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File 133931953443.png - (111.09KB , 665x600 , lets talk bros.png )
55947 No. 55947 ID: c489a1

Doomed Knight general

Ask, ship, talk, etc
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No. 55950 ID: 132b99

goblins are adorable
No. 55952 ID: e894c0

why is Ainle so crabby
No. 55955 ID: d5ee6f

He's too adorable and feels he has to be a big mean nonadorable knight but he's bad at not being adorable
No. 55974 ID: f387a1

> ship
You know us far too well.
No. 55975 ID: 132b99

i hope Brenda's fiancee implodes and she seeks solace with ainle, and then one thing leads to another...
No. 55979 ID: c489a1
File 133939937917.png - (105.11KB , 648x639 , I\'LL SHOW YOU CRABBY.png )


Heheh, crabby.
No. 56003 ID: e894c0


you were thinking about it even before I said it, weren't you.
No. 56010 ID: 97486c

Doomed Knight?

It all makes sense now! Ainle is the Knight of Doom!
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