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File 134091737694.jpg - (100.93KB , 640x400 , Quest Discussion.jpg )
56529 No. 56529 ID: 78401c

Name: Cerise McCoy
Age: 21, Female
Birthright: Irish Descent
Identifiers: Albino, White Hair, Red Eyes
Volunteer: An assistant to a famous Lawyer known as Dog.
Relationship(s): Fuchsia Roosevelt
Phobia: Photophobia, severity: 3, symptom: discomfort due to light exposure.
Hobby: Beetles, both art and specimens, she has no living specimens at this time.
Home City: Julian, USA
Destination: Iwate, Japan
Reason: Convention on behalf of LawyerDog

Name: Fuchsia Roosevelt
Age: 42, Female
Birthright: Yankee
Identifiers: Tattoo of 66th with an I through it. Short Blond Hair. Muscular.
Secret: Lesbian
Job: Brigadier of the 66th Infantry
Relationship(s): Cerise McCoy
Phobia: Brontophobia, Severity: 3, Symptom: Anxiety, urge to cover ears during thunderstorms.
Hobby: Collector of Ancient Firearms
Home City: San Francisco, USA

Name:(1), Secret:(2), Job:(3), Relationship:(4), Phobia: (5), Hobby: (6), Hometown: (7), Destination: (8), Reason: (9).

Currently Unused Suggestions so far:
1)Bloomers, Belle, Camellia
2)Hermaphrodite, Alien, Smell Armpits/Crotches
3)Brothel, Orphanage, Church
4)Cat, Used Condoms, God
5)Glossophobia (public speaking), Equinophobia (horses)
6)aborted fetuses, 40k minis
7)Tokyo, New York(NY), Cherry Hills Village(Colarado)
8)San Diego, Detroit(Michigan)
9)Lack of Brothels, Giant Monsters, Family

The setting is about 50+ years into the future, Literail has been able to compete against aviation especially since they can travel faster, quieter, cost less, can hold much more weight, and security is not as high. However aviation has access to everywhere whereas the literail trains can only go where there rails are constructed which can make the path much longer if there not many routes to take.

The one Cerise specifically is on is a luxury train, with a few carts dedicated as private bunks, restaurants, and even showers. While there still some carts that are similar to the haul of an airplane. Carts can be added or taken away at a docking station so all trains are fairly customizable per trip. A max of 50 carts can be pulled by one train not including the caboose or engine. This train has 18 carts, 3 are designated bathroom, 5 vip, 2 restaurants, 1 balcony, 2 industrial, 2 service carts, and 3 passenger.

Any questions feel free to ask, and feel free to make suggestions.
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No. 56531 ID: b2f225

How many passengers?

> Tattoo of 66th with an I through it.
> An assistant to a famous Lawyer known as Dog.
It just gets better and better!
No. 56536 ID: 78401c


Passenger carts holds between 30-60 avg 1.3 (passenger/seat)
They're much like a city bus with 15 rows of seats and 2 seats per row. With wide aisle so trolleys can be pushed through the rows and people can still move around them. Max of 2 people per seat.
VIP carts have 4 rooms on them, each are suited for up to 4 people. Usually one VIP cart is reserved for the servants of the train. Avg .7 passenger/room
There usually 1 servant to every 10 passengers.

With the current size of the train and its loads there is at most:
244 passengers.
25 servants.
~130 passengers
~13 servants
No. 56547 ID: 78401c
File 134095287436.jpg - (49.54KB , 640x400 , The Train Map.jpg )

(E)->Engine,(S)->Service, (B)->Bathroom, (V)->VIP, (W)->Washroom, (R)->Restaurant, (H)->Balcony,(P)->Passenger, (I)->Storage, (C)->Caboose.

Bathrooms have personal showers and toilet/sinks in them.
Washrooms are just public washrooms.
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