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File 134507971340.jpg - (122.17KB , 760x747 , Disthread.jpg )
58737 No. 58737 ID: 9cc68c


Remember, please keep things civil. Also, in case it wasn't clear, Dixie herself can change how commands work, so if you want to make things by majority instead of in order of entry, or make it where nobody can lock out access, just talk to her when you aren't being shot at by robots and solders and stuff!
No. 58738 ID: 9cc68c

Also, Dixie hates spoilers! Somebody told her the ending of Passion of the Christ and after that she just closes her ears when things are spoiler'd! So she won't hear those suggestions.
No. 58739 ID: d6c330

I'd say we need some means of enforcing majority rule. If the majority decides to side with the system (heretics!), bide our time, or go strait for escape, then whatever. But one player being able to undercut everyone else will just not go well. It's bad enough when our divisions cripple characters with uncertainty. It's worse when we lock ourselves out out of spite.

We shouldn't block / ban users though, even if they are being pains. It's enough to be overruled.
No. 58741 ID: 31ef6a

Majority'd probably be lovely, that way the whole is to blame instead of a singular person if things go wrong.

Also, if anyone was legitimately offended/annoyed at me for working against you, please get over it. I was doing what I thought a subordinate working for the Big Red Voice would've done when given orders to re-capture the subject. Especially when said subject can easily tear apart a gun and rip a man's heart out through armor. Doubly so when the Voice said it didn't want casualties and someone went, subverted the turret and caused even more deaths.

To note, if you work AGAINST the Big Red Voice, it's pretty clear you'll get Operator Authority stripped away which was the ability to even input commands like 'Lock' or 'Open'. So unless Dixie can get into a computer terminal and re-hack that authority back to you, think of clever ways that'll appease whatever's popping off orders and help Dixie at the same time if that's what you really want.
No. 58742 ID: 886a4d

She can and has hacked command control. The OP just said so in his post.
No. 58743 ID: d6c330

Nah, you're entitled to your opinions, and in differences in strategies. I'm just annoyed it worked so well. Not that it would have mattered if we could hack with her surrounded anyways.

But the voice was bullshitting us. If it gave a damn about avoiding casualties, it wouldn't have put soldiers we had to neutralize between her and the capture point. It would have instead deployed soldiers on the other paths, and given us the option of channeling her down an easy path to the trap. It would have been easy- she'd have gladly run away from people if we told her too.

It's also generally not a good idea to give a CAI with absolutely no background information, no standing orders, and no overrides full run of of your systems, including lethal turrets. Gee, I wonder if that could end in anyone getting hurt.
No. 58744 ID: 6a1ec2

Dixie Stardancer, the multi-boobed color clashing deersheepsune with all the powers. I'm surprised not more questers did try to sabotage her escape. <3

I have to add for those who say Coconut Puff is letting the first suggestion override majority rule, that I suggested to open the bay door before Ginger Circles suggested to close and lock it. What was unfair was his "Nobody else is allowed to suggest" suggestion. But besides that it seems like the suggesters can actually battle between opening and closing stuff. Which is a horrible idea and will ruin this quest, but at least it'll be a learning experience. <3
No. 58746 ID: b85f8c

Personally, I think this might be a field test. With real soldiers yes, sent in to die. Part of the test is to see how well she can handle killing people by accident, and the other part is how well she can AVOID killing people. We managed to successfully disarm someone by punching their gun, so that's progress.

The sentry turret might have been a test as well to see how easily we can turn enemies' defensive placements against them. If I had made an organic weapon with hacking capability I would not put in any automated defenses.

I'd also like to note that she has yet to be injured at all despite getting shot at a LOT. Interesting, isn't it? You'd think they would use weapons that weren't completely worthless, if they were serious about taking her out.
No. 58751 ID: b6edd6

That and/or a test of the 'Operators', who they have not tried particularly hard to either convince or eliminate.
No. 58752 ID: d6c330

A deliberate field test of either us or Dixie is not out of the question.

Doesn't change the fact that protecting human life wasn't the priority. Whatever HQ is up to, it's lied to us there.
No. 58758 ID: 6a1ec2

I'm pretty sure Operator is a last ditch security measure that they hate to death, can never get working right, and absolutely only use when everything else fails. So pretty much a CAI.
No. 58761 ID: 9718f3

The problem with the whole "I was RPing what an employee of Red Voice would do." argument is that we have absolutely no idea what we are. "Operators", sure, but for whom do we operate? We had no information provided and the Red Voice started out asking for our assistance. If we were under their command, it would have been logical for us to ordered instead. This is what lead me, and I believe almost everyone else, to consider him the voice an enemy.

The voice simply wasn't trustworthy.
No. 58762 ID: 9718f3

Another issue is that before the last update everyone wanted to enter the elevator, but half the suggesters wanted to try to bust our way out of it. But no attempt was made. We didn't get to do ANYTHING after entering the elevator. Quests thrive on creative problem solving, having certain broad decisions lead to fixed results, regardless of the fine points of the plans proposed takes away a lot of the fun.
No. 58764 ID: 6a1ec2


Hey she heard us just fine when we suggested to bust a hole in the top or whatever. She just didn't and kind of gave up. Can't really blame her it was a stressful situation, and she doesn't seem like the smartest cookie.
No. 58766 ID: 9718f3

Nothing she said indicates that.
No. 58769 ID: d6c330

She felt funny as soon as she entered the elevator. Since that was the intended non-lethal recapture point, it's quite possible she was being gassed, or doused with purple antler fox person kryptonite or whatever. So escape through the roof wasn't necessarily an a option for her.
No. 58785 ID: 6a1ec2

> think I'll go create these super powered furries then program them to kill everything, then leave them bored and not killing things next to a security terminal for hours while we're under attack

> Operator are you insane?

Why? Looking for company? c:

I love this quest.
No. 58786 ID: d6c330

I like it that we went from

>sure, we'll try to minimize casualties
>...although whoops, man, we fail at this.


>we just turned off all your kill-monster countermeasures and took away your access.

At least we can turn them back on if we change our mind later.

Command and the soldiers being from different factions is odd. Note the turret target Dixie, the lose subject, but not the invaders. What do we have here, a mad scientist who chickened out at the last minutes? Decided he couldn't go through with it, and turned off his defenses when the army inevitably stored his base?
No. 58798 ID: b85f8c

The fact that Command and Control seems to value human life so highly seems to contradict the fact that he's been making a series of organic weapons. What'd he think they were going to be used for? Killing robots? Or zombies? Or aliens?
No. 58845 ID: 8be69f

No session today. I misunderstood some of the scheduling I am doing. The long session will, instead, be tomorrow. It is likely to be the entire rest of the quest.
No. 58846 ID: d6c330

S'cool, command. We can watch you getting ripped apart by angry monsters on the weekend.
No. 58870 ID: 6a1ec2


And if Vixie is any indication, commit horrible acts with the body parts afterwards.

And then consume all the flesh.

And then scrub all the blood off the floors.

And only then will we unlock Dixie's cell. So get scrubbing! >:[
No. 58923 ID: 8be69f

Thanks for playing Operators! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Galaxie's last name was Moondream.
No. 58924 ID: d6c330

I love it that our strategy was basically to trust everyone who asked us to trust them in turn, even the ones who were obviously lying to us, insane, or evil.
No. 58925 ID: 8be69f


Some of it I expected, some of it was really surprising.
No. 58926 ID: b85f8c

Not many clever plans going around in this quest, that's for sure.
No. 58927 ID: c74c7d

Galaxie is now my waifu
No. 58930 ID: 8be69f

I thought some people were rather clever.
No. 58958 ID: 6a1ec2

Hey Dixie got out so I count that as a win. Vixie is just a bonus on top of that!

Seriously Vixie was awesome. I didn't think she'd beat Lexie so easily though. You pack a lot of personality in your characters very quickly. I caught myself completely forgetting about the whole naked swinging multiboob nipples thing more than once during this short escapade!

And yeah Vixie was too dangerous, but given the choice between being killed by apathy and eaten by worms, than being killed and eaten by whatever godlike furry she is, it's actually not that unappealing. I don't regret turning her loose. (sorry Lexie)

Vixie's appealingly devilish color scheme that wasn't magenta on yellow totally had no influence in my decision whatsoever.

Dixie's colors are actually awesome, but I'll never admit it.
No. 58987 ID: 6a1ec2

Could someone please link to the quest threads? I can't seem to find them.
No. 58988 ID: d6c330

All in one thread.

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