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File 134579226159.png - (17.23KB , 400x600 , ArcanaQuest Cover.png )
59141 No. 59141 ID: 927258

Due to the nature of ArcanaQuest, I've decided that a discussion thread is a necessity, so here it is! Type away, fellow humans.
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No. 59210 ID: 4a328b

remembering to discuss on the dis thread instead of the quest thread just now >.>

So ZA WARLUDO is our arcana, and we had five runners up. I suggested JUDGEMENT as a rival in the thread, but after stewing on that I thought of something that seems to fit nicely with the genres chosen

Would you guys agree that, in general, five potential romantic options is enough to juggle at once, if not possibly MORE than enough to juggle?

If so, I propose using the runners up arcana as the basis for the DATING SIM elements part of our setting selection

No. 59212 ID: b85f8c

Variety is good for romantic interests. Be warned though that suggesters will go for the harem ending if it is even remotely possible.
No. 59243 ID: 927258

Five seems sufficient. 8D I may recycle the protagonist options you folks didn't use... we'll see how creative I feel when I get into the datey-things!

However, I now have an uneven number, so I'll ask you, questees... would you rather there be more women or men to choose from?
Or all women, or all men? =P
No. 59247 ID: 60fee2

3 females and 2 males?
No. 59248 ID: fa9f7e

2 females, 2 males, 1 castrated male with gender identity issues

That ought to be interesting.
No. 59256 ID: 927258

I really like this. <: I will do this, kind of, but I think instead of being castrated, the fifth option will simply be genderfluid. Thank you!
No. 59259 ID: fa9f7e

Cool, glad I could help, and I admit it's gratifying to have my ideas used.

Don't feel pressured to treat my suggestions like papal fiat or anything, though.
No. 59261 ID: b85f8c

Like, a shapeshifter? Well, now we know who everyone will want to shack up with.
No. 59265 ID: fa9f7e

Don't think so, gender is what you identify as

Googling it:
Being fluid in motion between two or more genders; shifting naturally in gender identity and/or gender expression/presentation.

Of course, since the "gender identity issues" part was thrown out, I suppose the genderfluid part might be supposed to be Hypothetical Sophont's sex.

And now I'm confused.
No. 59266 ID: fa9f7e

Fuck, wasn't thrown out*
No. 59267 ID: fa9f7e

So our power is wind? What sorts of limits on its use exist- energy cost, use every XdY rounds or some such, use X times a day, and how strong is it? Moreover, how much fine control over it do we have, and can it be made stronger by paying more?
No. 59270 ID: 927258

You have power over AIR. I will be giving you WIND puzzles every now and then, now that you know how it works. Think of these things... Pokemon-style, sort of.
You are an AIR elemental. One of your powers is WIND, and you can use it a certain number of times per day. Not sure on that number yet, but I will decide soon.
WIND is very weak, but can be useful in some situations.
No. 59272 ID: fa9f7e

Can we kill things by blocking the air from their lungs? That'd probably be applicable as wind- gentle breeze out of your lungs, you can't breathe, dead.
No. 59359 ID: 927258

In very limited circumstances, maybe! At this point you can create wind, but only a finite amount, and it can't be through things. You can't create wind in another room unless the door is open and you can see into it, so you wouldn't be able to do that thing you just mentioned to a human unless their mouth was wide open. And even then, they could close it.
Later on, you may get PENETRATING, but it's too powerful at level 1.
No. 60954 ID: 927258
File 134790832612.png - (91.67KB , 600x600 , Working Full Time.png )

I have suddenly stumbled into full-time work, and as somebody who just got finished delving into a summer of drawing and play, it's hit me hard in my exhaustion centre. XD; I apologize for the lack of updates, but will be drawing a bunch as stock for today. Will try to keep ArcanaQuest going on a once-a-day update schedule, folks. (Decided to post this on both discussion threads for my quests, as they're kinda different and I assume different people follow each one.)
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