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File 133889347301.png - (38.16KB , 500x300 , forgequest.png )
55813 No. 55813 ID: c3ec0a

Start a new quest.

List 1:

1 - Necromancer quest a la the Tarn House

A necromancer travels on his palanquin carried by undead servants

2 - Crime quest – starting small

A small group of criminals attempt to get rich by unlawful means

3 - Exterminate rat populance

A technologically advanced race has entered a group of islands on a paradise world but it’s populated by a pest civilization

4 - Jungle guardian

A servant to a snake god protects the jungle inhabited by tribes of furries

5 - Fhan quest

High magic worlds highly advanced worlds sand box quest

6 - Ant quest

Ants make industry

7 - Klackon quest

Space race has started. Klackons are the most industrious force in the close galaxy

8 - Steel Wars

Mechs are making war in Verdia or what was it. A quest made with EvilP

9 - The human civilization 2250

Humans have colonized Earth, the moon and Mars. They’re colonizing also the outer space. A man has been revealed a secret of ancient aliens.

10 – Hydralisk

The world of Starcraft in a hypothetical adventure as a zerg hydralisk. Includes chapters about Terrans as well.

11 – Frognarok

An epic space battle quest where frogs and toads battle each other in space. Confrontations with furrie space aliens and apes as well as a mysterious space race that is willing to give technology to end the war.

12 – Dwarf fortress quest

Design a dwarf fortress in the evil tainted lands.

13 – Photosynthesis

A sentient species of plants sail on light through the dark caverns of space and perform miracles to spread the Seed in the universe.

14 – A survivor quest

A modern person is exiled into the wilderness

It’s about survival

15 - Shapeshifter quest

The story of a shapeshifter. Maybe in a modern urban environment, maybe in a fantasy setting.

16 – Troubles of a Solar Civilization

A story of a messenger light being trying to solve a mysterious problem of his species by taking a mortal body and travelling into density from his light body and the surface of a sun.

17 - Knight quest

A feudal knight takes on an adventure to punish crime and win the favour of his kings’ people – or to become feared

18 - Swordmaster quest

A sword master quest basically focused on diplomacy, life issues and dueling.

19 – Underdark quest

An intelligent and cute forgotten beast roams through the Underdark meeting Drohak, deep goblins, horrors and illithids.

20 – Robot quest

All about robots in a robot society. Matrix themes.

21 – Defence force quest

A secret defence budget force tackles a hidden enemy. Includes X-Com themes.

22 – Rome quest

A roman citizen gets into military. Adventures in the antique.

23 – Wizard quest

Wizards and wizard fire.

24 – Rat society – Beast Control

A fantasy theme where ratmen spread across an ancient region with their crazy machinery and beast control.

25 – A wounded god quest

A god is mysteriously wounded and takes a mortal form to investigate his vulnerability and finds the thrilling society of the mortals with its ups and downs.

26 – Blacksmith

A quest about a blacksmith forging the most legendary sword ever known to the human civilization while becoming himself a god.

27 - Master of Orion Quest

A quest in the style of master of orion 1 or 2

28 – 1800

A man gets caught in the Napoleonic Wars.

29 – Loli

A loli girl gets her will in everyday situations

30 – Arachnid

An alien race of Arachnids spread across the universe spread by mystery. A sophisticated alien race seems to have vanished overnight from the surface of their homeworlds leaving behind a functioning portal system that the Arachnids facilitate.

31 – Templars

The Templar Order is about to take hold of the Holy City. How does the adventure go in the scorching desert?

32 – Serf Quest

Brutality of the land lord, everyday problems of a serf, chance to escape from serfdom, all sort of shit jobs.

33 – Peon quest

Work work work!

34 – Diablo

Character development & loot fest.

35 – Lizardman quest

The swamps of the lizardmen hear the wardrums. It is time for the 5 million lizardmen to tread the paths of world dominance. With halberds and spears they march first to the Desert of Solace and then to the Lands of the Flame.

36 – Samurai quest

A Samurai quest in the 17th / 16th century Japan.

37 – Spaceducks

Inspired by Donald Duck.

38 – Artist quest

Playful game of colors and artistic challenge.

39 – Survivor quest
A man is cast into an inhabited island of rock and forest. He has to survive until saved.

40 – Cook quest

Cooking in a restaurant under strict schedule. Possible beginner setting where the suggestors give the instructions to a total thumb in the middle of the hand guy

41 – Goblin invasion quest

Goblins try to siege a dwarf fortress.

42 – Cell quest

How a basic organism evolves and co-operates in a larger organism through time

43 – Preacher quest

A preacher has been given the mission to convert a population of a savage island into Crossanity.

44 – Diabolic

A demon plots to invade the land of ghosts to gain access to the realm of the asuras. But the task show to be more difficult.

45 – Schizophrenia

Life of a schizophrenic person. Delusion alert.

46 – Escape quest

Much like Tozol quest but with some other species and scenario.

47 – Mutant quest

A mutagen causes people to turn into mutants…

48 – Z-day

Survive in the zombie-filled theatre of catastrophe.

49 – Vampire quest

A Vampire wakes up and realises he doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight instead it burns.

50 – Siberia

Russians surviving the winter of Siberia.
No. 55817 ID: 71d68e

None of those ideas really stand out, and you're offering too many options. Execution's the most important part anyway. Things like engaging characters, interesting situations, good pacing, etc. You're better off just picking one and making it interesting and fun. With the right approach, you can make a quest about nearly any topic fun.
No. 55823 ID: c3ec0a

Yeah, but Steve Jobs wrote that focusing means abandoning 100 other good options and innovation means abandoning 1000 other good options. It seems that you need another 10 000 bad ideas to get one good option and thus I can't execute a quest this way.
No. 55825 ID: 1f8505


You'll also notice Steve Jobs is dead.
No. 55826 ID: 71d68e

You're overthinking it. For making a good quest, you need good improvisational storytelling/gamemastering skills far, far more than you need the perfect idea.
No. 55831 ID: c3ec0a

I've been a GM/story teller in Neverwinter Nights for years but I learned nothing.
No. 55834 ID: c4a1fc

I think either you already knew it or you did and didn't realize it. I've only been a GM for a short while and I've already learned a lot.
No. 55843 ID: a47043

All the previous options. 51, always a good idea.
No. 55844 ID: 97486c

If I may offer a suggestion? Most of the updates you put out for your quests are usually 'Stuff happens stuff happens stuff happens, should I do this or this?'
While a quest does essentially boil down to 'stuff happened, what do?' you don't really have to ask that question each update or limit the suggesters to only a few options. I suggest you should see how other quests end their updates and try to pick up on that.
No. 55847 ID: c3ec0a

Well appreciated.
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