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File 133931122753.png - (375.58KB , 815x850 , Deal Wiz It.png )
55944 No. 55944 ID: 067a04

Yeah, that's right. I made a discussion thread for Wizard Quest. Just in case, you know, discussion. I'll also put concept art and stuff here. Yes, I make concept art for my quests. Because I take these things SO SERIOUSLY YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW
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No. 55945 ID: 067a04
File 133931135244.png - (61.58KB , 600x600 , Kylos.png )

Look see it's the concept art for this guy crazy right?

so crazy
No. 55946 ID: f387a1

You're not the only one TOTALLY SERIOUSLY here. And no, I never make any aberrant grammatical error. Ever. My English is perfecto, fullproof even. Trust me on this.
No. 56750 ID: 067a04
File 134144955558.png - (40.12KB , 600x600 , Handsalot.png )

Reference thingy for that guy's hand.
No. 56751 ID: 067a04
File 134145076049.png - (68.35KB , 600x600 , KylosKorentho.png )

An updated Kylos. He got closer!
No. 56760 ID: 9a16b0

Digging the wacked out setting you got here, with the crazy illogical reality-warping magic. I love it.
No. 56801 ID: 067a04


Thank you! It isn't illogical, though. It's just too magical for the mortal mind to comprehend. Unless you're a wizard.
No. 56805 ID: 067a04
File 134155964943.png - (45.08KB , 600x600 , dreamless.png )

That guy.
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