knight Blades characters die, a few escape, perhaps one defects to Muschio's side.
Muschio feels like a dick about the whole thing.
No. 12913 ID: 3416ec



Yes you.

Shaddap. Right now.
No. 12914 ID: 37ab54
File 126907991826.jpg - (12.46KB , 206x291 , u mad trollface.jpg )


I lold
No. 12929 ID: 8b7db1

No. 12930 ID: 0fc814
File 126911067991.png - (43.01KB , 160x175 , Cbee_Krystal_sammich.png )

No. 12944 ID: 5eedac

Reaver, can you make me a sandwich? A tuna melt would be good.
No. 12947 ID: eb6d46

I could go for a beef brisket, honestly; can anyone get a note pad? looks like we're ordering for a party.
No. 12960 ID: 7630d5

I will make sweet, sweet love to a sandwich, then proceed to eat it if you update KB. Or anything else for that matter. Come back to us ;_;
No. 12962 ID: 9d07d9

Reaver, I will update KB for you if you draw a picture of Ridder making sweet, sweet love to a sandwich.
No. 12963 ID: f98e0b

Reaver, if you make me a sandwich I will eat it.
No. 12968 ID: 16de3a

>all above

Oh lord what have we done
No. 12982 ID: f95872

Goddamnit, now I want that.
No. 12983 ID: ba41e5
File 12691936875.jpg - (13.50KB , 270x347 , Heavycantenjoyhissandvich.jpg )

No. 12989 ID: 9263b5
File 126919889937.png - (116.17KB , 404x800 , PanzerRidder.png )

That gave me a sudden inspiration to doodle something odd.
No. 12990 ID: 9263b5
File 126919894927.png - (85.07KB , 520x372 , StealthSticks.png )

More odd.
No. 12991 ID: 9263b5
File 126919909297.png - (324.53KB , 526x931 , BlackFangX.png )

Kinda less odd. Couldn't think of how to Sci-Fi Black Fang.
No. 12992 ID: 1ac39d

power-sword and a cybernetic arm. would still leave him a melee guy but make him more sci-fi.
No. 12994 ID: 9263b5

Well, that cleaver of his was intended to be a power weapon in my mind. Should have added some wires or whatever to it. And you are right about a cybernetic arm, although he's already got one. Can't you see him holding it? *insert Awesome Face here*
No. 12995 ID: f21281

"Somebody call for an exterminator?"
No. 12998 ID: f306db

Black Fang isn' Scifi. He's more like post-apoc or Wasteland type person.

Melee combat isn' scifi, remember? (Star Wars is fantasy)
No. 13002 ID: 950529

You guys are awesome.
No. 13003 ID: 1ac39d

nice try but reaver's ID is 9b97d3
No. 13004 ID: 5b76f8

Nice try but that's the ID now. Check the quests.
No. 13005 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 13085 ID: a56bd0
File 126939258110.jpg - (311.18KB , 900x700 , Postmodern Iesgip.jpg )

Is the same vein... I was torn between something sleek and modern (a mix between a Starcraft Ghost and the Cysis Nanosuit) and something more rugged... My style however is more suited to the later so I went with that.
No. 13319 ID: fe0817

Then we remembered Megatea.
No. 13320 ID: 37ab54
File 126991663728.jpg - (13.08KB , 587x203 , smokin facepalm.jpg )

why must you be a drama queen about this stuff Reaver? That smug face was awesome and you want it gone. gay.
No. 13323 ID: ba41e5

I dunno, I think the new reaction suits Muschio's personality better.
No. 13324 ID: eb6d46

I dare you to go a full minute looking at muschio's smug face without reaching climax.
No. 13325 ID: 860bd9

its OOC. rider would not bother courting her if it was serious, had he simply made a pass on her THEN that original pic would make a lot of sense.
No. 13330 ID: 3416ec


We's the wife, yes?
No. 13341 ID: 950529

Why are YOU the drama queen

As has been said, it was not supposed to look 'smug' at all. Hence, it told the wrong story. Thus, it should not be there. So, I removed it.
You are the ones making a big deal out of this.
No. 13387 ID: d2eac9
File 127005628269.png - (297.44KB , 800x600 , 127005436448.png )

...wait, so it wasn't just the alcohol?
I... Uh... I don't know how I feel about this.

But I'm pretty sure I'm okay with it.
No. 13394 ID: 4b28de

Pay no attention to haters. Picture was lovely, but didn't quite make sense, understanble.
No. 13422 ID: 1ac39d

i really do want this meeting to end with ridder giveing him the ring. and them simply switching voices. ridder hearing the orb and mushcio hearing ridder's head-voices
No. 13724 ID: 7b5188
File 127071766897.jpg - (36.37KB , 375x523 , Black Fang.jpg )

I'm relatively new to TGchan, I found it in a thread over on 7chan like a month or so ago, Tgchan has turned me into a fucking night owl. I loved reading Ruby Quest and yes it was my first, after I read it I found MSPA and devoured his archive and all the good forum adventures, then I found what-do-you-do.com and thats kinda cool. then I looked into weaver and devoured Dive Quest and then found out there was a tie in (Knights Quest, duh) and god I just fucking love this place.

Anyway... I'm planning on creating an adventure and I'm working on story with a friend of mine, I have a lot of experience with rpgs and he maintains his own already, (Not online, with friends, but its his own creation, I'm pretty capable but that's really just his calling) and, while I have some basics up and made any help would be welcomed, Its mainly mine and his project of course.

I'm sorry, maybe this was the wrong place to post this... But I wuvz u Reaver. =3

Oh and here's some kind of fanart type thing.
No. 13725 ID: 7b5188
File 127071854782.jpg - (52.42KB , 728x716 , untitled.jpg )

Also, heres some shitty example of my ability to draw with a mouse.
I think I'll do it on paper though, That could get expensive though... hmm
No. 13728 ID: 34470e

Steps 1 through 7000: Lurk.
Step 7001: Start quest.
No. 13729 ID: c78ae0

We have no prejudices against peope who draw with mouses. Larro (Shoujen, The Game) does it on the mouse.
No. 13730 ID: 212869

I used to draw with a mouse, until I figured out how to fix my tablet. Five and a half chapters worth of wasted time... *shakes head*
No. 13731 ID: 7b5188

I have lurked a lot, if maybe not exactly on tgchan, like I said, I have experience. but I dont mean to get cocky, I mean i have the experience to at least try to run something kinda fun.

I know that, I'm just not very good at it. that drawing is kinda shitty.

how much do tablets usually run cost-wise?
No. 13732 ID: 0fc814

My cheapo one was around 70 bucks.
No. 13734 ID: 15f6d6

Id recommend you lurk here. You've read, what 2 quests? Just make sure you understand that you won't get Ruby/Dive/KB suggestions when you first post and don't get discouraged.

I quickly learned that running a quest is not very much like running a tabletop game. There are similarities, and of course, if you're creative and a good storyteller, that's going to be invaluable, but there are a lot of things that are different too.

This is the best "so you want to do a quest" thread imo. Some of the advice won't apply because you have read some stuff here, but other advice is good. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/318157.html
No. 13738 ID: 897aba

Reading more quests will give you a better idea of what make a good quest and what makes a bad quest. It wouldn't hurt to ask people which quests to read; it will point out some older ones you may have missed, and give you an idea of what everyone likes.

Note that running a quest is somewhere between running a role-playing game and playing something like Zork. On the one hand, you have lots of people who ultimately want to do their own thing, explore at their own leisure and do stuff in their own order. You'll want multiple possible solutions for any problems and be open to unique ideas from players. No blue door-blue key, unless you don't mind the players trying to tunnel through the walls as a solution.

On the other hand, most quest protagonists aren't as fleshed out as most RPG protagonists. Your players won't take hours building a motivational, in-depth backstory to someone that everyone else controls. It is frequent that the protagonist either already has a backstory and motivations for the players to follow (Shoujen, DiveQuest, Knight Blades) or the protagonist is a blank slate that has an obvious problem in need of fixing (RubyQuest, NanQuest). You'll probably want to consider what you expect the players to do in a quest; a blank character in a blank room won't get many interesting suggestions.

I also note that adding a second character to interact with normally increases participation. Well, adding an interesting second character.
No. 13746 ID: 77132c

Oh yeah I understand I won't be getting a ton of replies at first, I don't exactly expect to immediately be a god, Just want to have some fun.
Also I have actually read more than just those 3 on here, they're just the ones that immediately came to mind as examples, seeing that they're really great. and thankyou for that link! I will read it, the more info the better.

These are all things I had already calculated in and stuff, I knew that but its good to hear my mind is on the right track. I don't plan to stop lurking or anything, and I'm not making my adventure just yet. I just kinda wanted to say hello and ask for some tips, I would like what are in popular opinion the best adventures, theres an extensive archive here and I don't really want to just wade through all of it...
No. 13786 ID: d6cb21

Hey Nakraska is really girl, is she not?
But yet she thinks and acts as a male, right?
So the only course is obvious. Gender bending magic potion, after all, if a potion could turn a halfling into a catfolk, then why couldnt a potion switch someones gender?
No. 13787 ID: 260050

Why would she need one? She just wants to hang out and be accepted as one of the guys. That doesn't mean she wants to go through replumbing in the process.
No. 13790 ID: 60d7b6

It's kind of interesting to see how tgchan deals with a (maybe) genderqueer person. Since Naks prefers to be called a dude, he's a dude. There's no way to know if he's happy in his body or not, not unless we ask.
No. 13960 ID: ceac17

So what's your favourite technique when you're performing fellatio?
No. 15362 ID: 407b5b
File 127343333553.jpg - (264.37KB , 800x600 , 127115245468.jpg )

I suppose these two pics may be as close as we ever get to closure. I'll be honest in that I've always expected a 'bad end' for Knight Blades... but I did very much hope it would be finished.

Much more fun to be a part of the final charge, and the last stand, to fight fight against the dying of the light... than to be doomed to the sidelines by the quest equivalent of missing the final disk.
No. 15363 ID: 407b5b
File 127343388692.jpg - (248.45KB , 800x600 , 127084498997.jpg )

Such events have however galvanized a kind of fatalistic approach to my own questing however.

Better to properly finish a story I've started, even if I have to update without suggestions and take the quest to an inevitably bitter end. Than to lead future, yet unknown readers to the precipice of a broken story arc to merely gaze across that gap at only hinted plots and storyline they shall never fully realize.
No. 15366 ID: 6cbca2


Needs more Ridder x Ash.
No. 15376 ID: ff8d14


Man. These are cute. I had thought, considering what we experienced of Ash's world-view, that she was suited for Ridder. These seal the deal. Ashedel/Ridder tgchan OTP for me.

Maybe that's it... it's too good. It's not dangerous and exciting enough, no scope for those hard blows Reaver seems to love striking at our hearts. Ash's presence in Ridder's life would solve everything, eventually... so there's no more story...

Hm. I got good at this crazy obsessive shipping thing quickly!

No. 15377 ID: ff8d14


Oh, and this man owes Reaver a sandwich.
No. 15384 ID: cef587

I've discussed it with Reaver and I will be picking up and continuing Knight Blades so that it does not simply fade away. Reaver said he will help answering any questions for my part (for example, "how would Ridder respond to this?") to help me out with guiding the story.

So it's not the end and there will be more of Ridder and the gang.
No. 15385 ID: 1ac39d

reaver is still owed a sandwich because he isn't the one updating.
No. 15387 ID: eb6d46


oh lawdy
No. 15389 ID: 1d6838

And Reaver never made me that tuna melt
No. 15391 ID: 0fc814

Wish he'd finish it himself, but that beats just leaving it like it is.
No. 15396 ID: 620bfb

Reaver just needs to hire himself out to set quests up. He's great at that, he just needs to work on the finishing thing.
No. 15412 ID: 3416ec


I think enough things are outsourced, thankyouverymuch.
No. 15423 ID: 701a19

Any chance you could continue VoL as well?

Japanese Hentai Dating Sim meets Call of Cthulhu? What's not to love?
No. 15437 ID: eb6d46

I wish that he still did shit like rudy quest, not the whole "YOU AND YER SISTER ARE IN LOVE GET TO FUCKIN'" bull shit.
I agree that reaver is very much capable of making cool concepts for characters, but the problem arises when the quests become dating sims and the characters' only point is to fuck each other.

in reality, all of /quest/ seems to be too ready to get the characters laid, that was part of the reason I stopped reading mudyquest.
No. 15441 ID: e3f578

>Rudy Quest

F-F-F-F-FUCK YEAH, RUDY QUEST! Sure, the Main character had sex but man, it wasn't drama bullshit, he was laying women in mother fucking hardcore order while punching the fuck outta everything and demanding what the fuck is going on.

Closest goddamn thing to that on this board is RAGE Quest and Channel. Supposedly Plagues too what with all the punching but its played for super serious. No wait, Kara Quest counts too.

Why aren't there more quests about just being plain badass anymore? There is shortage bad enough dudes on this board.
No. 15457 ID: eb6d46


I know, right?

we need to get lucid to do tavquest or something, since he seems the most qualified to make a badass quest of ass kick. maybe if gnome could get off his quite diminutive ass and do another thing besides his current ode to masculinity, or...

...shit, do we have any other badass authors?
No. 15471 ID: f95872

You guys seriously forgot about HUGE quest?
No. 15474 ID: a594b9

That quest with Lahamu is *basically* about being badass. I mean, the character we have is pretty strong so we can use FITE against most things we encounter. There seems to be quite a bit of talking as well, but the option of FITE is always there.
No. 15476 ID: 0fc814

The option of fight is in most quests. We just choose not to take it.

No offense or anything, but if Rudy Quest took place on /quest/, he'd probably have only fought in self defense, and only after trying to talk it over while dodging tentacles and so on.
No. 15479 ID: d5c481

I agree, without a strong agreement about kicking ass and taking names /quest/ is far more likely to try play "gottacollectthemall" with NPCs.

Hell even Ridder has moments where he simply forgoes taking for 'rip and tear". Need I remind you of Footsie?

Footsie: "Imma raep you now..,"

Ridder: "Dammit I don't got time for this shit!"


Background dude: "thatwassoawsomeIcamebuckets!"

Reaver always did say he preferred less epic stories and high action (despite his skill in said categories) in favor of something more down to earth. However, I must say that there is a real dearth of suggestions along the more awesome lines in all quests. I myself would love more tactically detailed and ass-kicking suggestions in my quest.

Perhaps it's a case of give and take? A feedback cycle in which the more effort, detail, or emotion a suggester puts into their suggestions (this doesn't mean a multi-paragraph long post) the more motivated the quester will be to make the quest 'sufficiently awesome', which should motivate more awesome suggestions?
No. 15509 ID: fdaabb

So... Too much Slaanesh, not enough Khorne? Tzench seems to dabble here and there. Not really much sign of Nurgle yet.
No. 15512 ID: 3416ec


No. 18566 ID: 2a421d
File 127768211782.jpg - (70.65KB , 750x600 , Paladin.jpg )

This is a triumph.

I'm making a note here, huge success.

The update came and everyone just panicked.~

Welcome back Reaver~

You do it all just becasue you can.

For the good of all of us,
except the ones who be mad.~

But there's no sense crying if we make a mistake.
We will keep on trying just as long as it takes.
And if the questing gets done, we all have a lot of fun.
Because Knight Blades is still alive.~
No. 18588 ID: 731dcd

It's great to have you back Reaver. You were missed.
No. 18590 ID: f58d30

I shitted my pants. Srsly.
"Panicked" isn't even the tip of the iceberg of what my reaction was.
No. 18591 ID: 204804

Wasn't missed by me. Such antics are childish. I will only show respect due for the story being told. Good job.

It would have been better to leave it dead or transferred as it was stated to have been.

Either cut the crap and leave when you say you're leaving, or suck it up and learn to deal with what's irritating you. Life is a bitch. It's hard and cruel and people will do terrible things, of which words are the least. Either cry and run away, or suck it up and deal with it.

I had respect for you due to the quality of your quests. That respect was lost due to 'internet drama' games. Unless I see evidence of something different, I doubt it will be regained easily.

Perhaps it would have been better to leave this unposted, but I guess I felt it needed to be said. Apologies for offended sensibilities.
No. 18592 ID: 204804

If anyone wants this gone, post removal password is 'delete'. Enjoy.
No. 18595 ID: d3dfb8

I'll just repost if it's deleted
No. 18596 ID: 2eac65

People get mad. People get stressed out. People have their feelings hurt. People need to cool down sometimes. It happens to everyone.

You shouldn't just tell people to "just shut up and deal with it", either. Feelings don't work that way. Blaming the victim does nothing but distract from the reason they're upset in the first place.

Yes, there are some things people really can't change, and yes, it's best if they learn to accept them, but that doesn't make them right.
No. 18599 ID: 05c9fd
File 127770984138.gif - (622.12KB , 240x176 , TETRIS.gif )

If you think posts on an imageboard will seriously hurt Reaver, then he has has more to worry about than whether or not someone tells him off on the Internet, no? If he's got problems, he can call his therapist or talk to his friends or family.
No. 18601 ID: a435ab

>suck it up and learn to deal with what's irritating you.
I'm pretty sure that's what this counts as.
Reaver's not actually back, he's just continuing the quest and staying out of the boards, to minimize drama. And yet you still jump up and, completely unprovoked, try to start shit right off the bat. Nothing's even happened yet and you make this big angry rant.

>I had respect for you due to the quality of your quests. That respect was lost
Nobody gives a shit about your internet respect
No. 18607 ID: f4e4f9

Either way, good that this quest is back. I know a lot of people enjoyed it, and it would have been a shame to see so many let down.
No. 18614 ID: 5a2e05

Saw the first few images and thought it was an elaborate troll.

I'm still not sure it isn't.
No. 18616 ID: 5cc920
File 127773242528.jpg - (24.25KB , 400x365 , 12776984708.jpg )

You, Sir, are not far from the truth. It indeed is an elaborate troll.

Yet, the author is Reaver.
No. 18617 ID: 2fa60a

No. 18619 ID: a41aaf

>complaining about 'internet drama' in a dramatic way on the internet
Ah, for such delicious irony, I can see why Reaver does this sort of thing. Seeing people impotently flip out time after time is just too amusing.
Quest was on hold. Quest is back. Chill.
No. 18620 ID: 9939f6


"To elaborate", the verb, is to add detail to a description of something. "I elaborated on my plan". "Elaborate", as an adjective, describes something as being detailed or complicated. "My plan is as elaborate as it is devious".

The use is valid.
No. 18621 ID: fc5f60


No. 18623 ID: 19e705

Valid, but not really very accurate.
No. 18625 ID: 5a2e05

'Ey mang, dem pitchers's purdy. If I want to call it an elaborate troll because I initially thought someone mimicked Reaver's style to make us think the quest had risen from the grave, then I damn well will.
No. 18627 ID: 2fa60a

You seem like the kind of people that would call /b/ clever, original and intellectual. Then again, a Somali might call eating every day "epic excess", so perhaps it is simply a matter of perspective.
No. 18630 ID: 1a99f0

guys, guys, fuck, guys, quit the drama. There is a major event happening in diveverse right now, and you're all squabbling about internet drama. HERE is some drama: Muschio and Ridder are having their heart-to-heart. This will change EVERYTHING. So shut up and talk about it. Talk about what will happen if they can't see eye to eye, or what they could achieve fully united. Talk about how this will change the plans to deal with Grey Fang. Discuss The Quest
No. 18631 ID: 2fa60a

If Ridder goes against Muschio, he'll destroy his own self.
If he goes with Muschio, he'll be better off even if they lose and die horribly.

Also, hopefully tits.
No. 18636 ID: 1a99f0

I think the only way to get good end for both of them is for Ridder to convince Muschio to try to gain a new kingdom with more moral practices. He's already been considering it.
No. 18637 ID: 5a2e05

I'm just waiting for Ridder to fall and take some levels in Blackguard. And he isn't even a paladin.
No. 18639 ID: 1a99f0

Also, the idea of giving Muschio the ring seems pretty cool, but unless Muschio passed Ridder the orb, something bad may happen. I fear the potential destruction of the universe were someone to have both sets of voices at the same time.
No. 18649 ID: fc5f60


my guess is it'd end up making a feedback loop and muschio's head would pop like the dude's from Scanners
No. 18655 ID: 1a99f0

yeah we probably don't want that
No. 18723 ID: 45be60

on the other hand, it would solve the whole "my best friend is evil" quandary.
No. 18726 ID: 5a2e05

But it'd be replaced by "my best friend was evil but isn't now because he's too busy being dead".
No. 18727 ID: 1a99f0

but then there's the "i killed my best friend with a dimensional rift" quandry. and you just KNOW Ridder would whine about that for like forever.
No. 18740 ID: 1255d3

Or it'd be a simple mind bond cause we're taking on two seperate mental entities who combine....
No. 18742 ID: 2fa60a

>>Oh, oh, no more buttered scones for me, mater. I'm off to play the grand piano.
No. 18748 ID: 1188f9

So it's a great reunion, now? I wonder what will happen to the DiveQuest characters.

Trying to be the badguy (and failing mostly) has been quite amusing. I'm interested to see where this'll head.
No. 18756 ID: 8ce2bf
File 127784685944.gif - (389.15KB , 800x600 , RIDDERDASH.gif )

ridder spindash muschio you are going to die you only have one ring
No. 18757 ID: 4f6e37

No. 18758 ID: 2eac65

>rock mode
It's the only way to move safely.

No. 18760 ID: 1188f9

No. 18780 ID: d6cb21

Goddamnit, sticks you troll you
No. 18918 ID: f58d30

Oh, we'll have our revenge on her. Just wait for it =)
No. 22265 ID: f57857

Will it involve being pushed down stairways~?
No. 47063 ID: 8400a2

Guys I have a genius idea


No. 47064 ID: a1de0e

I have a genius idea, too.
Don't necrobump year old threads.
No. 47103 ID: d6ae01

Reaver, contact a mod on IRC if you want to revive this thread.
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