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File 134069191609.png - (515.60KB , 1600x1200 , Eighty-Eight Quests Per Hour.png )
56436 No. 56436 ID: 067a04

I have come to draw quest characters and sleep.


Previously, on FANART THREADS: >>480 >>1118 >>314015 >>316577 >>319035 >>328203 >>336257 >>341621 >>46018
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No. 75968 ID: e97f9d

(I meant to link
but I clearly got distracted by Test art)
No. 76025 ID: 03ba6c
File 137866275657.jpg - (119.09KB , 1000x700 , sarahshy.jpg )

Sarah :3
should have update,anon...
No. 76033 ID: e97f9d

Getting fanart for NOT updating my quest? Shit, sweet deal. Sign me up.
No. 76035 ID: 593f45

This is obviously not how it works or I would be flooded with fanart.
Never mind that fanart directly above.
No. 76048 ID: 1f8505


Pudding fooled me into thinking it was pornography, that crazy Italian.
No. 76050 ID: 2aba6c

it's terror tactics
No. 76113 ID: a9603c
File 137888028728.png - (105.19KB , 800x600 , radula.png )


Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin round
No. 76143 ID: af3431
File 137896673436.png - (290.67KB , 700x700 , leffyran.png )

Are we even allowed to draw leferrans anymore? This one isn't even from a quest or anything.
No. 76144 ID: e97f9d

Stop. You're violating the 2012 Leferran embargo. Pay a fine of $10,000 or face up to twelve years in jail.
No. 76147 ID: 5869f6

I didn't hear 'bout no giddamn embargo.
No. 76155 ID: f61cde

I'm afraid to said, that's not a leferrean: his neck's anatomy is correct for a biological organism.
this means the embargo is null
No. 76157 ID: 2f4b71

They finally pushed through that amendment to section 5 para 2?
No. 76164 ID: b58bab
File 137904522681.png - (259.10KB , 570x316 , stranner mini.png )

Have a tiny Astranner in full armor, 3d printed at 30mm tall and then given a rough paint job.
No. 76166 ID: 979ec9


That is really cool.
No. 76168 ID: bd48c5

No. 76171 ID: e97f9d

Man, I can't wait for those things to come down from the several-thousand-dollar price range. Then it'll really be the future.
No. 76173 ID: 5869f6

We must create a tabletop strategy game based on a three-way clusterfuck between the Solars, Scellor, and the Astranians!
(or thousands, still.)
No. 76174 ID: c16a16

Now all you need is a handful more and you'll have a squad ready to establish a forward HQ in the name of the Alliance!
No. 76175 ID: e97f9d

You could just make Battle Quest into an actual tabletop game.
No. 76178 ID: b58bab

So, if you are willing to deal with layer resolutions of ~0.35x0.35x0.1mm then you can actually get personal 3d printers for between $1000-2000 that work quite well in a fairly wide variety of plastics. They're not going to be printing things at the same quality as say, current warhammer minis. However, they can get close to the detail levels on some of the earlier ones.

As for a tabletop game using minis made this way, well, lets just say the idea has crossed my mind and I may have something in the works. Though not quite a tabletop version of battlequest
No. 76183 ID: 2f4b71
File 137911372684.png - (864.78KB , 1644x1272 , dreadnought.png )

If you just need one-off printed parts (e.g. as masters for making moulds) then there are several companies with nicer-than-most-consumers-can-afford 3D printers that will print models you send them. e.g. Shapeways
>They're not going to be printing things at the same quality as say, current warhammer minis. However, they can get close to the detail levels on some of the earlier ones.
They've actually gotten surprisingly good. This was printed on a well-tuned RepRap variant about a year ago. Most optimisation since has been on reducing cost and parts complexity, but semi-professional RepRap variants can probably better this by now.
No. 76199 ID: 601ed3
File 137921845883.png - (522.63KB , 1280x1280 , kensuyatabutt.png )

In the time it's taken me to model about half of this Kensuyata I could probably have sculpted one from greenstuff with better resolution than an affordable (1-2000 range) 3d printer. So we're not there quite yet. We're gonna try to get it printed on a STL machine of unknown specifications at some point.
No. 76211 ID: 4a20fa
File 137924177074.png - (58.49KB , 640x480 , attire-for-sifting-through-rubble.png )

Radula isn't going to let that happen again.

He's a smart eldrich abomination.
No. 76214 ID: 35037e
File 137927355788.jpg - (1.66MB , 2112x1188 , Luchalison.jpg )

No. 76217 ID: 5612af

This is not helping alleivate my crush on Sevener /at all/.
No. 76223 ID: 5869f6

I commend you on yer york, son! Makin' me giggle when I see it.
No. 76238 ID: 77f3f5

I have one problem with this: How does Allison get up to the top rope to do the moonsault in the first place?
No. 76239 ID: dbe554

She slithered up.
No. 76260 ID: 5612af

Snakes can climb most surfaces provided they're not overly slick and her lower half is basically all muscle.
No. 76261 ID: 5acad3

oh god that is amazing
so adorable. I wanna pinch those cheeks
No. 76300 ID: 5acad3
File 137972162731.jpg - (81.52KB , 437x700 , 76-3.jpg )

73-6: "Uhh, Monica. What am I looking at here?"

Monica: "Something were product testing. The company is still working to improve its public image."

73-6: "I don't suppose I'll be seeing any royalties from this thing will I?"

Monica: "Technically you're considered intellectual property. So.... legally the bureau owns your image in perpetuity."

RML posted something on IRC about good/bad character designs. Then there was talk about drawing /quest/ characters as awful designs and well... this happened.

Still not enough pouches.
No. 76304 ID: dc2a0a

Wow, if you like Brom so much why don't you marry hi--wait
No. 76306 ID: bd48c5

Uh, Bureau? I think Marvel's gonna send one of their "Legal" teams after you if you continue to use a character resembling Cable so heavily.
No. 76354 ID: f9e1a7
File 137993512019.jpg - (44.41KB , 700x601 , Sarahcore.jpg )

well, anon, you did updated, but i couldn't resist...Sorry
No. 76361 ID: 1f8505


No. 76454 ID: 47e602
File 138023951676.jpg - (196.16KB , 1600x1200 , 2013-09-26 20_38_16.jpg )

For ornod quest uou
No. 76456 ID: 5869f6

That was fast
No. 76457 ID: 58c621


Clearly there is a conspiracy afoot!

Or the two know each other already.

No. 76479 ID: 6ee13c


i just happen to draw rly fast irl B)
(plus do our drawing styles even look the similar??)
No. 76480 ID: 5bf190


A little. Certainly close enough to possibly be the same person making an effort to draw in different styles!

However. The question implied in "that was fast" is less about how quickly you draw and more how quickly you became such a fan that you felt compelled to draw art, given that the quest in question is so young! Most quests have to go on a bit longer before people get interested enough to do that sort of thing. This is especially suspicious since you have not, to my awareness, made fanart for any other quests, many of which are certainly not lacking in immediate visual appeal and most of which have had more time to present interesting things to draw!

Confess your conspiracy! What dastardly plot are you hatching???
No. 76481 ID: aef453

The conspiracy probably boils down to "oh hey this quest started off with tits, I like tits, fanart means more support for the quest means more tits" or something :V
No. 76483 ID: 35037e
File 138034749462.png - (422.85KB , 1024x1024 , UnS UnS UnS - 33.png )


"Ah! Lookout!"

>"Huh, what?!"
No. 76484 ID: 35037e
File 138034752966.png - (621.63KB , 1024x1024 , UnS UnS UnS - 34.png )


"Sorry about that Sixer."

>"Mhmph! Mrphffmmr!!!"

"I can't understand you."

Sixer tells Alison to get off, and asks why she came back.

"I need to stop Iso now and for good. He never properly cooperates, and worst of all..."
No. 76485 ID: 35037e
File 138034756883.png - (752.10KB , 1024x1024 , UnS UnS UnS - 35.png )

"... He just keeps interrupting me again..."
No. 76486 ID: 35037e
File 138034760018.png - (674.84KB , 1024x1024 , UnS UnS UnS - 36.png )

"... and again..."
No. 76488 ID: 57a559

Turns out Mafia Alison never wrote that message at all.
No it was an Alison so much more deadly.
No. 76489 ID: 6ee13c

but i have actually, just under different aliases and i mostly put my fanart in the their /dis threads soo
It actually boils down to: oh this quest's the first i saw while waiting for ppl to add commands to my own i should draw that (plus, fluffy ovo)
No. 76492 ID: 35037e
File 138034951287.png - (1.09MB , 1280x1280 , UnS UnS UnS - 37.png )


"And again! I swear he is going out of his way to do it on purpose some times"
No. 76493 ID: eaa270

Dat hair....
No. 76494 ID: c23ab0

Simple! Once he/she is in a state of continual orgasm he/she/it will no longer trouble your snu snu!
No. 76498 ID: f45380

Jeeze, you tried just talking to him, Harem-Ali? Or you know, dragging him in when he gets too close.

Fuck yes.
No. 76504 ID: 7bbaae

Hmmm. Is the angel twin on the left supporting herself via her arms? She must be STRONK.
No. 76505 ID: 2860b1

No, she's being suspended. Alison's hair is bearing the weight.
No. 76599 ID: 35037e
File 138069339963.png - (1.05MB , 1024x1024 , ysabel.png )

Ysabel! fanart
No. 76615 ID: f0c8ac

Impressive work good sir!
No. 76632 ID: cf16c8
File 138084297421.png - (262.90KB , 1220x900 , KadoJerkingOffJurek.png )

Kado x Jurek OTP
No. 76634 ID: 35037e
File 138085476452.png - (1.01MB , 1600x1200 , UnnaturalSelection_Alison.png )

Alison from Unnatural Selection fanart.
No. 76636 ID: 7bbaae

Who's the dude?
No. 76637 ID: 49f001

Probably the New MrQ. Bedding all the quest babes.
No. 76638 ID: 5010b8

Guy from Magic West, isn't it?
No. 76639 ID: 820866

You mean René? Nah, he had brown hair and his hair stuck up more. Also, a kickass coat that was on fire. Plus, he didn't have any scars that I remember.
No. 76643 ID: cf16c8
File 138093359359.png - (317.93KB , 1100x970 , PilonDoingSomethingSmall2.png )

Lagotrope is a cool dude and sent me his old tablet so I did his request of "Pilon doing something" to learn how to use a tablet.
No. 76644 ID: 35037e
File 138093392021.png - (237.93KB , 900x900 , MagicWestline.png )

>You really think I look like this? Really?
No. 76645 ID: 1f8505


The lack of flaming coat did kinda give it away.
No. 76650 ID: a48f95
File 138096775725.png - (343.57KB , 1348x1315 , questfart1.png )

I'm starting to like Biles a lot
No. 76651 ID: 5869f6

I have the strangest urge to hug him for some reason...
No. 76652 ID: 57a559

Biles will grow to be the new obsession.
With each named neumono given somewhat of a focus or part, obsession shoots right up. First Rokoa, than Polo, than Pilon.

Kappi seems fine as far as obsession goes. Korli's getting up there.
No. 76654 ID: 6216b0
File 138105150902.png - (22.01KB , 897x811 , whosmle.png )

Been meaning to draw this for awhile

From "Wholesome Quest"
No. 76655 ID: d38f67

All of this is super flattering, thank you very much everyone.
No. 76658 ID: 4a20fa

The expression/body language on this is great.
No. 76672 ID: 35037e
File 138118840861.png - (843.57KB , 1024x1024 , JuneQuest.png )

Sarah from June Quest. Damn those zombies
No. 76673 ID: 1f8505


Thank you so much! :D
No. 76754 ID: 35037e
File 138155632832.png - (1.04MB , 1200x1600 , Page1.png )

No. 76755 ID: 35037e
File 138155635027.png - (0.98MB , 1200x1600 , Page2.png )

No. 76756 ID: 35037e
File 138155636250.png - (745.63KB , 1200x1600 , Page3.png )

No. 76757 ID: 35037e
File 138155637533.png - (751.68KB , 1200x1600 , Page4.png )

No. 76758 ID: 35037e
File 138155638970.png - (1.12MB , 1200x1600 , Page5.png )

No. 76787 ID: bd48c5

Ficus, I know your game. This is secretly also a LonelyWorld fan comic, and by the end no one within an eight-mile-radius of that cafe will have a stitch of clothing left between the lot of them.
No. 76788 ID: 16c47c

This is a great thing and it makes me happy.
No. 76801 ID: 1e72ea

Massive boobs.....
Ficus, you are great
No. 76802 ID: 1e72ea
File 138167883405.png - (272.57KB , 1000x700 , nyoron.png )

Also, this is for Arhra
Deem is too cute
No. 76808 ID: b3dd38
File 138170039431.png - (107.68KB , 754x304 , SulHeads.png )

Starting on a Sul model. Head first!
No. 76814 ID: c2ff62


No. 76833 ID: 34cbef
File 138183256662.png - (25.82KB , 609x513 , stalagmitefanart.png )

i fucking love this poking part
No. 76842 ID: 8e1c14
File 138193402249.png - (39.11KB , 1024x1024 , necromancer.png )

No. 76843 ID: 149da1

:3 thanks! tough i don't know who you are...
No. 76857 ID: ee2c2e

Poor Mayli didn't know she was getting into a poke fight with a FUCKING GOD.
No. 76863 ID: 5bf190
File 138206484349.png - (540.01KB , 850x1010 , bdayrequest2013.png )

So, on my birthday, (which is today), my tradition is to go on to the tgchan IRC and ask for a request on what to draw. The requests this year were "sarah porn" and "goodra". The answer was clear.

Rated NA for No Anon44s.

Goodra pokedex entry: "This very friendly Dragon-type Pokemon will hug its beloved Trainer, leaving that Trainer covered in sticky slime."
No. 76865 ID: bd48c5

I honestly think the localizers are just fucking around with people at this point much like Goodra.
No. 76866 ID: 1f8505


No. 76879 ID: 57a559

That is clearly the most nastiest consensual porn piece on this board.
Actually, I think this overtakes bitequest's stuff too.

That is tgchan's backdoor sluts 9
No. 76880 ID: 75a612

Classy, and amazing.
No. 76883 ID: 8ab426


I am disappointed by the lack of 'sludge bomb' or 'infestation' but overall this is pretty great.
No. 76884 ID: f5d6c9


But those aren't moves it learns naturally by leveling. How could I live with myself if I committed such an inaccuracy?
No. 76885 ID: bd48c5

What about that time Bite drew a sperm cell humping a red blood cell?
No. 76892 ID: 57a559

That seems really tame, in my opinion.

Okay, Ficus's explicit UnS fanart saga is also pretty nasty, but I still think Sara x Goodra takes the cake.
No. 76894 ID: 2401ac

...What's tgchan's definition of nasty? Because UnSe porn hasn't seemed very nasty so far.
No. 76896 ID: 57a559

Look at her face
Sara's also got a similarly pleased expression doused in slime

Truly the nasiest of nasty is expressed pleasure
No. 76900 ID: c23ab0


Looking at her face. Yep. Giving that face a good long look. Definitely looking at that.
No. 76928 ID: 4ef7f2

Belated happy birthday, Jukashi!

That pokédick is in a weird location on the tail
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