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File 133978794656.jpg - (53.89KB , 1024x436 , Hell, it\'s about time_.jpg )
56099 No. 56099 ID: c7197a

Hell, it's about time.

Well, ask your questions here, and I'll do my best to answer them. If I spoiler tag it, its probably a spoiler

((Apparently, because someone already posted the Youtube link, I can't?))
No. 56100 ID: c6aadb

>He makes blocklike servitors and has them mine and craft things.
If we don't give him specific directs will he automatically increase the amount of these servitors, thus increasing the resource acquisition rate and decreasing building time of other projects?
No. 56101 ID: c7197a

Yes. He basically just improves the efficiency of how he runs in any aspect that its lacking or can be improved.
No. 56103 ID: f387a1

How much training you girls need? Let's go with the basics first?

We already have:
basic laboring and crafting skills
basic medium range combat skills: glaive
basic enhancement skills: speed
basic magic soul formation skill
improved titanic soul formation skill

We lack training on:
basic short range combat skills: short sword and dagger
basic hunting and gathering skills
basic cooking and sewing skills
basic contracting magic skills

No. 56108 ID: f387a1

Okay. No hunting, gathering, cooking and sewing. Perhaps working as a librarian? Anyway, let's speed up things. Think of a routine.

We have three blocks. How about Soul Formation, Enhancement and Contract? Besides those, we may spend a few days with searching for loot OR recognition of the area, medium range combat and short range combat?
No. 56109 ID: c7197a

You don't need to train as a librarian thanks to nature as a titan of the written word. However, you might want to consider some training in people skills, because you're going to be interacting with people, and so far you've just interacted with one person, Alexander, and he's used to be a part of you.
No. 56112 ID: f387a1

Not train as a librarian, but work as a librarian. This will require two blocks?
And what kind of mortal skills? Diplomacy, sense motive, appraise, survival?
No. 56113 ID: c7197a

How many blocks depends on how many shifts you take and how much money you want to earn. Customer service, reading posture and expressions, possibly making smalltalk.
No. 56115 ID: f387a1

We can work and improve our social skills at the same time?
Anyway, since Alexander is a glutton, we should train Contract outside by morning or afternoon.
No. 56116 ID: c6aadb

We're not going to work as librarian. What the hell?

We have a giant (dead) city with a magical-ai and bunch of servitors. We don't NEED to work.
Want money? Sell shit from the city or have Alex mine gold or something.
No. 56118 ID: f387a1

What about the little humans and their world? We can't just grind and grind indefinitely! Furthermore, we need to know how to hide our identity! We can't simply walk around with our pockets full of diamonds and rare old stuff!
No. 56119 ID: c6aadb

Of course we wont grind forever.
If you want some cover, lets just pretend to be an adventurer mage. We can use mortal magic too, remember?

And I never said to walk around with bags of valuables, just enough money to buy stuff we might need.
No. 56121 ID: f387a1

However, big w. doesn't know how to react in mortal societies. He'll screw things up without some training. This doesn't need much time, and none of you girls are in a hurry. Moreover, we can't sell anything from the citadel, that would draw unwanted attention.
No. 56122 ID: c7197a

Actually you can always pretend you recovered them from a ruin or something. Not too much, because it'll attract treasure hunters to Alexandria, but just a little won't draw that much attention.
No. 56124 ID: c6aadb

Bah. Again, we pretend to be a mage.
No one should bat an eye if a mage is eccentric, goofy and anti-social.
No. 56125 ID: f387a1

What if we need to interact socially? Unless you think we will explore abandoned ruins throughout our entire journey. Come on, just two days? How about this, you can accumulate whatever amount of mana you want before we go.
No. 56126 ID: c6aadb

no, that's not what I meant.
I meant that we can get away with weird behavior as a mage because the usual trope is that mages are weird and eccentric. Mercury fumes does that to your brain.

I'm cool with leaving as soon as we get permanent strength enchantment so that we can wield the Glaive comfortably.

Actually, my complaint was that I don't want to work as a librarian. How is that going to help us to blend in society? Keep in mind that if we have zero communication skills, we still have them at that level when we first go to a city and try to find a work as a librarian. We will still have to talk with people before getting that job and when we get it, we wont magically get people skills in an instant.
I think it is just a waste of time which we can use for better things. We can always socialize at other places. And last I checked, library isn't that good of a place to improve social skills.
No. 56127 ID: f387a1

Good point. We'll deal with things as they come, then.
No. 56131 ID: c7197a

New update's up if anyone want to check it out.
No. 56149 ID: f387a1

Odd questions. All titans are masculine? Or they don't have gender? All Titans are our brothers? Or just Art and Music?
No. 56150 ID: c7197a

All titans have no gender. They sometimes show more traits usually associated with a certain gender, but they are beyond such things as gender, also Gender is a fairly minor titan. All titans are your brothers, but Art and Music are your closest and most beloved.
No. 56151 ID: c6aadb

Why does Alex act so nervous, especially when talking about underwear?
I mean, he is a city for God's sake!
No. 56154 ID: c7197a

He's talking about your underwear. You're like his mom. Also he might have a slight Oedipus complex.

>Makes cheerful and happy characters
>They get called airheads
No. 56155 ID: c6aadb

>>Makes cheerful and happy characters
>>They get called airheads

Air spirit. Air head.
Come on man. I couldn't help myself
No. 56156 ID: c7197a

I was actually going for the cute impression there.
No. 56170 ID: c6aadb

What benefit did we gain from contracting Fwieri?
Does she improve our soulfire regen rate now?
No. 56173 ID: c7197a

Nah, but if you pay her one soulfire, she'll help out in a fight, or with some other task.
No. 56193 ID: 1427e9

How many souls can we create without needing to put them into bodies. Or do we need to put them into bodies all the time?
No. 56194 ID: c7197a

It really depends on how durable your body is, it needs to be able to hold the strain of multiple souls. At this point, maybe about 3, 5 at max, but that's pushing it.
No. 56197 ID: f387a1

Hey, may I ask? I want a better description on the souls we create, both new and old.
No. 56199 ID: c7197a

Like how? Right now, this new soul has no characteristic yet. Essentially, you're giving it a name and letting it develop a personality on it's own. The name will play a large part in its personality, but also its early experiences and memories. You also have amnesia that will recover, but for now you can only remember the old souls that were mentioned in dreams.
No. 56201 ID: 1427e9

Will the amount increase if we permanently enchant toughness/durability?

Will they still provide soulfire regeneration if we stuff them in golems? How does that even work? Willthe golem have to near us?
No. 56203 ID: f387a1

We can teach titanic powers, spells and other abilities to them? They need a body to help us in battle with titanic powers and magic? How far they can go without us? How much mana they can carry with themselves? What are the differences between new and old souls?

More questions. What are the effects of training? How far can we go without supervision or development in the story? We can absorb knowledge of souls and ghosts, like swordsmanship from a warrior and mortal magic from a wizard? Or is this something unique to our relationship with Richeliu?
No. 56204 ID: 1427e9

>First, I'm not being totally serious. I like to play a bit instead of just choosing actions. Second, souls are characters and should be treated as such. Now, about your spending. The new soul will need ten days to recover what was spent, five if "improved regeneration" is accepted. I prefer to specialize each soul in some kinds of magic and other skills, so we can accelerate this "training". Also, if you don't think fast, I'll come with a proposal for all our next activities. Three days or less until we start the journey itself.

But after the soul pays for itself, it keeps on paying. So while it cost us 50 mana, in the long run it could pay us back thousands of mana.

I don't have anything against characterization of souls, so not argument there. Though I don't think choosing for it will kill its character. Also, in the future we might have hundreds of souls. Do you really want to keep track of that many souls, not to mention bunch of other NPCs we'll meet?

Hey, if you want something to do, then suggest it. Don't wait for me because I'm kind of a turtle player and would be completely content sitting in one spot gathering our strength for months till our daily mana regen is in the thousands.
I blame video games for this behaviour.
No. 56206 ID: f387a1

> I blame video games for this behaviour.
Dear lord, you too? I just think that the journey itself will provide more than training. Defeating enemies, rediscovering powers, helping others, meeting our brothers.

I was thinking of training a bit with short sword, dagger and shield, enhancement skill: toughness, a way to hide our titanic powers, search for loot in the citadel and recognize the area. Maybe spend some time making contracts with local spirits. On Lucifer/Queren, how about Secondary affinity: Wind, Specialization: Wind Powers (wind direction, slow fall, sound, breathing, wind armor and others)? Thus we can specialize in physical combat, knowledge and titanic powers.

> Do you really want to keep track of that many souls, not to mention bunch of other NPCs we'll meet?
Because of the nature of a titan and our current situation, I thought we would form a "group" with the souls, having no more than half-dozen? Or we will treat each soul as advantages and equipment?
No. 56208 ID: e3aff6

>I'm kind of a turtle player and would be completely content sitting in one spot gathering our strength for months till our daily mana regen is in the thousands. I blame video games for this behaviour.
You should play some of the Elder Scrolls games. Then you will know how over-munchkining can often ruin otherwise excellent games.

>Also, in the future we might have hundreds of souls. Do you really want to keep track of that many souls, not to mention bunch of other NPCs we'll meet?
The trick is we won't directly have hundreds of souls. We will have several souls, who in turn have several souls, who themselves have souls, and so on.
No. 56210 ID: c7197a

No, you have to either physically train your body, or increase your cognitive capacity (get smart and learn stuff).

Yes. It works because that is still part of your soul. No matter how far away you are, you are still parts of one greater being.

Yes, as they are a part of you. No, they can boost your skills, although that will affect your body, i.e. make the cool word tattoos on your body. They can go as far as they want. It depends on the soul, if it's a major soul, a lot, if it's a lesser soul, not that much. More than a vanilla mortal anyway.

Training helps you get more familiar with a skill and helps you ease next time you do it. Yes, you can. A person's core being is inside their soul. When you eat the soul, you eat that too. You can just drain enough soulfire from a person, without eating their soul, though. But that requires them to willing, or incapacitated.
No. 56211 ID: 1427e9

Dude, you should greentext the particular questions you're giving the answer. It is kinda confusing otherwise.
No. 56212 ID: f387a1

That sounds fun! Thanks!

Shush! First and second paragraphs are responses to your two paragraphs. Third and fourth paragraphs are responses to my paragraphs. Easy!
No. 56214 ID: c7197a

Hey, what's the significance behind Queren, anyway. If it has no significance, I think I'm going with Lucifer.

The name of a soul will affect it's nature. For example, Lucifer will be more prideful, but will want to do more great works ya'know, to show his/her greatness. Souls are genderless in the beginning, but as they do more activities normally associated with a gender, they will gravitate towards it.
No. 56216 ID: f387a1

Yes! The first-born! Prideful, seeks greatness! I wonder how she will treat her brothers!
No. 56222 ID: 1427e9

I admit, there is no significance behind the name Queren but I still don't like Lucifer.
And pridefulness is not a positive trait, it is a negative one. I don't want our soul throwing a bitchfit if we tell it to do something it doesn't want or if it disagrees with us. Especially when we're in such a weak position.
Besides, it is not a "first-born", it is probably one of the hundreds of thousands of souls we made.

And I'm still in the mind that the souls we make should be narrowly specialized. When we made Alex, we made him to govern a massive city. I'm sure we tailor-made for that specific task and nothing else. Telling it "oh, do whatever" might stunt his primary task when he decides to devote half of it's "cpu" to something else entirely, and he would lose efficiency in governing the city.
We're not making a companion first, we're making something that will help us survive, ie. a tool. Anything else is a nice bonus. I don't mean to treat it like shit, heck, I wouldn't stand for it actually.

Want names with significance?
-Orenda: Huron (Iroquoian). Orenda and variations of this word are the terms given to Magic power. It is said that a Shaman has great Orenda or that a great hunter has overcome the Orenda of the animal he pursued.

-Gwydion: Celtic sky god; a magician; giver of arts and civilization.

-Afya: health [as I see it, soulfire is sort of health for creatures which must be restored and cared for]

-Salus: Greek goddess of health

And that's just rudimentary search. I'm searching for something that has to do with magic, restoration and health.
Now that I think of it, 'Lucifer' is kinda lazy choice too even if you forget the connotations.

Yeah, it is easy now when there are only two people with few questions. When there will be half a dozen people with bunch of questions, some intervening and repeating, some withing posts that aren't entirely devoted to questions, it will become a convoluted mess.
I know what he is replying to, I'm just bringing this forth immediately before it becomes a problem.
Besides, do you know how hard it is when you're reading from a mobile phone? One needs to constantly scroll up and down if the post lacks quoted text.
No. 56224 ID: f387a1

> Besides, do you know how hard it is when you're reading from a mobile phone?
Oh. I did not. Sorry.

> Telling it "oh, do whatever" might stunt his primary task when he decides to devote half of it's "cpu" to something else entirely, and he would lose efficiency in governing the city.
Sorry for the misunderstanding! My play got on the way again! We're also the newborn soul, we who choose skills and such. Anyway, I still think you're underestimating the souls. Administering a huge and extremely advanced walking citadel is a complex task, not specialized. In addition, you're forgetting the "old souls", like Richeliu and Garilou.

> Besides, it is not a "first-born", it is probably one of the hundreds of thousands of souls we made.
She is our first! Come on! Also, pride is only bad in excess.
No. 56225 ID: 1427e9

You're right. I'm largely assuming things, so I could be completely talking out of my ass.
I wont disagree with the notion of letting the new Soul grow on its own accord and choosing its role and secondary affinity itself. Or gender. I don't have any issue it being female gender.
No. 56462 ID: c7197a

Hey, should I just let this die? It only looks like one person is voting. It seems like a waste to continue it.
No. 56465 ID: b2f225

What do you mean? Abandon the quest? Damn, I'll miss it and curse you and your future generations, but you call the shots. It's not worth going on if you're not having fun. Anyway, thanks. I had a good time.
No. 56472 ID: d7e757

Hey, bro, just saw this post from the front page, and I'm here to tell you: Never drop a fucking quest. Even if there's just ONE guy, keep going. It's way too easy to drop a quest and let it be a habit. Hell, my first quest, Operator Quest, was only one dude about halfway through. Look it up if you don't believe me.
No. 56501 ID: b2f225

Oh! You're back! Yes! Hey, don't misunderstand! It's not like I like your quest or anything! Anyway, I'll try my best to make this worthwhile!
No. 57482 ID: a7a256

> If you go below one you'll die.
Thought so.

What can you tell about the oath and that healing thing?
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