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File 134033878347.jpg - (217.57KB , 800x600 , disc.jpg )
56307 No. 56307 ID: e1359e

A place for questions and remarks concerning Incense.

Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/413345.html
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No. 56378 ID: 58a693

i liek peeps
No. 56464 ID: f72f26

I have a question

if the birds have no boobs, why do they wear the chest wrap underwear things?
No. 56632 ID: b9d767

Maybe because women of other races wear them? Only reason I can think of.
No. 56725 ID: d94e2c

Hey, if the girls have gone outside to Shopping, how did they not see any dudes out there?
No. 56847 ID: e1359e

This is correct. The Peephouse is styled in the "hip exotic" culture of the Serratians.

The girls have never gone out shopping. Madame Zo chooses and purchases their clothing.
No. 57117 ID: 72dd1c

Was this an expected potential direction for the quest to take? Will there be a hiatus between chapters?
No. 58968 ID: e1359e
File 134539921928.png - (487.45KB , 1512x1776 , chenhua.png )

This thread has been dead for a while (like the quest thread) so I drew a choot
No. 58979 ID: 728e31

Question for the author:
Is the Peephouse more of a stripclub or a whorehouse? I'm assuming the last one, though I've never been good at catching details like that.

Or will the girls learn this later on?
No. 58989 ID: e1359e

Things like this will be revealed in-quest eventually. Stay tuned o Z o
No. 58990 ID: 4a328b

so if Chen Hua is yellow, what colors are the other girls?
No. 59010 ID: d94e2c

I always thought Shan-Ha was some kind of pink.
No. 60739 ID: e1359e
File 134743025287.jpg - (270.79KB , 800x766 , choots.jpg )

This is a sketch that I drew a while back to show colors, but not proper anatomy or character models.
No. 60740 ID: e1359e
File 134743033315.jpg - (116.18KB , 800x600 , rin.jpg )

The first Rin concept art
No. 60742 ID: e1359e
File 134743180325.jpg - (90.91KB , 772x516 , rifles.jpg )

I have always been terrible at drawing guns. I wanted to come up with some designs which are fictitious, while at the same time draw elements from existing guns.

I found inspiration for these in Spencer, Henry, and Winchester rifles.
No. 60743 ID: 1f8505


Lever-action rifles are pretty sweet.
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