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File 125730921286.png - (15.97KB , 366x315 , ps-disc.png )
5643 No. 5643 ID: 73ad2b

Look at me, starting my own discussion thread.

Since we're about to venture into the Phantom Star proper, I'd like to open the Screw Yourselves Over contest. I want you -- yes, you -- to create the alien monsters found in the Phantom Star. I don't have any real limits except that they should be non-humanoid and more abomination-themed. You can, optionally, also include their methods of attack (such as stealth, from behind, leap for the face, etc.) and how hostile they are. There will be no allies in Phantom Star, so don't make any friendly aliens.

Beyond that, I'd love to have suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism.
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No. 5648 ID: f21281
File 125731025457.jpg - (28.95KB , 237x314 , crabstalk.jpg )

Some kind of extending crabstalk thing.
No. 5652 ID: 43d730

Little sea-urchin things with telekinesis. When they aren't floating around or accelerating to ridiculous speeds to blenderise things, they make a tinktinktinktinktink sound. Some kind of silicon-crystal lifeform?
No. 5683 ID: 6faa8c
File 125735715545.jpg - (74.80KB , 640x480 , cutiewatcher.jpg )

No. 5722 ID: fdc826
File 125739519584.png - (10.64KB , 471x396 , grinbee.png )

It's like a bee, but with teeth.
No. 5805 ID: 4f736e
File 12575801721.jpg - (68.54KB , 750x600 , XCOMsoap.jpg )

Would this make the quest too short?
No. 5809 ID: 73ad2b

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