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File 133713793841.jpg - (228.56KB , 592x1040 , 2012-01-08_11-41-22_723.jpg )
54781 No. 54781 ID: 40c366

A place for questions and arguments.
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No. 54784 ID: 40c366

So I am planning a time skip/long time units, is there an elegant way to do that in this sort of conversational quest?
No. 54785 ID: 40c366

Bah I am giving up trips unless its a problem.
No. 54786 ID: 8346d2

Be abrupt. We'll deal with the consequences, learn how past choices affect the present.
No. 54865 ID: 9a34be

I have no idea what you're planning on doing with this quest, but it has my attention.
No. 54870 ID: 57dc3e

No. 54872 ID: 3734f6

I find not even knowing the gender of the character we are playing confusing. Because this seems to be a social quest, not just that, but at a school setting.
So its actually rather important.
No. 54876 ID: 57dc3e

Well...you _can_ press them about it.

Sorry for taking a while, I am trying to figure out what drugs the MC is on, and having a harder time of it then I expected.
No. 54880 ID: 8346d2

They're children, gender doesn't matter much.

No pressure, you can postpone that. Mom probably hides them somewhere.
No. 54939 ID: 57dc3e

Am I going to fast?
No. 54940 ID: 431fa8

It's a little difficult to follow at times, but for the most part speed is good.
No. 54950 ID: 57dc3e

Going to sleep soon. See you all tomorrow.
No. 54975 ID: 87c65e

The chinse/japanese writing is just the character "Light" which is made up of the characters for "Sun;Day" "Moon;Month".

Though Moon and Sun would be more appropriate given the order of the dreams.
No. 54979 ID: 57dc3e

(the real Pacific Crest only has one building and doesn't have a cafeteria either..but eh, I couldn't decide which middle school Tracy went too.)
No. 54980 ID: 57dc3e

(going to take a quick nap..then post a better post)
No. 54986 ID: 57dc3e

Sorry about the hurp derp.
No. 54996 ID: 57dc3e

No. 55049 ID: 1ba8cc

I am ruining off verry little sleep,.and have verry little time available, so in the interests of quality will probobly not post for a couple of days.
No. 55063 ID: f03814

Do we have dice?
No. 55065 ID: 132b99

yes but not with t alus is just dice 1d6
No. 55067 ID: fa9f7e

rolled 12, 37 = 49

Yep. Look at the email field. dice XdY+Z, iirc. If Z = 0 like it usually does, leave it out.
No. 55075 ID: 4598bd

rolled 11 = 11

Normally I don't do this.
No. 55076 ID: 132b99

i can't tell if taht is goo or bad. rolling an 11 out of 11
No. 55077 ID: fa9f7e

rolled 9, 5, 1, 3, 3, 10, 6, 2, 4, 3 = 46

The first number(s) are what you rolled, the second is the total
No. 55078 ID: 132b99

i know that, tracer rolled a 1d11, meaning an 11 is the highest number.
No. 55079 ID: fa9f7e

Oh, oops.
No. 55082 ID: 4598bd

> You know, you can signal that your update is part of a series by putting 1/2 or such in the subject field

That is a good idea.
No. 55084 ID: b9e291

Well, 11/11. That was... Borat level success. Let's hope for Tracey's sake that such success is not achieved twice. Or was the roll to see if Tracey's parents would show up before bad end?

Oh, to cross-link you can type like > > / board / thread so >>/questdis/54781 will redirect here no matter which board you post it in, with a hover preview for javascriptfags.
No. 55087 ID: 132b99

it was which reply to use. was pretty much a tie so a dice was used to break it.
No. 55106 ID: 71d68e

In the future, let's not treat it as Tentacle Sex: The Quest. Doesn't look like that'd end well.
No. 55159 ID: c3a61c

Well, you might survive..but your own mother would probably become the end boss. Or your sex slave if you are really absurdly clever/lucky.

And Its not like you cant have sex. Just you know..don't go raping people if you want rape victims to sympathize with you.
No. 55160 ID: c3a61c

> it was which reply to use. was pretty much a tie so a dice was used to break it.

I feel a bit bad for having you fall asleep. Feels a little railroady..
No. 55174 ID: 4598bd

No. 55258 ID: adb886

My grand parents are athiest UUs.
I Went to a sermon once.
It was really boring.
Really boring.
No. 55268 ID: 7ece35

Going to time skip a few days soon.
Or possibly just a few hours.
Depends on when CPS shows up.
No. 55269 ID: 431fa8

If you're timeskipping, please infodump more. We are currently in a position where Tracey can learn a lot about the world, herself, her enemies... all sort of things. All she has to do is ask. We as players would probably be content to keep asking random questions for a very long time, so if you're interested in keeping things moving rather than bogging down the thread with characters giving exposition on various topics you might consider freely answering questions about things that Tracey would reasonably know in here, while leaving the main thread focused on action.

If we timeskip and then run into a situation where we're clueless when Tracey would logically have been informed during the timeskip, it would be very frustrating.
No. 55284 ID: 57dc3e

That makes a lot of sense.

Okay time for info dumping..
No. 55286 ID: 57dc3e

Is that useful?
No. 55287 ID: 431fa8

As timeskips go, that one wasn't half bad.
No. 55321 ID: fa537b
File 133807545911.png - (25.99KB , 136x134 , Slaanesh_mark.png )

(The scales go Cantrip, Mage, Demigod, High God, each from D- to A+)

Tracy Char sheet (as of start of Oct in game, 5/26 out of game)
Really Strong.
Doesn’t Tire Easily.
Really Lusty.
Slightly Crazy.
Slightly Clumsy.
Supernatural Sense of Smell.
Super Penis.

Power Sources:
Demon Hunter (Tanaka line): Demigod Scale (C)
Tsukiyomi Magic: Demigod Scale (B)
Drain Shikigami: Mage Scale (C-) I could get some power from draining Foxglove..but that would put my baby is serious danger, and could endanger Foxglove too.

Ritual Magic: Novice
I only really know one real ritual, though Mom's taught me enough that I can power a ritual that Mom sets up. Its not a very safe thing to do though, as Mom has to basically hand off the spell to me, and its not unknown for spells to either explode, or change radically during that process.
If you are willing to go slow enough, and double check everything its not too bad, but doing so, at best, makes it take twice as long.

Known Rituals:

Bind Shikigami (Sex), this one is easy in a certain sense, because of what I am, a little will on my part and some sex and either my partners okay, or me raping them, and bound spirit.

I would rather not use the second ever..but it might be easier than killing some spirits.

Store Shikigami: This requires me making a paper doll and and then chanting quietly while writing Foxglove's name on it over and over again, and then willing her into it, slowly.

The black square is where I _don't_ write. Currently it takes me about an hour, Mom says she got to the point where she could do it in about 5 minutes, and one of the girls she fought beside could do in about 20 seconds.


Banishment Chant: This one makes a ball of fire whose "light" hurts 'alien and dark creatures' unfortunately I count as such, and it takes too long to use in combat easily. (Mage Scale: A+, B damage to self. A+ damage to qualified foes in range. Powersource: Demon Hunter)

Quick Bolt: The second spell mom learned, this one just requires a quick thought once you have it trained. Produces a bolt of fiery light. (Mage Scale: C, Damage C, to single target. Can be used on environment, but doesn't reliably set fires. Powersource: Demon Hunter)

Lubricate: I can cast a spell to create sexual lubricant in my or Foxglove’s genitals. Not super useful as I do this anyway when lusty. (Cantrip Scale: C)

(Spells can be upgraded with study/better connection to power sources. Spells can’t get more powerful then their power source.)
No. 55322 ID: fa537b

Chosen of Amaterasu/Demon Hunter (Tanaka Line): Mage Scale (B+) ((A+ when she was the heir))

Has magic stuff.
Knows combat shinto.
Decent at CQC.
Decently Coordinated. (I.e what DnD calls Dexterity)
Smart, good at math.
Knows about the supernatral.

Ritual Magic: Journey Man. Good enough to coble together new rituals out of the the ones she knows. Knows lots of them, especially ways to bind spirits, and enchant weapons.

Spells: Banishment (Mage Scale B), Fire ball (Mage Scale C+), Flame bolt (Mage Scale D), Hover (Cantrip Scale A), Magical Girl Transformation (Cant use).
No. 55324 ID: fa537b

Blood of the Irish (Cantrip/Human C)
Baptized (Cantrip D)

Good at people.
Knows about the supernatural.
Knows about American magic.

Ritual Magic: Initiate-. Can help marry, and can seriously hurt spirits if she has the time and resources.

Spells: See Fay (Cantrip C), Protect from Spirits (Cantrip D).
No. 55345 ID: 71d68e

I'll say that this quest definitely covers some disturbing material, but it manages to hook me anyway.
No. 55354 ID: 87d18a

I'll say that I laughed and inhaled some milk I was drinking when I was skimming the sheets and saw 'Super Penis'.
No. 55359 ID: f70e5e

what exactly does being on the demigod end of the scale mean?
No. 55420 ID: c3a61c

Uh..it means you can pull off spells that are pretty big deals.

Like Heracles had a Demegod A powersource. (Not usable for what we would think of as spells though..)

There are 1000 to 100,000 beings in the whole world with Demigod or higher power-sources.

Also Demigod level abilities start to affect the world in a narrative as opposed to scientific way. (Like scientificly, there's no way to get strong enough to pick up a mountain, cause it will just break into pieces..)
No. 55421 ID: c3a61c

> Royal Rainbow Soda
I am at a soda shop. That is awesome.
No. 55422 ID: c3a61c

Do people actually read the discussion threads?
No. 55423 ID: 71d68e

I do read them.
No. 55440 ID: 09e5bf

If people don't then I find all these responses to be very mysterious
No. 55453 ID: 908033

Its all me just talking to my self. :P
No. 55627 ID: 387faa

I cant decide weather to do a flash back or not.
No. 55628 ID: 387faa

No. 55630 ID: fdad59

As long as it's relevant to what's happening at the time, and doesn't go on too long, it'll be fine.

Uh, also, could you combine your posts more? It's reading a bit like you're treating it like IRC at times. You can delete multiple posts, then combine them to make a single new post. There's an FAQ from the front page with instructions.
No. 55636 ID: 8cb0b2

Roger on both points.
Expect posting in about 8 hours.
No. 55736 ID: 1f8397

Sorry been having a bit of a panic attack all day.
Should have said something.
No. 55793 ID: fa537b

Will post more once I have food.

I don't want to go home, but home is where food is.

It sucks.
No. 55830 ID: cea9b5

I seem to be coming down with a cold.
No. 55856 ID: 1f8397

Who would have thought writing a sex scene between a dog and 11-year-old tentacle girl would be hard?
No. 55863 ID: 132b99

for some reason the way you wrote that is inherently hilarious.
No. 55865 ID: 71d68e

You could always gloss over the details.
No. 55866 ID: 71d68e

To clarify furthermore, I read this quest for the characters and situation and such. There's plenty going for it without needing to go into in-depth sex scenes. It doesn't bother me if you do those, but I'd be fine with it if you didn't.
No. 55869 ID: b85f8c

I don't know if I should feel bad for you that you have suggesters that want to do that, or feel disgusted that you want to allow it.
No. 55874 ID: 431fa8

This is one of those things that makes a lot more sense in context. I don't think any of the suggesters really want it, but it feels like the most practical course of action when seeking to maximize the protagonist's power and minimize the harm done to them and others.

It's a little screwy that said context exists in the first place, but I'm not going to fight that. Not everything is or should be PR-friendly.

As far as writing out the sex scene, mostly that's relevant insofar as what the protagonist is thinking during it since that lets us keep an eye on their mental and emotional state, which ultimately is the center of what the quest is about. Considering their nature, skipping it entirely or glossing too much would make things somewhat more difficult. Up to the author, though, obviously.
No. 55875 ID: 71d68e

Yeah, the emotions and such're important, but the physical details not necessarily so much. It's a matter of what one chooses to focus ones writing on. In the end, I think our quest author should just find an approach that works for them.
No. 55883 ID: a356c0

> Yeah, the emotions and such're important, but the physical details not necessarily so much.

That makes sense. I think I might summerise or elipse or something..

Its just I'm the type to like reading sex-scenes in quests..at least usually.

But writing this is just feeling unnecessary, like the rape..there exactly what she was feeling, even physically was important.

Now I just need to rewrite it to transition well.
No. 55884 ID: 132b99

if you are already almost done not much point in changing it now.
No. 55885 ID: a356c0

Okay I have something thats good enough for goverment work.
No. 56002 ID: c3a61c

gah..I sort of forgot where I was going with this.

Should have a post up soonish.

Though I kind of want to run a Illimnati/MastersOfMagic/Fate/StayNight type thingy called "The Shadow War of the Night Dragons" cause isn't that title so bad.
No. 56025 ID: 1f8397

This story is going on probably permanent hiatus.

Sorry all. Need to get better at planing, and at not being exhausted all the time.
No. 56027 ID: fa9f7e

If this is actually Tracer with a different computer, then that's a shame, but understandable. Hope you feel better soon, and /quest/ does have a tendency to wreck the best-laid plans of artist and DM.
No. 56029 ID: f387a1

Hey, you're still hanging out here, yeah? Don't let it get to you, try again when you're feeling better! I'll not disturb and mess up things next time! Promise!
No. 56037 ID: 71d68e

I've been enjoying your quest, and I wish you the best with your life and everything.
No. 56052 ID: 1f8397

I don't think you were at fault for anything. I want to come back to this quest when I understand what the hell I am doing with it. I have like a plot and stuff..but it doesn't really make any sense right now, and well timing of things is way off.
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