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File 134497055925.jpg - (51.44KB , 399x328 , 1344697872049.jpg )
58646 No. 58646 ID: 98a065

okay first time Quest runner here so go easy on me.

In short Thunder cats quest discussion thread, if you feel like arguing, asking questions or just screwing around this is the place for it. Pic is unrelated to...well anything in the universe.
No. 58647 ID: fa9f7e

So just how big is Kakanimus? Too large to be mistaken for a real bird?

Also, what would it take to make him look more realistic?
No. 58648 ID: 98a065

For starters Kakanimus has a wingspan of seven feet and is made from bright green metal, he has beady red glowing eyes. Feasibly you could you cover him with plumage and give him more natural looking eyes but that's mostly pointless.

His vision is such that he can view an object from miles off and his antigrav unit lets him fly...well hella fast. He can cruise at hieghts no natural bird can reach. And most importantly your omni tool lets him communicate with you via audio or holographic text. In short he's not good as a thief but he does great recon.

anything else I can answer?
No. 58649 ID: fa9f7e

How much fuel does he consume and how much weight does he support?

Because now I want to use him as an airplane and mount gun turrets on him, regardless of the weaponry we already have.
No. 58650 ID: 98a065

He's got a perpetual powersupply via Thundrillium reactor, at the moment attempting to use more than a sonic stunner will immediately cause him to brown out and, well die the power reactions running him are very fragile things. But once you have more knowledge and resources you could turn him into an attack UAV.
No. 58652 ID: 98a065

basically he has the Thunderian equivilent of a nuclear reactor, it'll last him 500 years but if you were to equip him with a laser it'd cut ten years off his life with each shot.

Once you lrn2NRG, you'll be able to upgrade it so it has better energy outpit and Kakanimus will be able to support more weaponry.
No. 58653 ID: d6c330

Dude. Seven foot flying potential battle platform? And here I though I was voting for a metal raven familiar. Awesome.
No. 58655 ID: 997ce7

So, is the reactor so fragile as to break if we try to give him more fuel?
No. 58656 ID: 98a065

Potential platform, go look up kakapo, its a flightless parrot. The only logical reason to base a bird familair off that was to have a UAV for scouting and attack runs.

Okay minor info dump, these are the thundarian dark ages, non-cats are hated by cats, even more so than seen in later years, slavery is rampant, both of cats and of non-cats and technological and magical weapons are everywhere.

Women aren't allowed to serve in the military and are barely allowed to run businesses and are generally looked down on. Only Noble women have naything vageuly resembling freedom and then only just. The only place you'll see a warrior woman is in the clerics and then they usually keep their bodies heavily covered by robes and stuff.
No. 58657 ID: 98a065

There's no room FOR new fuel. He has a specially treated thundrillium crystal specifically designed for use with that reactor. If you try to remove it without a study of the tech there's a good chance you're break both the crystal and destroy the reactor. In short yeah it'll break if you mess with it. It's a very special and fragile set up, but once you understand the technology you'll have some very potent possibilities to choose from.
No. 58661 ID: d6c330

What are the rules governing the function of force shields in this universe? Dune style blocking of anything moving too quickly? More universal blocks everything? What happens when you strike a shield (like a wall, like electrocution?). Effective versus solids, energy weapons, both?
No. 58662 ID: 98a065

It varies. Van Lik's shield is basically "Matter, on demand." You can of course build one Dune style Blocks anything that moves to fast or you can program it to fufill some other set of parameters.

Basically Van Lik's shield is damaged so a strong enough strike will shatter his shield, but it'll reassemble itself moments later, thing is those are moments where he has a bunch of shards of exotic matter flying around his arm.

Anyway you have a handful of force emitters, sine power source components and some control circuits so you could probably build a weak force knife, a sort of "scoop" that could project a force field that can grab things up to 25 feet away... stuff like that.
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