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File 134146190187.png - (5.79KB , 290x282 , discussionthread.png )
56759 No. 56759 ID: 34cbef

This thread is used for making observations on the surroundings of this crazy hellish game. Help the champion of the human race by keeping track of what we saw and discussing observations. If you are lucky you will come up with correct assumptions- but if not, hope our character survives faulty information. This section is up to you to find and share knowledge in order to better help The Tozol.
Good luck and happy hunting.
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No. 56822 ID: 67e8b2
File 134159526548.png - (7.37KB , 191x234 , Happy[1].png )


Oh my god they have a skirt made out of swords.
No. 56872 ID: 1444d5

I can't believe I missed that. That's just nice.
No. 56964 ID: 34cbef

sadly the hiatus is taking longer then i'm expecting. an update will come soon- once i figure out what everyone want's to go with.

So far it's go after the stranner, or fight bouncey crawley eatey.
No. 57250 ID: 34cbef
File 134250825115.png - (8.92KB , 381x324 , ketty.png )

everything is edible, yum yumm yummy- i wanna take care of a plant
No. 57255 ID: 34cbef
File 134252163913.png - (10.18KB , 744x414 , loading1.png )

this may or may not be relevent- but since i'm doing a nice tie in to a decent chunk of my quests i'm still putting it here.

Grey Mage-
Grey Mage is a corporation which collects, creates and mass produces scientific and mystical accessories and devices. It also has been known to be involved with some not so legitimate dealings such as slavery, arms, and detainment. Noted instances of grey mages influence can be found almost anywhere in subtle amounts all across the cosmos. They have been known to cater to all manner of beings, not excluding those beyond our personal universe.

Examples of common grey mage accessories are school bags of infinite holding, certain commercial interstellar space engines, and there oldest product known as infinite psyche orbs.

They also have sold equipment to military and science compounds. Most information about the grey mage corporation is nearly impossible to obtain due to the advanced nature of it's security and it's representative approach of dealings.
No. 57326 ID: 34cbef

alright, so it's come to my attention that alot of you guys don't know that you can research previous quests to put you a step ahead in this one. Well, it kind of is mandatory to do research so you can be a step ahead.

Go on people, look everywhere!!
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