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File 134914461542.png - (30.50KB , 600x624 , happyharoldseve.png )
61580 No. 61580 ID: 34cbef

I'ts october so------
Halloween Fanart thread, first one is personal fanart of one of my own characters being cute.
Post some of your own, cus i know I love halloween.
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No. 61622 ID: f5832c

probably a stupid question, but do you mean just Halloween fanart of your stuff or can it be anyone's?
as i said, stupid question.
No. 61623 ID: 34cbef

i was hoping of anyones quests
No. 61638 ID: 011678

Brilliant, ive actually had a bunch of ideas for charecters in costumes and i didnt know were to put them :) To the Drawing Easel!
No. 61640 ID: 1f8505

I thought the thing was to draw your own characters dressed as other quest characters.
No. 61641 ID: 011678

Thats ther plan, but ive also got some ideas for Chirps fanart of a haloween theme.
Abel as she-hulk!
No. 61661 ID: 34cbef

well i was hoping that it'd be halloween theme quest related stuff from everyones quests, so both would be fine. I mean i could draw one of my characters looking like one of yours anon, but regi and sarah look too similar.
No. 61665 ID: f5832c

yeah thats what i meant (i was the anon, forgot to log in) ive got a few pic's of my quest chars in varius costumes that ive been looking for a place to post, and ive done some fan art of your chars trick or treating. hopefully youll like it :)
No. 61678 ID: f5832c
File 134931015142.jpg - (16.43KB , 233x539 , IMAGE0204.jpg )

A quick little sketch to tide us over, Naoko from Abducted as Ruby from Rubyquest.
..someone really should take that away from her..

trying to find quest chars for the rest to dress as, but i may have to go off board..
No. 61721 ID: 34cbef
File 134939046155.png - (41.08KB , 1023x567 , boandovra.png )

Deave and Boaga, and Plipper as overlord.
And a quick pic of family wog.
No. 61755 ID: 4f2c31

>and Boaga
Oh god. Oh god no
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