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File 134601080097.png - (126.30KB , 802x802 , dayumn.png )
59306 No. 59306 ID: 496845

I wanna make a thread for general quest discussion, but also a place I can give updates about whas goin on, why I haven't touched anything in forever, etc.

So far, the only "quest" I've completed is Mannyventure, but that was intended to be a prequel/practice run and I think of it as more of a mini-quest.

I intend to finish the april fool's thing and Dangerquest, no matter how long it takes. Dangerquest in particular keeps stalling because I am always caught between feeling like I haven't planned enough or I've planned too much so I just keep sitting on it. Also because I felt like I needed a lot more practice with the painterly style before the quality was /quest/ worthy. With the april fool's thing, I don't have much of an excuse, I am just a butt.

Future planned quests:
- The thing Mannyventure is a prequel for, no decided name yet.
- Something I'm temporarily(?) calling "Influence", the protagonist is an alcoholic samurai.

In the past, I was thinking of something called "microquest", but now I doubt I'm gonna go through with that.

So, the reason I haven't touched anything or been around at all is cause I've been trying to finish up commissions/art trades, getting a job, also I am really distracted all the time oops. But for real, I'm gonna finish these things no matter what. One must merely believe.

Ok I love you wonderful people and I give you many kisses. I will be back soon. Peace.
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No. 59308 ID: ee557b

I want to believe.
No. 59323 ID: 55c4cf
File 134602547432.jpg - (21.23KB , 293x384 , BelieveInButter.jpg )

i'm frilled for the future
No. 70622 ID: 0268f2
File 136857552906.png - (128.62KB , 337x337 , woe is snake icon.png )

So I've done some soul-searching and after awhile I've come to the conclusion I'm a big gay.

In addition, I'm definitely not continuing the april fool's thing. Everything it would have been is something I no longer have enthusiasm for, and it would have been very uncharacteristic for Manny to do some of the things he was gonna do. Dumb thing, now officially dead.

I'm definitely finishing DangerQuest at some point, and I wanna start Influence and the unnamed thing eventually too, I just dunno about the timing of all that. It's been years since I planned a lot of this stuff, but I still wanna go through with it cause I still like the ideas and I don't want the planning to go to waste.

If you have any questions about the april fool's thing ("Hotel Mannyo"), I'll be happy to answer whatever you got now that it's officially dead.
No. 70626 ID: f2c20c

Okay. What was with all the drugs?
No. 70627 ID: 0268f2
File 136857803138.jpg - (9.60KB , 400x287 , curse-of-lono.jpg )

I'm gonna summarize the whole thing the best I can:

Manny uses the complementary hotel stay coupon he got, rather arbitrarily. He gets there, but now he really wants gum. He finds a mysterious suitcase in his room that looks really old. Turns out it's filled to the brim with psychoactive substances. He finds gum in there, so he eats it. He watches TV for awhile and then the images start exiting the TV and manifesting around the room. He runs to the bathroom in confusion and his mirror reflection is Hunter S Thompson in a Lono mask (see picture). HST pulls him through the mirror to a world that looks like it's drawn by Ralph Steadman. Everything from there would have been completely up to the suggesters' discretion, but would at least involve going back to the room which now appears as it was in the late 60s. Three weird kids named Mary, Dexter, and Molly are there. Eventually, when they try to go back, the door they open leads to a massive pit of Richard Nixon piranhas. HST tells Manny they need to get the car, which they do, then they drive across the pit of bloodthirsty Nixons. This leads them back to the bathroom, where HST gives Manny some words of wisdom(?) and a pair of aviator glasses before pushing him back through the mirror. Manny stumbles back to his room and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is unsettled by the dream and gets ready to leave the hotel. He swings his feet over the bed onto the floor, and they crunch a pair of aviators lying on the ground.
No. 70628 ID: 0268f2

Actually that should be enough.

Ok, see you guys next year. (Bug me on Skype if you need me, or someone who has my Skype.)
No. 70632 ID: f2c20c

Far out, man.

W-wait what about quests
No. 70710 ID: 0268f2

It was a joke, I'm gonna get back into quests when my time is lenient and the mood strikes.
No. 70711 ID: 0268f2

Though also sorta not kidding cause holy shit, it really has been almost a full year since the last response in this thread before my update.
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