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File 133860897627.png - (23.75KB , 800x600 , eat0000.png )
55631 No. 55631 ID: 131de9

Eat Quest:


Let's start off with this question here from over in ye olde quest thread:

> Has all these changes effected these two's sexual orientation? Like, does Tony still have the male mindset and is attracted to women?

Well! It's fairly presumptuous to assume he wasn't gay to begin with! Not that he was, so far as I know, but hey.

More seriously, I hadn't put any thought into the issue honestly. I'm just over here obsessing over my big spreadsheet of stats and items and probability tables, and figured eventually someone's going to suggest these two bang regardless of who has what at the time, at which point I was prepared to deal with it like everything else, and make a persuasion check or two.

Now that you bring it up though, I'm kinda tempted to double back on that, say there's been no effect, and toss sexual orientation in as a new potential attribute slider if they get over to that other island and I have a new collection of food to stat out.

Any other things people would like/hate to see crop up if I do that?
No. 55633 ID: fdad59

Yeah, that sounds fine to me. Perhaps you could put the link to the questdis in every author post in the quest? It'll help direct mechanics questions and arguments over here.

I'm wondering what will happen if a character's dexterity or strength attribute gets too low. Will they be too clumsy or weak to walk or even hold food?
No. 55634 ID: 117e69

Depends. It'd be great to have more people on the other island who have also undergone crazy food problems.

This reminds me of CoC without the rape.
No. 55635 ID: 117e69

Some more ideas for fruit effects that effect mentality:

Inhibition +/- : Makes the character more hard to/easy to persuade, makes them less/more likely to take risks, makes them less/more likely to try new things, makes them less/more focused on the rules of society, etc.

Libido +/-

Imagination +/-

Things like that. Would be interesting~
No. 55639 ID: 131de9


It shouldn't be quite that extreme. Bottoming strength out would make it impossible to go gather stuff though, killing dex would make it impossible to eat anything that requires peeling or other preparation. Nuking Wisdom would be the really dangerous one, since it's kinda required to find food and all.

You had all figured out I'm working off the standard D&D stats already right?


To be completely honest, this quest exists because I was staring at yonder CoC quest getting annoyed at the weird stalemate from there being no reason to eat/drink anything or much in the way of forward momentum. So tada. Food must be eaten, and there's another island over there to try and reach once stats are tweaked properly to get a boat made.


Right. So there's that to look forward to.
No. 55716 ID: fdad59

Just so you know, Gnoll is the one running that CoC quest. He's slightly notorious for not advancing plots.
No. 55717 ID: d1e9bf

No. 55719 ID: 131de9

I was originally going to just give him a bunch of suggestions on how to spice things up, but half would have involved changing well-established rules, so, screw it. I'm gonna make my own wander around getting screwed up quest! With blackjack! And hookers!
No. 55741 ID: 131de9

So since we seem to be coming up on the first major goal here of getting a raft and checking out Island #2, should I take a stab at redrawing these two from scratch? On the one hand, the copy-paste deal with this quest is totally intentional so the subtle tweaks come through, but I am really getting sick of these flobbity arms and screwy necks.

If someone wants spare us all the horror and take a stab at cleaned up new baseline images so I don't have to, that'd be cool too. Particularly if various sized tracts of land are in there. The flattening thereof really seems to have thronw things off for me.
No. 55743 ID: 86559e

When would you need it by?
No. 55766 ID: 131de9


Oh hey! Uh... if people stay on task, some time later tonight most likely. But if people get distracted with weird non-stat-optimal weirdness like they did with this last update, or I take a break from constantly updating this quest (possibly working on some of these others or something), no real rush.
No. 55803 ID: 131de9

Since, if I recall, people successfully worked out the stat change math from everything on the first island, here's what they ended up with upon reaching the second:

Danella 17 3 13 11 10 11

Tony 8 15 6 22 10 4

Tony is now smart enough to realize it was pretty stupid eating all that fish at once without being sure what it did besides stats!
No. 55804 ID: 3c585f

tony's stats are now perfect for this song to play on repeat forever.
No. 55868 ID: 197830

I suppose it's probably not the best idea to suggest they both go partially fishy and try to found a race of mermen.
No. 55876 ID: 131de9


Probably not. It carries the problems of:
A- That being a hard thing to push for without any major concensus.
B- Not currently having access to a huge supply of +fish food.
C- Still having failed to identify anything that yields guys (I mean, there's ruins guy, but you have no control over his diet).
D- Working out a longterm stable diet that doesn't necessitate getting out of the water.

Feel free to give it a shot though!
No. 56001 ID: fdad59

Author, I have a question: Does drinking water reduce the amount of food the characters can eat in a day, or does it only reduce it if they drink too much, say more than one unit?

Here's the food and water effects I've observed so far on the second island, for the benefit of other suggesters:

Angry boar meat/ham (increases cleverness, breast size and libedo, reduces endurance and self-consciousness)
Black sloth (increases dexterity and persuasion, reduces perception and height)
Blue striped fish (increases cleverness, reduces endurance, restores human form)
Blue and white crab (increases endurance, reduces persuasion, makes hair reddish blond)
Brown seed pod (increases dexterity, reduces persuasion)
Lake water (increases cleverness and breast size, reduces dexterity)
Orange shelf-like mushroom (increases persuasion, reduces endurance, cleverness and breast size)
Pink shelled mollusk (increases dexterity, reduces strength and cleverness, possibly increases self-consciousness)
Red striped snake (increases cleverness and hair length, reduces dexterity, humanizes face and body)
Spiny green fruit (increases strength, reduces cleverness)
Tapered purple berry (increases endurance and height, reduces cleverness)
Thick-peeled pink fruit (increases perception, reduces endurance)
Vivid orange fish (increase perception, reduces persuasion, possibly humanizes face)
No. 56051 ID: 131de9


Keeping it simple. Without getting into conditions that change the range, each should eat at least 3, and no more than 6 units of food per day (and no eating all 6 in one sitting). With water, you need to drink at least 1 unit, and can, if you really want, drink 2 if spaced out. Food and water intake have no effect on each other though, they're tracked separately.
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