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File 134601285733.jpg - (33.79KB , 300x375 , mythology.jpg )
59309 No. 59309 ID: fc985a

And yes I am messing things up. Bilgames wasn't alive at the time of the flood...and Anat isn't from quite the same region.

Anyway OCC questions talking things you don't want the MC to hear go here.
No. 59314 ID: fc985a

Should I add a dice "system"? (something like Princes Maker combined with Fudge combined with what OCP quests on Spacebattles use is what I am thinking of.)
I plan for the quest to be rather time-management-ish, with special events.
No. 59320 ID: fc985a

Oh god that took forever.
No. 59565 ID: b5fe6d

Anything I should do other then going faster?
Are people enjoying this? Or just voting out of pity?
No. 59732 ID: 1ddf73

Your quest looks nice so far. Not much to do right now besides talking to people and training in magic I think. Which would be my only bit of complain so far: Too many choices too soon. Its kind of hard to decide what to do until I know more about all those people.
No. 59772 ID: 34d817

I think the fact that we need to know more about all those people is sort of our motivation here. We haven't even had a child yet, so we've got probably a couple hundred turns to scheme their way onto the throne or otherwise gain the power that we need here. This is the early game, where we scout out our surroundings, identify our likely opposition and potential allies, and start gradually building up a power base.

That's my perception of the situation, at least.
No. 59799 ID: 1ddf73

I get all that. Still it feels more complicated to choose one more than a dozen kinds of people to discuss one of many topics or train one of numerous skills with little direction than most other quests. Most quests begin with easy stuff like "I am in this room an want to escape." or "Where should I start my colony?" or "I have to deliver this item to someone. I'll answer some questions while I introduce some characters on the way."

That said I like having an open world with many people to talk to and will continue to post in it. I just think throwing all those at us immediately keeps some posters away.
No. 59803 ID: b5fe6d

Makes sense.

Maybe should have had Isal do some background reasearch/socializing before talking to you..but she's a bit of nerd.
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