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File 134388367821.png - (97.22KB , 720x858 , questdis.png )
57966 No. 57966 ID: 885ee8

So, while this is not currently up on tgchan, mostly because I just finished chapter 5 and am too tired to make an opening post in the inaugural tgchan thread, it will be soon. Grad school woes will not permit me to run quests in /tg/ anymore, as they require me to maintain the thread all day long. Regardless, this thread is to discuss the quest of Evan Tolston and his dealings with the strange black-eyed beings of another world.
No. 57969 ID: 885ee8

I done goofed and posted the wrong link in the chapter 5 thread.
First part of chapter 1:
Second part of chapter one through chapter 5:
They're relatively quick reads if you skip the suggestions. Since I update pretty slowly, each post tends to have a lot of stuff happen, meaning the posts tend to be mostly meat and not much filler, plus has some nice pictures to put you in the proper mood. Still, I understand if that's not your cuppa, so I've also written a synopsis here: http://pastebin.com/bVpLPU1C
No. 57970 ID: 0c2247

Next thread we are going to play Jeopardy with Elle after explaining the rules.

It is a game where she asks questions in response to answers, meaning she is NOT answering questions we have. Also, games seem to have special rules to fae.
No. 57992 ID: e3cdd5

Kickass, love this quest. Can't wait for the next session.
No. 58006 ID: 431fa8

My compliments on this quest; it's excellent.

That said, I'm kind of sad that you're moving it here instead of leaving it on /tg/, because /tg/ can use all the art-heavy quests it can get. The demands of pacing are understandable, though.
No. 58008 ID: f6cff9

So the jest of the idea is to give her an example on how to play jeopardy right such as
"How old is Evan Tolston?"
"What is 12 years old?"
No. 58009 ID: bf54a8

no no, you have to make a answer first. such as
"a male 12 year old who is part fae"
"who is even Evan Tolston?"
No. 58022 ID: f6cff9

Alright but man is gonna be weird for me to do that but I'll give it a shot
No. 58069 ID: 885ee8

I've noticed it's a little slow going here. I know there's a bit of a backlog. Is there anything I can do to make this more accessible to new readers? I'm open to suggestions.
No. 58071 ID: f6cff9

Hmm Well I just wondering after all of Elle's planning are we gonna be needed at all?
I'm guessing yes because well you can't start a court with just one person and if she didn't she would have ditch us afterwards she got the immunity.
Still is the place we are in under our control or does it belong to Elle?
While she did the magic we did the killing so I'm confused on the matter. (I'm assuming she used the blood for this otherwise it's all Elle)
>Sorry man not a lot you can do about that though I think it's just slower here.
No. 58072 ID: ca06ba

>Is there anything I can do to make this more accessible to new readers?

Sabotage or delay other authors from making updates. The less they distract me, the sooner I'll read your backlog.

(For serious, just give it a little time. I know I'm at least having fun over in Oblitus, and I'll migrate over when I get around to catching up).
No. 58096 ID: d94e2c

It's cool, people are just taking time to read it in tg, or they're waiting for more updates. It's a cool quest so far and people know you're the Oblitus guy so they will probably follow you here anyway just to check it out.

Don't worry about the original threads, people went to tg to read Rudy Mann or Ruby, and you even gave us a link, so it's not that hard to find and catch up.
No. 58193 ID: 97486c

It's a bit slower here because you went from dozens, maybe even hundreds of people at least looking at the thread to only a handful.
No. 59775 ID: 4b44fc

In case you didn't notice, the first five chapters of the fair folk are up in the archives now. you can find them here:
No. 60875 ID: 036ce7

Is this finally it? The lover's quarrel I've been waiting for since I first caught this quest on /tg/? Do I finally get to say it?

Evan or Elle, let's rock!
No. 62059 ID: 373ae2

Is the quest dead? The last update was on the 2012/09/23...
No. 62083 ID: f2c20c

No, the author is just busy with school.
No. 62702 ID: b61d4f

But he will come back, right?
No. 62708 ID: f2c20c

No. He will be kill by school.
No. 62768 ID: 529f71

Yes I am dead from school.

I'm in grad school and it's currently a very busy time. I'm afraid it's not going to get much better as the semester comes to a close. It's possible I'll get an update in here and there but on the whole you should consider me on hiatus.
No. 62770 ID: bf54a8

i think everyone just wanted to know you may come back eventually not gone forever.
No. 66229 ID: e3bf2d

I was looking forward to a continuation of the story over the winter break.


Good luck with your studies OP.
No. 66559 ID: 61402b

OP, we miss you so much
No. 66566 ID: a28731

Take your time OP.
We will still be here when you have less schoolwork
No. 71086 ID: d9bb01

In a few days it will be a year since this quest started. Looking forward chapter 6, OP.
No. 71095 ID: fd3aa2

I'd also like to see more of this quest.
No. 71211 ID: e1c569

i would also like to see more of this quest and i'm posting this desire even though i am aware that bumping the thread has nothing to do with how soon or even if ever it will get an update.
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