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File 134378805367.png - (380.70KB , 800x600 , Item mall.png )
57912 No. 57912 ID: 0521d2

Come one come all~
To Fumby's Item mall for chasers!

Browse around and spend those points... But most of all have fun~

>You can spend chaser points here to enhance your chaser experience, anything from hats, to color mods, new levels or even new viruses... All at a price. You may need to save up to buy some.

I would also like to make an announcement: Any author who would like to participate in the Chaser Games, please feel free to do so! Make you own thread and kill some people! if you like you can hotwire your chaser points to the item mall and have your fans spend~

Just pick a nice spot, or let them choose for you, it could be a premade universe like ponyville or a questverse like Rubyquest (Just make sure, the author's fine with it) or you can craft a new world from scratch.
Then you pick a victim and have at it.

Try to follow the same rules as in the first chaser quest and most of all HAVE FUN~!

Happy Killing!!

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No. 57913 ID: 0521d2

Stuff: coming soon
No. 57915 ID: 0521d2
File 134378960087.jpg - (183.01KB , 800x600 , Hats and mods!!.jpg )

Wanna customize your chaser~?
Well here's the stuff to do it!

Watch as they appear on your victim. Kill in style with these Hats and color mods~!

On the first column for 10p a piece we have...

-paper bag If steam can do it so can I

-cardboard box You might look like a hobo But... Well actuality thats about it

-cat ears unleash the neko in you!!

on the second column at 15p each...

-Top hat for those sophisticated murderers

-Tuke for that canadian vibe

-floppy cat I couldn't think of anything

in the third column at 20p a hat...

-the fuck shit hat I swear this hat will FUCKING JEWS!!!

-My hat Based on the hat I was wearing when I drew it

-Make a hat!! Build a custom hat for your favorite chaser

in the fourth column we have color mods, tired of blood red? How about green or pink or blue!! For only 5p a shade

Coming soon... New virus models at 35p
No. 57916 ID: 0521d2

current points: 16p
No. 57919 ID: 6395a4


No. 57923 ID: fa9f7e

No. 57925 ID: d94e2c

I wanna save up for a virus. That sounds all kinds of cool.
No. 57945 ID: 828cc7

whos gonna do the next chaser quest?
No. 59564 ID: 0521d2
File 134620772376.jpg - (176.69KB , 800x711 , Weapons.jpg )

>Behold! A brand spanking new volley of loot~! Gaze at this arsenal of lethal wonders...
And they can be yours, with which your chaser can rend and tear through your victims, if you have the caps~

>And for this special occasion we have a special discount on select products, so dig in while prices last!

In the first column at 5p each...

1A ~ A fish Primary weapon, Special ability: No special ability 25%off-[4p]

1B ~ dalek hand Secondary weapon, Special ability: Can apparently pick locks and hack computers

1C ~ BubbleGun Secondary weapon, Special ability: Half priced-[2p] 25%off-[1p]

And in the second column at 20p a piece...

2A ~ Beam katana Primary weapon, Special ability: Needs recharging

2B ~ Clock stopper Secondary weapon, Special ability: Stops the timer when the heat is off

2C ~ [spoilers]Censorship[/color] Primary weapon, Special ability: Hides corpses 25%off-[15p]

Finally the third column at 30p...

3A ~ Slaanesh flesh Primary weapon, Special ability: All kills are considered Luscious 25%off-[23p]

3B ~ Compact miniature ??? Gun Secondary weapon, special ability: if you can name it, I'll sell it a discount [Hint: it was used by a man named 6, in an obscure manga made popular in France] 25%off-[23p]

3C ~ Make a weapon Xslot weapon, Special ability: you choose!!

>So if you like what you see just make a vote and see if you can agree on it~!
>I'll be releasing a new season of ChaserQuest along with the new Viruses so stay tuned!!
No. 59566 ID: 0521d2

woops! it was suppose to be CENSORSHIP

and yes, I rolled to see what was on sale.
No. 59568 ID: 0521d2
File 134620808273.jpg - (293.34KB , 800x1100 , Chaser Virus.jpg )

La Muerte

Price: owned

High strength and defence
Special ability: none
Somewhat easy to use
No. 59569 ID: 0521d2
File 134620817681.jpg - (261.43KB , 800x1100 , Joker Virus.jpg )


Price: 35p

High defense, mid attack
Special ability: luscious kills are worth double
Kinda hard to use
No. 59570 ID: 0521d2
File 134620829482.jpg - (311.72KB , 800x1100 , Alice Virus.jpg )


Price: 35p

High strength and low defense
Special ability: women are worth less points, children are worthless, men offer more points and perverts are worth double
Somewhat easy to use
No. 59571 ID: 0521d2
File 134620837403.jpg - (306.07KB , 800x1100 , Asteroid Virus.jpg )


Price: 35

No attack or defense bonus
Special ability: corpses vanish
kinda hard to use
No. 59572 ID: 0521d2
File 134620845408.jpg - (323.88KB , 800x1100 , Ophelia Virus.jpg )


Price: 35p

medium strength and defense
Special ability: Span with random weapons
Somewhat easy to use
No. 59573 ID: 0521d2
File 134620855563.jpg - (332.38KB , 800x1100 , Lilith Virus.jpg )


Price: 35p

very low attack and health
Special ability: if hunt is successful, you win a free hat or weapon
hard to use
No. 59575 ID: 0521d2

In light of all these new chasers, I'm giving you a special gift~
You have one free Virus Card. Choose wisely now, which will it be?
No. 59765 ID: c9b053

lets get the joker, like that we can use it with the claw
if we could buy the censorship and the bubblegun, what ever the choice, I say we buy the bubble gun regardless
No. 59821 ID: 92c81e

I'm fond of Ophelia, random things are fun! Especially random weapons!
No. 59822 ID: 37aa84

I agree with choosing Joker to allow us to increase points in games. As for spending our points on something I'd like it if we save up points for now and buy the Clock Stopper after the next game to extend our play time in later matches.
No. 59823 ID: d94e2c

Oh man that Clock stopper. If we got a good stealth run, that would be AMAZING. Clock paired with Asteroid, think of the points. So many things to buy...
No. 59824 ID: 37aa84

Considering the lose to attack and defense I would think spending points on the *censorship* to hide corpses would work better without significantly weakening ourselves. Though it may be awhile before we could afford both.
No. 59825 ID: fa9f7e

Lilith, free shit is awesome, especially if we get a ClockStopper.
No. 59826 ID: d94e2c

Fumby, my good man, define "luscious kill" if you would.
No. 59827 ID: fa9f7e

Given that Slaanesh flesh guarantees Luscious kills, I'd assume "anything that would please Slaanesh".

And for anyone who doesn't know of Slaanesh, Sense Freak^11.
No. 59828 ID: d94e2c

I kind of want an easy to use virus until we're either better at this game or we can afford the good equipment. What is hard to use, anyway? Like, the chaser gives us backsass or hits like a wuss?
No. 59829 ID: fa9f7e

We already have one, La Muerte. We can use him to practice.

And given all the hard-to-use ones have low stats and a good special, I'd assume that low stats is the reason, although they might also sass us.
No. 59830 ID: 0521d2

I guess I'd clear somethings up...

Luscious kills are sexy or erotic ways to finish folks off. But it can be rather tame, like when we sliced Derpy's throat while we kissed her.

attack is... well the strength your chaser will have after being infected
defense is his unkillability
special is how ability axed the virus is
Ease of use basically makes the game easier or harder. it's partially defined by the general stats of the virus but can also be seen as simply a challenge level.

feel free to ask any other questions, remember knowledge is power.
No. 59831 ID: fa9f7e

Does it count if we turn someone into a sentient banana and eat them?
No. 59832 ID: 0521d2

oh right I defined it as passionate kill... woops oh well you get the drift of it.
No. 59833 ID: fa9f7e

Now I want to see Twilight accidentally turn someone into a popsicle and Derpy eats it before Twilight can stop her.
No. 59834 ID: d94e2c

Thats a good point. La Muerte is pretty cool. And he can take punishment.
No. 59835 ID: 0521d2

would it count as what, a kill? eum... yeah I guess.
No. 59837 ID: fa9f7e

A luscious kill, specifically. Erotic Eating and all that.
No. 59839 ID: d94e2c

Whelp I guess the consensus is the Joker now, so I'll throw my lot in with her and hope for the Slaanesh next round. Never have to worry about affording stuff again.
No. 59876 ID: c9b053

yeah but the censorship is on sale let's buy it now while its cheep

and the bubble gun is only 1p!
No. 59921 ID: 37aa84

We only have 16 points so buying the *Censorship* now could stop us from getting the Slaneesh until after our third game so if we want to use it with Joker to farm points fast we should not buy anything that expensive yet. Plus the disappearing corpse ability is probably only useful if we want to combine it with Clock Stopper to slowly make everyone in an area simply disappear without a trace and just creep everyone out. The Bubble Gun is probably cheap for a reason, probably more of a novelty item like the hats than an actually useful piece of equipment, and I would rather spend a few more points on the fish or Dalek hand but considering the sale on the Slaanesh may end I'd rather just avoid spending points just yet.
No. 59933 ID: 37aa84

Oh, I do have a question about the Jokers Luscious kill bonus how does the doubling work? I'll use our kill for Derpy as an example

is the bonus applied like other bonuses like this?
Derpy: 1p
Passionate kill: +100%
Luscious kill(Joker Bonus): +100%
Sum: 3p

or is it applied directly to the base points like so?
Derpy: 2p(Joker bonus:Luscious Kill)
Passionate kill: +100%
Sum: 4p

or is it applied a different way i didn't even think of? I guess asking the same about how Alice's bonuses and penalties are applied would be a good idea too.
No. 60011 ID: 0521d2

just a little heads up, I'm back and counting votes as of Wednesday [Weekend+Monday+Tuesday off]

Since you earn your points as a team, its only fair you spend them as a team as well. It takes at least three votes to make a purchase and you can vote against an idea you oppose, decreasing its total vote by 1.

So try to fix a plan and work together~

(Buying things is a teamwork feat?)

pretty much

Derpy: 1p
Passionate kill: +100%
Luscious kill(Joker Bonus): +100%
[+200% total]
Sum: 3p

Finally remember, you can always change your gear and virus before the match starts, right after you pick your zone.
No. 60340 ID: 0521d2

Votes are in~
And if I didn't make any mistakes, the choice was: no items bought and the free ticket used on The Joker
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