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File 134715311529.jpg - (126.28KB , 1000x1000 , pq.jpg )
60568 No. 60568 ID: c78a51

Nobody still made a questdis thread about this, so I decided to fuck the police and make one.

Okay, so I really like this quest, but what are we meant to do in it? Is there an end objective, or is it just nonsense until everyone gets bored of it? Personally I think it is a lot of fun, but we need some direction.
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No. 60569 ID: eba327

haha honestly i dont know anymore
the original point was to do exactly what was implied
but that unsurprisingly failed and then what we have now happened
No. 60571 ID: bf54a8

the best way to ensure something never happens, is to ask for it directly.
No. 60574 ID: 92d2cc


You mean you weren't being ironic!?

Okay sure, well maybe we can come up with a new objective, but I'll be fucked if I have any ideas right now.
No. 60575 ID: c384e2

No direct attempt at porn or porn-like quests ever works. I think I made some big art theory post about why somewhere. Something about... pacing and character involvement or something. I can't remember. Basically, porn questing doesn't work unless you make it more than just porn. Some intrinsic to the medium thing.

Also contrariness.
No. 60585 ID: bdb3f8

bahahahaha that image is fantastic
No. 60592 ID: 34cbef

this is a great quest and i like being a part of it
No. 60593 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134717591997.gif - (295.96KB , 571x298 , FursuitingAtTheAirport.gif )

<3 Porn Quest.

Sorry about introducing Yiffles. I never thought anyone would actually draw him/her/it/... if anyone is curious where Yiffles came from, pic related.
No. 60713 ID: 34cbef

mkay, so is anybody else going to update? i'm waiting for somebody else in that immediate group in the living room before i update again
No. 60714 ID: 5b6384


I say don't wait. If you have an update, make it.
No. 60850 ID: eba327

is it sad that i really like torturing the building?
No. 60852 ID: 34cbef

Nature has a mind of it's own, ooooooooooaaaaooooo
No. 61069 ID: eba327

hey um does anyone know why the quest is suddenly in Quest-Archive?
No. 61070 ID: 34cbef

someone must have accidentally reported it complete, go onto the irc and ask either dylan or slinkoboy to take this out of archive
No. 61085 ID: 0f60d7

Not entirely sure how that little mix-up happened, but it's back in the main /quest/ board!
No. 61086 ID: d6ae01

Yep. Dylan told me not to be so trusting of reports, but they look at me with those adorable eyes and i can't help it
No. 61104 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134829684355.jpg - (293.98KB , 629x1600 , Fosters_d97de1_1548021.jpg )

I'm pretty sure Fennel was making a (possibly obscure) reference to this, in case Ham thought it was an actual insult.
No. 61108 ID: 067a04
File 134831641678.jpg - (24.42KB , 400x400 , nope.jpg )

No. 61109 ID: 14a1d0

and that comic is a reference to St. Elsewhere, where in the last episode, the entire series is revealed to be a construct of the mind of an autistic child.
No. 61114 ID: 34cbef

i've seen the comic before, and i also watched elsewhere. Phillip is just being meta cus i wanna take him in a different direction
No. 61163 ID: eba327
File 134837483838.gif - (40.79KB , 1200x800 , 50yrsago.gif )

welp, i made this thing
i guess we could use it if the current quest is ever finished
No. 61165 ID: 34cbef


eheh, whut? some illiterate psychic? works for me.
No. 61166 ID: 6a1ec2


Yeah, but I don't have a comic of St. Elsewhere that I could post. I never heard of the show anyway.


'k just making sure.
No. 61167 ID: ea07fa

What is a Pyshic
No. 84821 ID: 2e1470
File 140870793355.jpg - (41.68KB , 500x544 , 1396399481197.jpg )


Shit... wrote it in the wrong perspective. Damn it all !

Hooray for PQ.
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