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File 135076430294.png - (277.21KB , 630x1000 , main1.png )
62382 No. 62382 ID: fadcec

There won't be much reason to have a discussion thread until at least the second day of Black Week, but I thought it might be nice to post coloured concept art somewhere.

You can also ask questions, if you'd like.

(All questions to the tune of "will you continue your other quests" will be met with a universal "no".)
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No. 62401 ID: 724c5d

I absolutely Love lonnie's scarf.

Do you have concept art of the full scarf? I kinda want to crochet it.
No. 62404 ID: fadcec
File 135080441878.png - (50.50KB , 640x440 , lonnie\'s scarf.png )


Lonnie made his scarf by sewing together random types of fabric (from bedsheets to curtains), and his stitching is pretty sloppy as far as putting them together goes.

Has a nice "hipster hobo" air to it, though.
No. 62447 ID: 537819

Thanks! It looks pretty awesome. I plan to catch up on the thread. I had just seen your art and it interests me enough to look for your thread. The characters sound pretty interesting. :)
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